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Just to reiterate my PM bug reports.

text copy-paste is not working yet.
I still can't duplicate the behavior seen in the video -

I'm Windows 10 - 1909, with no other clipboard managers running

Looking forward to v0.2.0 !

> Should it have the option to start with Windows?

No need. I can put a shortcut in my startup folder if necessary

I forgot how to donate to someone who makes me software - which thread to read?

How to donate,
Suggested/average amount,



Looks good!
Nice idea showing a list of the queued strings.
I hope they disappear from the list as each one is pasted!


> If you're doing that, wouldn't you be usually pasting fixed text, like lines of an address?  In which case, wouldn't permanent clips be the answer?

I use AHK scripts all the time to paste in fixed text strings.
This app I'm hoping for is for filling out forms (or Excel sheets) with constantly changing input data.
I'll look at Clipboard Help+Spell too!


investigating these - thanks!


Clibor looked like it a FIFO mode but I couldn't figure out how to get it to work.

^c^c^c ^v^v^v didn't work when I tried it.


The main times I've ever needed an app like this was while filling out forms with text.

But if graphics would be just as easy to handle, I imagine that might be useful for pasting multiple clips in Photoshop!


I'm looking for a clipboard manager that pastes back items in the same order they were copied using only ctrl-V.
The key feature for me is to NOT be forced to use special key combos to access each individual clipboard item (like Ditto).

So far I've found only one app that claims to do this, KlipMan, and it was last updated in 2017 (Can't get it to work in 2020-06).

Obviously this app should only be active while doing certain tasks (like filling out forms), and an always-on-top graphic overlay would probably be a good idea.

User Story:

1. User activates this app - sees a big translucent zero on the screen because the copy queue is empty
2. User copies a name, an address, a phone number
3. User sees the number go from 1, to 2, to 3
4. User goes to a form and pastes 3 times, ^v, ^v, ^v - the 3 items are pasted in a FIFO queue style.
5. User sees the big translucent number go from 2, 1, 0 (because the queue has been emptied)
6. User deactivates this app so that normal clipboard function is restored.

Sound interesting?

"Everything" won't index remote drives without installing extra software on those remote systems (which is not allowed at most workplaces, I suspect).

Here's hoping an indexing system would improve on that limitation.


Good sirs:

I have catalog files of all my external hard drives.

Has anyone written a plugin to allow FARR to tap into those catalogs?

I'm using the WhereIsIt cataloger at the moment, but I'll gladly switch if someone has written a program for another one.


P.S. If I find a text-based cataloger, is there a plugin allowing FARR to search text files?

Find And Run Robot / subfolders
« on: February 16, 2012, 09:48 AM »
Is FARR supposed to search all subfolders on a drive, even if they aren't added manually?
I'm almost sure one of my computers does so, but on another one, FARR won't find files inside subfolders!
What's going on?


Whoo thanks!
It worked fine dynamically until we got the new RAID.

How about a column for file sizes too. No one could tell me if that would make the app too slow or not.

We got a new hard drive which is apparently slowing down my FARR searches.
But maybe altering the settings in FARR would help.

I see where I can set a delay between the time I stop typing and the time FARR begins searching, but I can't see where to actually set the duration of the delay.

1500 ms would be ideal.
Is that setting in the ini file?


thank you sir, I will hunt that file down

Is there a file somewhere that contains all my settings?

There are a whole lot of preferences to change every time I want to install FARR on a new computer...


Find And Run Robot / show file size in search results
« on: February 12, 2011, 10:27 AM »
With a few minutes searching, I saw some mention of this topic in the forum, but no clear answer.

Would it make the searches just too darn slow?


And l was using line 11 with some moderate success...
But now I see how line 15 is necessary to isolate all the commands between line 11 and 15.
That opens up many possibilities in some other scripts I've written!

Thanks sir!
I'll be able to try it out Monday.

I was trying to use #
RButton:: CLICK Send, ^p

in order to make sure that the proper file in the list was selected first before the ^p went into effect.

but looks like your ~ before the RButton might take care of selecting the proper file?

Thanks again.

Thanks sir.
That cuts out half the work!
Now I'll just make an AHK script to send "ctrl-p" any time I right click within a FARR results window.
We'll see how far I get.

Oh great. Now I've lost all right click functionality.
This will take a while.

Hi Mr. Mouser.

98% of of the time, when I search for a file, I right click it, and immediately press "M" to get to the standard windows context menu.

Is there a way to skip or automate that step, and make FARR immediately route me to the windows context menu?

I'll probably think of a way as soon as I press "Post".


Find And Run Robot / Re: searching for multiple files
« on: December 06, 2010, 02:02 PM »

I should change the shortcut for his favorite program so that it launches FARR anyway

Find And Run Robot / searching for multiple files
« on: December 02, 2010, 05:43 PM »
I'm trying to convert my coworker to FARR, and he wont switch away from "Effective File Search" unless he can search for multiple files at the same time.

I've never seen mention of that feature in FARR.

Is it in there somewhere?

For example:

search for
all files containing
q0998989 or v897987987
in one fell swoop?


well sir mouse, it seems to work


now no drive is too big for FARR to deal with

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