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  • Sunday March 7, 2021, 3:49 pm
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Man you are realy fast :-)

ok i give winwarden a try...

Don't know if multiple Desktops apps could define one app to be on all desktops at same time, i should find out and give dexpot a try too :-)

Thank you for your Recommendations :-)

Thank you jgpaiva! for this nice Work  :Thmbsup:

I'm was looking for this kind of Software for a long time, and be glad that a
friend of mine find your side :-)

I play around a bit and have some feature-requests. Don't know if it is possible....

1. It would be nice if i could "bind" an Applikation to an fixed specified Grid-Number. For example I'd like my Browser
always open in Grid No. 1 and my Texteditor in Grid 2 etc. This means Gridmove has to detect a starting Applikation and
should move it the the specified Grid. May be it's possible to mark a Grid as default, so all unconfigured Apps will be opened

2. Some webpages have the bad habit to maximize the browser-window to fullscreen. Is it possible to set a grid to be locked
for resize/maximize so an applikation snaped to that grid will not react on the resize-command anymore?

3. It would be nice to define Layers of Grids. Instead of having a Desktop-Manager with multiple Desktops
(don't have that, but i hope that clear the idea...) i would like to have few Layers with Grids where i can
snap Apps on it and a hotkey for scrolling through the layers. This means wenn i switch from
layer one to two all apps in layer one move in the background and all apps on layer (grid) two come to foreground.
In combination with the grids there are a lot more possibilities to arrange windows. So i could make one layer with my
working apps and one with browser + Email-Client so i can simply switch between them. So it will also possible to arrange
the layers that the area of where the email-Client is will always be visible...

Hope you can understand my explanation  :tellme:
Let me know what you think of these ideas.

Thank you again!
Greetings from Germany...

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