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Auto quick paste mode, where multiple clips can be pasted in sequence after being copied.  This is very handy when copying a series of clips from one application to another, like a postal address, or a URL, userid and password.

After quick paste, the most common clipmate functionality I use is auto paste.  Copy several items in a row, invoke quick paste, select the entry that starts the series and start pasting until you hit the top.  Most common use is filling out name and address, though it also comes in handy while cloning code.

Yes, I am using the {sendkeys} method.  I would have thought it would be more widely used.  By the way, I am a longtime Clipmate user who is converting to CHS partly because my enterprise anti virus and anti malware software thinks it is malware and won't let it execute.  That being the case, now that I see how much system resources Clipmate was consuming compared to CHS, I won't go back.  Is there any plan in the future for enhancing CHS to provide some more functionality similar to Clipmate's?

Clipboard Help+Spell / Alternate pasting method not handling shift key
« on: November 18, 2010, 08:35 AM »
Hi I am a new user to CHS.  I am attempting to use the alternative pasting method and am noticing some odd behavior.  Capitalized letters are not being capitalized, and the symbol keys on the numeric keys are showing up as the number.  For example, $100 is coming through as 4100.  What am I doing wrong?

How about a plug in that can retrieve a password via a key from an encrypted source and then pass that in to the program being launched?

For example, if I have an alias with a regular expression of:

sqlp (.+)@(.+)/(.+)

Which would result in:
($$1 = user) ($$2 = database) ($$3 = password)

sqlplus [email protected]$$2/$$3 

where the password could be retrieved from a secure source such that if this was available it would look like:

sqlp (.+)@(.+)

which would then result in:

sqlplus [email protected]$$2/lookuppassword($$1,$$2)

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