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Yep, Screenshot Capture is a very good software, indeed. But for some reason, been using now frequently quite a long time only ShareX which feels somewhat more confortable. Hard to say where that feeling comes from. It wasn't even mentioned in this comparison.

Both software installed but using only one. I really can't say what made me to choose one from another.

Mouser's Zone / Re: A bunch of updates to my programs
« on: November 30, 2013, 05:50 AM »
Is your Easy Screencast Recorder more or less "abandoned" project? At least, DcUpdater database haven't been updated for it :) (I have 1.09.01 and dcupdater indicates 1.07.01 for most recent).

Mini-Reviews by Members / Re: Review of Zeus Edit
« on: September 22, 2013, 06:51 AM »
Ok, yet another editor which looks quite alot like Textmate (OSX) to me (well, alot of editors looks like each other so this is irrelevant point anyway)... what are main benefits in this editor compared to Sublime Editor ( which is gaining heavily popularity among coders.

Mouser's Zone / Re: Bug report: Easy screencast recorder
« on: May 20, 2013, 12:07 AM »
Well... the screencapture isn't blank. My desktops background is visible on that screencapture but widgets on top of that, aren't.

On this screenshot, you'll see my desktops area where my widgets are (my ip-information blurred to protect innocent...)

And this screencast from very same is done with Easy Screencast Recorder shows no widgets.

Mouser's Zone / Bug report: Easy screencast recorder
« on: May 19, 2013, 09:10 AM »
Here is some bugs I have found from this nice capturer:

1. Win7 widgets on desktop cannot be captured. If you capture region where such widgets exists, on capture none of these are visible.
2. Help -> About -> Program website --> https://www.donation.../software/Mouser/esr (page doesn't exist).

There were some other (minor) issue but right now, can't remember how it did occure so cannot report it, I'll do it later when I remember it :)

Version tested: v1.09.01

Didn't notice anyone mentioning that zuploader changed it's name (and location in new installation) and Screenshot Captor cannot locate it anymore... How about making a quick fix to correct this one..:) New name for that program is ShareX... Rest should be easy to figure out...

Thank you!

Installed most recent (2.95.02) and just for curiosity, tried to check new version with autoupdate (Help -> Check for updates) and updater pops up big window indicating, that my version is newer than version database haves... Well, that's not a real issue but ... this window... There are no "Close this window" button etc anywhere.... and when I tried to capture this screen with Screenshot Captor itself, it only captured _empty_ notice window with only text "UPDATE CHECK" on it. All

I have a strong feeling about lurking bug here :)

Here is my mutt ..:)


Sorry, I just had to do this... couldn't resist...

I rarely win anywhere and now this cup for me was a perfect match (it was, if I remember right, only item I was "asking for"). Thank you so much!

EDIT: Cup arrived today (in one piece!). Whooa, what a great cup for my morning coffee! I feel so happy now. :)

Living Room / Good blog for software developers to follow
« on: April 12, 2011, 03:49 AM »
Quite recently, discovered this very interesting blog from developers to developers, called Alt Dev Blog a Day. A lot of pretty interesting posts daily and very good hints etc for all levels of coders. Most of the topics are close to game developers but it serves nicely all who need some inspiration for their daily development process.

Screenshot - 4_15_2011 , 8_47_46 AM_thumb.png

(and yes, I follow it via rss feed, just like most of the interesting sites all over the internet).

Edit: As a bonus, got another one for you to follow: Cbloom rants. Hope you all find these useful.

UrlSnooper / URL Snooper have some competition :)
« on: November 05, 2010, 01:08 AM »

And no, it's not new and definitely not the only one, just noticed it myself... in two ways it's different to URL Snooper: It's open source and it's for linux & windows. Everything else seems to be just standard snooping thing... (what else should this kind of tool do? :)

As a European (living in Finland), this tipping in restaurant is so annoying thing when I do visit US (once in a two years or so). Everything else in US is pretty much the way I like it but when I'll go to restaurant, it's kinda strange because I have no idea, what that food I'm going to eat, is gonna cost me at the end... (of course I have some estimates but...).

And service... hey, I'm there just to eat something, not to ask to wipe my ass clean. Waiters are there only to ask what I want to eat, carry my drink(s) & foods for me and when I'm finished, get money for that food. I'm not expecting much more for a typical visit to restaurant. I don't expect waiters to give me a nice show when I'm eating, for that I'll go to movies/theater/somewhere else. Just plain basic, solid good service to get job done. And smiling should be free, no matter what.

In Europe, in many countries mandatory tipping doesn't exist. So no one expects you to tip but if you feel you're getting superior service, you're free to tip and make servers happy.

Here in Finland, when I go to restaurant, I quite rarely tip. But when I tip, there are good reasons for that. (same thing in many other European countries I'll visit).

That's my 0.02e for this discussion.

DcUpdater / Minor clitch
« on: September 16, 2010, 01:03 PM »

Unfinished Requests / UNANSWERED: *nix crontab parser/visualizer
« on: September 10, 2010, 05:51 AM »
I think I'm not the only one who have been looking for decent tool to parse *nix crontab to more visually readable format (HTML could be right tool for output).

With that tool, it would be easier to track down potential problems in crontab timing.

So output could be somekind of a pseudo calendar of what jobs kick off at what times. Or something else if someone figures out more ideal way to do it..:)

Or does someone already have good solution for this kind of need?

Living Room / Good news for old windows games fans: The DirectDraw Hack
« on: September 10, 2010, 02:49 AM »
Very good friend of mine, got pissed how poorly old windows games using DirectDraw worked in modern windows and decided to do something for it...
And here is the whole story as well hacked DirectDraw driver with source code.

Hope this gives some joy to people, who have old games in their desks, collecting dust...

UrlSnooper / Re: This one seems to tricky one... it's AAC stream but...
« on: September 03, 2010, 10:30 AM »
Thank you!

UrlSnooper / This one seems to tricky one... it's AAC stream but...
« on: August 30, 2010, 01:05 AM »

Can someone figure out (with or without UrlSnoopers help) what is the proper direct url for this one so it works in mediaplayers?

Where I'm working, because what I do, I'm allowed to listen radio streams freely all day long (while I'm doing other more important tasks). But there is one major problem in my point of view: I can listen only radiostreams which are using port 80. Many of those stations which I'd like to listen, are streaming to some higher port like 3276 or something similar and that kind of streams are happily blocked by our corporate firewall...

Does anyone have working setup for icecast or similar for relaying certain stations so I could listen them from relay at port 80?
I have been doing some experimenting with icecast and so far, couldn't find working way to relay, for example one of my favourite station WPRK (stream url: I know how to configure icecast for relaying but for some reason, this and several others doesn't want to be relayed..:(

It would be nice to have easy, smooth and proven-to-work template for icecast to relay various radiostreams to port I want.

Hope you understand my problem and can see some nice and easy solution for it.

Here is what I have trying to do so far, with no luck:

Code: Text [Select]
  1. <icecast>
  2.     <limits>
  3.         <clients>1</clients>
  4.         <sources>1</sources>
  5.         <threadpool>5</threadpool>
  6.         <queue-size>524288</queue-size>
  7.         <client-timeout>30</client-timeout>
  8.         <header-timeout>15</header-timeout>
  9.         <source-timeout>10</source-timeout>
  10.         <burst-on-connect>1</burst-on-connect>
  11.         <burst-size>65535</burst-size>
  12.     </limits>
  14.     <hostname></hostname>
  16.     <listen-socket>
  17.         <port>80</port>
  18.     </listen-socket>
  20.     <relay>
  21.         <server></server>
  22.         <port>4564</port>
  23.         <mount>/</mount>
  24.         <local-mount>/wprk.mp3</local-mount>
  25.         <on-demand>1</on-demand>
  26.         <relay-shoutcast-metadata>1</relay-shoutcast-metadata>
  27.     </relay>
  30.     <fileserve>1</fileserve>
  32.     <paths>
  33.         <basedir>/usr/share/icecast</basedir>
  35.         <logdir>/var/log/icecast2</logdir>
  36.         <webroot>/usr/share/icecast/web</webroot>
  37.         <adminroot>/usr/share/icecast/admin</adminroot>
  38.         <alias source="/" dest="/status.xsl"/>
  39.     </paths>
  41.     <logging>
  42.         <accesslog>access.log</accesslog>
  43.         <errorlog>error.log</errorlog>
  44.         <loglevel>3</loglevel>
  45.         <logsize>10000</logsize>
  46.     </logging>
  48.     <security>
  49.         <chroot>0</chroot>
  50.     </security>
  51. </icecast>

So, anyone with working solution?

EDIT: Also, if someone have time and interest to implement small utility (for windows) to be able to put those stations there easily to be relayed for certain port... it would be very cool.:)

Let those authorities know, that laptop contains a) childporn b) highly confidential material about government etc... and voila, that laptop is being recovered in no time at all...

Of course, if everyone keeps saying those things, effect will be diluted...:)

Living Room / Pac-man at Google Search...
« on: May 21, 2010, 01:27 PM »
Wow, now I like this... (and other google search sites as well) have pac-man on the front page... nice idea, indeed!

Living Room / How fast is your (favourite) web browser JavaScript?
« on: September 28, 2009, 11:39 AM »
Well, it's time to find out with simple examples:

First: Nice and simple oldskool Rotate Zoomer. Should be pretty quick'n'easy. Or should it?

Second: Nice plasma effect... with default settings, runs smoothly with every browser but try to increase Pixels per x/y axis value and see how far it goes...

At the moment, there is no fps counters etc but dude who made these simple examples, promised to improve these when he have more time.:)


Living Room / How to host you Windows 7 house party... wtf?
« on: September 24, 2009, 02:13 AM »
Yes, this came just out:

And ok, I'm not living in US and such, this looks like very very very weird stuff to me...

Hell no, I'm not going to party like they do... that's for sure...

Official Announcements / Re: June 2009 Discounts and Giveaway
« on: May 28, 2009, 11:12 AM »
This Donation Coder mug shows as $101.99 ... is it made of gold and diamonds or is there an error in that price? :)

I know, such a stupid question but...

General Software Discussion / Re: The Best Of: text editors
« on: April 28, 2009, 12:05 AM »
All of you have missed one very very very good editor which should be covered also:

E-TextEditor. Contains whole a lot great features and supports almost too many different formats....:)

Worth of checking, IMHO!

If there is some deal to purchase this one, it would be SO cool.

(and yes, I'm still mostly using Gnu Emacs to editing but sometimes I need something special and then I'm using E-TextEditor).

Living Room / The Greatest Internet Pioneers You Never Heard Of
« on: March 03, 2009, 11:47 PM »
Jep, internet history have alot of untold stories and this is one of them... this story tells about three fellows (and one girl) who could make a real history but ... they failed...

Whole story can be found from here:
Finnish world wide web pioneers

And yes, I know all of them personally... ;) (if they happen to read this: greetings from #42)

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