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  • Thursday March 4, 2021, 1:43 pm
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I've been sent a pm regarding a program called it's a website based solution using mysql and apache. This way we can access the database from anywhere (as long as we publish the web address)

there is a free version available, with the following limitations;

a maximum of 1 Technician* in your network
and you can manage up to a maximum of 10 resources.
The Free Edition never expires and you get all the functionalities of the Professional Edition except technical support.

a technician is a user with administrator or supervisor priviledges.
a normal user only has read-only access to the site.

Pricing isn't too bad.

Product License Fee Annual
SecureCentral PassTrix Release 4
Annual Subscription Fee For 2 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $195     
Annual Subscription Fee For 5 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $395   
Annual Subscription Fee For 10 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $795   
Annual Subscription Fee For 20 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $1,295   
Annual Subscription Fee For 25 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $1,495   
Annual Subscription Fee For 50 Technicians (Unlimited Resources) $2,495

theere is an online demo of it here:

Sorry Guys, i should've been more clear.
the password database would be centralsied, preferably with there being no way to save it locally.
it would need to support multi-user access, with users being able to update passwords simulateously (unlikely to be the same password)
a web interface, so that we could host it and have it accesable would be a plus but no essential.
We also have a terminal server that is accessible through the browser. this is more cumbersome though.
We don't need a fancy autofill-any-application you have open type app. Mainly for security reasons.

keepass looks very nice but i don't think it really fits the multi-access client/server model.

I've come across which for applicaions, looks to be the best of a bad bunch. Don't know how easy it is to actually set up though.

somewhat related to the helpdesk thread, does anyone know of a good multi-user client/server based network password manager?
We have to store countless passwords for the various systems we look after. We currently use an inhouse webfront onto a sql database, built using ms sharepoint, but this isn't as stable as we'd like with adding new passwords.
The advantage is that we can access the website from any pc with an internet connection.
Does anyone know of any similar products?

I work for an IT support company, and we use microsoft crm 3.0
it runs in the browser, and can be accessable from anywhere (we haven't currently got this set up, and use a terminal server when onsite).

I should note we are a microsoft partner.

There are some annoying quirks with the sysem.
First and foremost being that since it runs from the browser, it will never seem as fast as a true desktop application.
Secondly, it can be customized to your situation. this is a blessing and curse. It isn't an out-of-the-box type application. Youwill need a web developer to set it up.
however it can be tailor-made to your needs.
Running from a server, means centralised backups, and no loss of data due to a client pc..

Personally the slowness drives me crazy, and i find myself logging cases in keynote, and then filling in the crm cases later when i get a chance.
I'm thinking of switching to mylifesorganised due to it's outlook integration. We get a lot of support calls through email.

i believe sharepoint 2007 should improve this product a great deal though, in speed, features, and most importanly intuitiveness.

We are also an altiris partner ( and are looking at their helpdesk system, which seems similar.

This maybe too complex for your needs, but if anyone wants some info, drop me a line.

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