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Living Room / Re: digitising slides
« on: July 12, 2013, 10:50 AM »
I have a huge collection of 6x6 negatives and slides, most of them outdated product shots; I discarded hundreds, but in between were shots of studio setups and people on site which I liked to keep.
I  placed negatives and slides on a cheap lightbox and photographed them with a canon A1200 in macro mode - a really low-end point-and-shoot, but the results were surprisingly  acceptable.
The autofocus went nuts, so I used a simple clamp fixture to keep the camera in position and shot about 250 repros. Not High-end, but it did the job in "no" time.
If you have no ligtbox, a pane of glass from a picture frame with a sheet of semi-transparent paper will do.
For "post-processing", Picasa did a very decent job. 

Living Room / Re: Anyone here using a standing desk?
« on: May 06, 2011, 03:53 PM »
I stopped thinking and went to action a couple of moths ago; it was a pretty straightforward job, took 4 wooden bars and lifted my desktop to about 106 cm. If you like to do it yourself, measure to achieve a height where your elbows would be exactly at keyboard level. I can stand  and type with my arms in a natural relaxed position. As I don´t *always* want to stand, I use a fancy barstool, so I can sit when I like.
I´m an old-scool designer (55 years old) and started my job on drawing tables like engineers used to have them, the board tilt to almost horizontal. I worked on final art ant typesetting montages on Schoellershammer Cardboard with rubber cement, that kind of stuff. I still can bite my ass for having sold the table 15 years ago... worst error ever. When i started working sitting down, my physical condition degraded rapidly. 
All day standing, however,  isn´t all to healthy... but you will be very much more mobile, step  back from your monitor, walk around and come back, it´s an outright more physical approach to desktop working and on long hauls you will sit and stand, both as long as you like. Don´t think a lot about it- give it a try.

As I´m not a coder please be patient with my post:
It runs perfectly on my machine. Installation was easy, following the instructions.  :-* I observed the following behavior: When I query the Everything plugin with "accented" letters in the search window, It won´t return matches, while everything´s original interface shows them. I find this interesting, there might be probably a hand-over problem or a codepage issue? Here are two screenshots: The first is untder FARR 2.7, the second is after an update to FARR 2.8. I have downloaded the TinyEV Plugin about a week ago.
Accents Lost in FARR.jpg
Accents Lost in FARR_2.jpg

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