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Hello, new comer to the forum. Sorry if this is the wrong section. Just wanted to ask/point out a few things.
-zannyzanchen (March 05, 2020, 03:23 PM)

Welcome to the forum!

Asking for an option to disable tray icon from turning red when taking a snapshot..
I've been looking to keep all tray icons displaying on the taskbar at all times instead of having some hidden, but when i do this and take a screenshot I can clearly see the app's icon changing to red each and every time. This is very combustible. I hope you can do an edit to stop this annoying thing from happening.
-zannyzanchen (March 05, 2020, 03:23 PM)

I am not the author so can't comment on the tray icon feature you are wanting that will be mouser needing to reply to this topic.

Need to be able to set time naming of snapshots to 24 hour format  (that way the name sorting will be be properly organized/kept)

Because by normal name sorting order windows will list 2_20 pm before 8_20 am.. But that's not good since the 8 am file should come before the 2 pm but if it was 24 time format naming then the time would be 14:20 o clock. Thus the proper order will be kept. Also it would be cool if we could opt to not have the Am or PM at the end. Just personal preference i guess though; I don't like it. Especially for such a case if it is already using 24 hour time naming for files. I hope you will think to make these changes thanks.
-zannyzanchen (March 05, 2020, 03:23 PM)

File naming is in the Preferences and then File Naming where you can customize the default filename template. :Thmbsup:

Living Room / Re: Thread on 3d Printing Cody Model
« on: February 14, 2020, 06:18 PM »
Any cody statues arrive yet?

Not the best picture at the moment but...



(Anybody remember Rusty n Edies, FidoNet, and Boardwatch Magazine?)

One part of that. I ran a FidoNet BBS right up to the early 2000s -- 2:25/108 -- and may have been among the last phoneline-based systems.

Speaking of FidoNet/BBS in general I remember...

Synchronet BBS Software a long time ago and appears it is still going pretty good.
(Has support for Telnet, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IRC, NNTP, and HTTP according to the website.)

Can't think how I never noticed this before.

I've been after something that can do exactly what this does for ages. Specifically, since I noticed that I couldn't find a way to make runas work in other tools I use.

My first impression was slight confusion -- I think you have to have read the initial request and at least some of that background, and I found some of the screenshots helpful and illuminating too. Probably fullblown documentation is unnecessary but maybe a couple of lines of text with a brief description of what each of the fields is typically going to be used for, and a couple of complete examples maybe:

For instance, if I want a button that runs Active Directory Users and Computers as a user with admin privileges from an account without them, you might have:

Image file: <sysroot>System32\mmc.exe;0

Command prefix: runas /user:domain\superuser "<sysroot>System32\mmc.exe dsa.msc"

Button caption: something like "AD Users"

and Button tooltip: "Active Directory Users and Computers"

and "Ignore variable text" checked as this one's probably gonna have to be run locally

along with a little bit of explanation that, at least for its intended purpose, the variable's going to be the remote machine you're aiming the command at rather than anything else, everything would have fallen into place fairly quickly.

If I had a suggestion for a possible improvement: a checkbox that will assume the use of runas and a little bit of program allowing a username and password to be stored and easily amended with a view to adding them to the runas command in the appropriate place without displaying it in cleartext, that'd be rather lovely. :)

But in general: wonderful! Thanks!   :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

You're welcome!

Yeah I know still got to get to the documentation at some point since I have added more stuff over what it use to be.

Will think on the suggestion as well.

General Software Discussion / Google Map Hacks with Simon Weckert
« on: February 04, 2020, 11:28 AM »
99 second hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps.Through this activity, it is possible to turn a green street red which has an impact in the physical world by navigating cars on another route to avoid being stuck in traffic.

Custom Remote Administration Panel v2.0.0 build 20 has been released.

Please check first post for download link.  New version has everything CRAP v2.0.0 build 1 public beta had along with a few additions/fixes.


1. <sysroot> for image files to help with icon exe/dll/cpl paths from the system directory.
2. Right click menu for image file with the "..." button to quickly choose a system icon file to choose an icon from.
3. A toggle checkerboard background in the exe/dll/cpl icon picker dialog to help tell icons that could be hidden because of same solid color of the background color of the icon list. (e.g shell32.dll icon 310, 311, 317, and 318 are a few I noticed.)

Living Room / Re: A Rogue Goose...for your Desktop....
« on: January 31, 2020, 09:35 PM »
Lol fun idea.... :Thmbsup:

Not just a bump but a bump with more information...

I have fixed a few things I have noticed and optimized the new exe/dll selector some more.  I have also decided to add a couple more macros for icons; which namely are the system directory and systemX64 directory (That could be useful for example if the system drive letter is on another drive letter than what you created the button on). :Thmbsup:

Also, has anyone tried the public beta and wouldn't mind sharing what they are thinking?

Custom Remote Administration Panel v2.0.0 build 1 - Public Beta

1. Redesigned layout editor.
2. Multi-layout support.
3. Support for reading of 32x32 icons from executable and dll files.
4. Can now link to other layout files from within a layout.
5. Separator and Linebreak split up from using the same dialog as a button.
6. Several optimizations to other parts of program.

Just reinstalled Windows 10 and as I'm using a Live account W10 has set the My Documents folder to my OneDrive

So FARR is storing config files in OneDrive, which I don't want, especially because the troubleshooting log often has trouble syncing.

So I closed FARR and edited the ConfigDir.ini file by adding the following line at the end, without comment slashes

Copied all the config files across and removed the initial config folder on OneDrive.

But FARR seems to be ignoring this and has created a new 'first run' folder in OneDrive.

I can obviously close and move the config files back so I don't lose my settings, but what am I doing wrong?


If you do not want to use OneDrive on Windows 10 for default save to location...

I believe you can search Win 10 settings for Default Save Locations and there you can change where the default locations are for a few data types between OneDrive or Windows drive I believe which might have an effect on it.

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: NANY 2020 Release: Portable Application Updater
« on: January 04, 2020, 01:48 PM »
hamradio, correct me if i'm wrong, but it's a general utility that would let you make an updater for different portable applications, right?

Yes, but it DOES NOT download the application zip file at this time. I might work on it for a future release or even work on implementing the capability to launch this program from my File Downloader application. Like I put in the requirements for now you still need a way to check for a program update, download the zip file and then launch this tool. :Thmbsup:

Hey all,

Sorry for the delay and here is my finalized design for the alternate N.A.N.Y 2020 mug design as well:


N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Re: NANY 2020 Release: Portable Application Updater
« on: January 04, 2020, 12:19 PM »
My use is with a XYplorer script I wrote which...

1. Does the checking of the which version you have and the online version.
2. Asks if you want to update which it then downloads or uses an already downloaded update file if it is found in the specified spot with the XYplorer script.
3. Launches this program with the command line parameters of the json data file I created for the updater settings for XYplorer along with the source file(the updated zip file) (as specified in the usage_info.txt file).
4. Then my program basically shows the dialog like in the example and you may then hit update. It then proceeds create a backup if you set that up in the json data file for the program you are trying to update.
5. After that it will then extract the zip file over the application data files.
6. It will when it gets to the application executable to extract it will attempt to close the correct executable (Should be able to find the one that is launched from the path setup in the json update settings file.), so that it can extract the application executable over the current one.
7. Once finished it will attempt to launch the application again.

I don't know if many people will find it useful or not...but I decided to put it out there.  Like I said though I do use it myself for updating my XYplorer portable copy/copies as the built in one I believe is just for installed copies and I wanted a faster way to update my portable copy/copies.

As for the scanners that have false positives...I wish those programs that mark it as false positives would get marked as a false positive for once and let them see how they like it when their app is marked that way. As I don't knowingly put that crap inside my programs and my Trend Micro shows clean.

This looks interesting. But to be honest, I'm not really sure exactly what it is or how to use it. Is it an app to be used like DCUpdater used to be?

FYI VirusTotal shows 1/63 scanners marking the file as unsafe, and Jotti has 0/15 scanners marking the file as unsafe.

To others: Given that hamradio is a longtime, trusted member of this site, I feel it is safe to say that the 1 hit out of 78 scanners is very likely a false positive.

Living Room / Re: Happy New Year 2020 -- Soon!
« on: December 31, 2019, 05:53 PM »
Happy New Year everyone and all the best wishes in 2020! :Thmbsup:

N.A.N.Y. 2020 / NANY 2020 Release: Portable Application Updater
« on: December 30, 2019, 07:28 PM »
NANY 2020 Release Information

Application Name Portable Application Updater
Version 1.0.0 build 1
Short Description Create update files to use with main program to make updating portable applications easier.
Supported OSes Tested on Windows 10 64 bit.
Web Page Portable Application Updater
Download Link Portable Application Updater
License USE/MISUSE AT YOUR OWN RISK! NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND! Do not distribute on the web publicly, instead link to this topic and/or web page.
System Requirements
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • You still need a way to download the program update and then launch this tool for best usage.
Version History
  • 1.0.0 build 1 Initial Version
Author hamradio

Create update files to use with main program to make updating portable applications easier.

Ability to backup old application files.
Ability to enter passwords for password protected files in update zip file.
Ability to display overwrite prompts for single/all files in the update zip file.


Example usage with XYplorer


Extract to a portable folder and read the usage_info.txt for further instructions. (Note: Do not put in the program files folder or other system folder.)

Using the Application
Read the usage_info.txt for further instructions.

Planned Features
None at the moment.

Help File

Delete all Portable Application Updater files.

Known Issues
Currently do not know of any.

How I use personally:
I use XYplorer scripting to check for update of XYplorer, then download if needed and finally launch this application to update my portable copy.

DC Website Help and Extras / Re: Official New DC Members Pages Thread
« on: December 24, 2019, 06:31 PM »
Try now.

Not seeing the reCAPTCHA on my contact form now but am seeing the info bottom right about it.  When trying to submit "There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later."

Working now.

DC Website Help and Extras / Re: Official New DC Members Pages Thread
« on: December 24, 2019, 06:16 PM »
I'm going to try updating a bunch of stuff on the member server.. what I could use help with is checking that I don't break anything on member pages.. Can folks who have a page on dcmembers report in here so we can check and make sure your pages are all showing as they should?

Probably the most important thing to check is any plugins you are using.

The reCAPTCHA on the Contact Forms appear messed up and a note in it:

API keys for reCAPTCHA v3 are different from those for v2; keys for v2 don’t work with the v3 API. You need to register your sites again to get new keys for v3. For details, see reCAPTCHA (v3).

Nice and... shows a min donation of $10 for v5 free if he has to charge for it while... shows a min donation of $5 for v5 free if he has to charge for it.

Just a FYI the bigger amount he most likely means, but that does make it a little confusing.

Indeed it is! I should have read tips.txt again.

No worries. I believe I have got a plan to make em more official anyway. (Separate from the add button caption all together.)

I also have a few other major things I have been able to do.  In turn people who have been using the program will need to do some action's on their own with this new version when I release it. I promise it will be worth it though. Don't click spoiler unless you want a little bit more info.

Like create a directory within the program directory and move their button data file to it...

2 - in your screenshot, there is no grid or visible separation between the column headers: I'm not sure if that's related to Windows 10's theme or due to a change you made, but I must admit I'm not a fan of this :( … imho it's better to have a visible indicator of where you should move the mouse cursor if you want to resize the columns, like I circled on the attached screenshot.

At the time of screenshots I was still working on that but at the time as well the columns resized to fit the contents somewhat. :) It should now be displaying the right side of the column.

From the screenshots only, I didn't figure about the "\n"s not being visible, but since they can't be seen, that wasn't obvious… and I don't think I quite like that either :(.
Since it is a dialog box intended for the user to review/change settings, and they are a part of those settings, I don't see much point in hiding them here. On the contrary, I suppose them not being visible might cause issues in figuring out exactly why a button is displaying as it is.
If you're editing the contents of a specific caption field, do the \n in that very field become visible then? If not, how do you make them visible, so you can know if there are any and where they are?

All of the \n will still show up in the editing of the button.  I could probably make it an option to display the original caption or the easier to read caption in the list if you would like?

I'm interested in the "linebreak" feature. Does that make like a horizontal line splitting the space in the interface into different areas, or am I misinterpreting it? If that's what it does, is there a way for the user to add some sort of header/title caption to the different areas?

I believe that should be in the current version and what that does is tells the next button after a linebreak to goto next line and any buttons will start from there but it still will not allow for a header/title as its mainly just something that the panel where the buttons go allow to set to do what I mentioned.  Use Linebreak for the button caption like you would use Separator for a separator.

Alright then, I'm still using it every day at work so I'm available if you have a version you want tested :D

Any thoughts on the new look? Personally I think it looks cleaner and easier to read.

Note: It does cleanup the caption for the display in list by removing the \n from the captions if it finds that in it along with making the separator and linebreak information for display in the list different but it doesn't mess with the original data as it just does that for the display version in the list any thoughts on that?

I have been working on a few areas of the program and cleaning up some code.  See screenshots of the button editor (icons might get redesigned) coming in a future release... :)



N.A.N.Y. 2020 / Alternate NANY 2020 Graphic Design - Finalized Design
« on: September 07, 2019, 09:31 PM »
Here is a graphic that I started working on early for this year's New Apps for the New Year.

Thought it might spur some interest in this years event.


Note: Graphic is subject to changes...


I am not the author, so with that being said...

Enable the highlighted option on the following option page...

Then you will have a dropdown button menu in the capture bar that you can click to get to the toggle that is named "Delay every capture..." that should do what you are wanting I believe.

Let us know if that satisfies what you are wanting.


Updated to 1.2.0 build 5.

Several bugs fixed from previous version and added a progress bar to the smoother open health data file experience.

See original post for download/website link. :Thmbsup:

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