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Living Room / Re: Who is your Favourite "Doctor"?
« on: October 27, 2014, 02:31 AM »
But, as for Leela... I must agree. I really liked her. But I wouldn't say "dumb" there.

Perhaps, uneducated? Naive? Whichever, she was a good foil and companion for the Doctor. And savage too.

Strangely, although Troughton is my favourite Doctor, nearly all my favourite stories are from the Pertwee and Tom Baker years.

I forgot about my least favourite companions: Rose; Nyssa; Adric; Thurlough; and, Sarah-Jane. I'd put Peri in there too, but she had ... attributes.

Second best villain: Davros. The rest aren't even close.

Living Room / Re: Who is your Favourite "Doctor"?
« on: October 26, 2014, 08:08 AM »
To throw an unofficial Doctor in here: Joanna Lumley (from "Curse Of Fatal Death").

Favourite companion: Leela (sexy, feisty and dumb - for the time).

Favourite villain (there can only be one): The original The Master - "You will obey me. You WILL obey me. You WILL obey ME."

Favourite official doctor: Troughton, followed by Smith and McCoy, then Hartnell.

Least favourite: Colin Baker, then Davison.

Of the "modern" era: Ecclestone was okay; Tennant started good but the stories descended into the maudlin (his farewell, in particular); Smith re-injected zanieness(?); and I have high hopes for Capaldi.

I've been watching since the start, by the way. We are all children of our time.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Time Sync Differences?
« on: August 16, 2009, 10:46 AM »
This is pure curiosity on my behalf.

By way of background, I use Dimension4 to synch the time on my PC with my ISP's time-server and that seems to work fine for me and my PC. D4 offers a range of different time-servers, but you can only nominate one as your time-server.

I wondered, what if my chosen time-server is just a wee bit inaccurate? (Note1: if it is, the difference is probably of no consequence to me in my everyday usage. Note2: given Note1, what do I care? Note3: "wee bit inaccurate" is deliberately vague.)

Is there an app which will check a number of differing time-servers at the same instant and report back to the user what results it gets from each time-server? (If I was using this app, I would run it manually, probably no more frequently than once a month, at most.)


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