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YAY!  I have been hoping for this. 

I run over/under multi-monitor and really needed dead areas, especially around all my extended titlebar icons on the right (Extend, Move to other monitor, minimize, float and close) where the launcher would stay hidden.

Thanks, Mouser, for making the launcher even better. :)

LaunchBar Commander / Re: Annoying border..
« on: January 29, 2009, 12:07 AM »
I don't mind the border so much as it lets me know it's running.  My thing is that apps don't treat the border as dead space so the border sits on top of the titlebars.  I use this on a laptop with touchpad and have these issues with Autohide / On top docked to top of screen:

1.  Border is not treated as dead space and it overlays title bars.  When I go to minimize or close an app it's easy to stray into LBC's trigger area.

2. With NO border, the border still shows and LBC will not activate with cursor at the top of the screen.  I have to come down a few pixels.

3.  With THIN border the activation is fine but border intrudes more into application title bars and is too easy to trigger when trying to close an app.

Request:  Could an adjustable delay option be included for the autohide and border?  Something like a 0 to 2500 msec delay where the border/trigger area will ignore the mouse when we slam to the top (or side) while trying to zero in on buttons or scrollbars.   When using touchpads or fast mice it would help folks a bit.  It was nice feature on the launchbar (Blanch) that was replaced by your fine work.

A great app you have here.  Thanks!


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