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General Software Discussion / Re: So, what pdf reader app is your fav?
« on: September 20, 2015, 01:00 AM »
I have been using PDF Xchange Viewer for years.  I tried the newly free PDF Xchange Editor a few months back but didn't like it and switched back to the viewer.

RSS is far from dead.  I depend on Inoreader (, which looks exactly like the old Google Reader + added a lot more functionality.  It runs on Windows, Android & at least IOS.

I was told I was in the top 5% of Pocket users a few months back! [lol].  I use Pocket to save stuff from the news sites I read on Android.

On Windows I don't need Pocket because I save stuff I want to read as browser tabs or on Clipmate (the best clipboard maintenance and control app) that unfortunately hasn't been updated by the author in years, although it seems he is still willing to take payment for the app.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Scrolling capture?
« on: October 01, 2014, 12:51 PM »
Right click on the SC tray icon and select the item "Grab Windows Object or scrolling window" or hit default hotkey of Ctrl+Shift+PrtScr and then select the area to capture and follow instructions.

The scrolling capture works but it is pretty complicated and not automated.  In the Hypersnap program it is a simple Ctrl+Shift+S command with the cursor positioned in the window.  It is limited to vertical scroll.  If you want to terminate the capture, just use the Esc key.

Screenshot Captor / Re: Scrolling capture?
« on: September 30, 2014, 03:11 PM »
OK, I will try that. 

How about gluing multiple clips together into one?


Screenshot Captor / Re: Scrolling capture?
« on: September 30, 2014, 02:55 PM »
Could you please point as to where this functionality is and how to invoke it?  I've missed it.

Screenshot Captor / Scrolling capture?
« on: September 30, 2014, 01:31 AM »
Can SC scroll a browser window and make a copy as it scrolls?  Like the commercial program screen capture program Hypersnap?

Also can SC glue multiple captures together to be saved as one file (again same as above program).

That's great!  I didn't know they actually had a service like that working in 1981.

Thanks for teh suggestion jojo! Fotowall is fairly promising - I like that it's a portable app - but it doesn't seem to have any (functional) alignment options, which is kind of a must for really good results. Judging by the examples on the website, alignment should be possible (or someone was very careful aligning things for the examples), but I couldn't figure out how to do it at any rate. I did see one or two grayed out options that might have done it, but couldn't get them to activate. Judging by the very-much-in-progress nature of the program and its pre-1.0 status, maybe these are features that are just yet to be added/enabled. I'll keep an eye on it.

Not sure what you mean by alignment.  You can drag photos all over the canvas, bring them to the front or push them to the back, rotate, them, increase or decrease their size, etc.  However, there does not seem to be any alignment like take 2 or more photos and make centers line up or something like that (like you can do in Powerpoint).

Try opening a few photos at once and they will appear on the canvas.  Then when you put your mouse in the photo, look at the corners.  You can grab there and do all kinds of tricks.  Right-click in the photo and you will get more options.

If you click on one of those icons next to setup in the top right part of the screen, you can send the author your suggestions.

I installed the new version of KM Player the other day.  Even though I am 100% sure that I unchecked the request to install the ASK toolbar, the toolbar got installed anyway!  Luckily, it could be removed by the add/remove applet.  You can't trust anyone these days....

General Software Discussion / Re: how to create algorithm graphs
« on: November 06, 2010, 02:19 AM »
You could make something similar using word cloud software.

Here's one service for doing that:

Going here gives you most control:

You make a list of phrases and then use numbers to make relative sizes.  But there doesn't seem any way with this service to enclose the phrase in a shape (like a rectangle or circle).

Looks like they are building a whole new UI for tab management, rather than fixing the mess they originally created.

I typically have around 50 tabs loaded.  Using TabMix Plus, I have them on the bottom of the browser in rows of 8.  Then I use this auto tab bar hide CSS styple ( so that the tab bar is out of the way.  I modified the script so that 100 pixels of the tab bar show, which just seems to look better to me.  And I recently started using an add-on called Bartab (https://addons.mozil...firefox/addon/67651/) that doesn't load tabs until you use them (which saves memory).

I also make groups manually by copying the tabs I want to group into a new browser window and then doing a "Save all tabs" under Bookmarks menu entry.  It would be great if TMP would allow say Ctrl-Select for specific tabs and create a group that way.   Group support requests have been made to the author of TMP but he doesn't seem to want to be bothered with coding it.

The way Tabcandy creates groups is nice (drag & drop).  But I still question the need for a new UI to manage this.  Seems to be over-complex to me.

Having worked for a defunct micro-payment company in the past, I have some experience with the internal issues and related problems.

Many users don't/didn't like to pre-deposit a sum of money that micro-payments are drawn from.  Then there are those who forget to replenish their account and get pissed off when they can't buy something they want.  They didn't get a notification o flow balance, they claimed.  And if the company goes under, they generally lose any money that the company is holding. 

Believe me, there are a myriad of vendors that want to sell products and services for $0.10 to $3.00.  We had a lot of people selling original music tracks at $0.10- $0.25 each, undercutting Apple and others.  Some were rally good.  There were people selling stock photography.  People selling business intelligence articles.  People selling poems.  And then there is the porn market, but I won't go there.

But I think some of you are over-complicating what Paypal is doing.  It sounds like they are simply extending trust to the user up to some $$ amount ($10 is mentioned in the article) to avoid the credit card fees on small transactions.  When you have spent the $10, they will then issue a transaction against your credit card (or maybe do a withdrawal on your bank account) to cover the $10.  This way, they can stick it to the major CC companies which to-date, have refused to modify their fee structures to support micro-payments (thought I seem to recall reading something not to long ago that MC or Visa was working on something).

You guys may want to read this article on potential security risks with goetagging:
When Web Photos Reveal More Than You Intend
Published: August 11, 2010

When Adam Savage, host of the popular science program "Mythbusters," posted a picture on Twitter of his automobile parked in front of his house, he let his fans know much more than that he drove a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Adam Savage, host of the popular science program "Mythbusters," posted a picture on Twitter of his automobile parked in front of his house that was geotagged.

Embedded in the image was a geotag, a bit of data providing the longitude and latitude of where the photo was taken. Hence, he revealed exactly where he lived. And since the accompanying text was "Now it's off to work," potential thieves knew he would not be at home.

Security experts and privacy advocates have recently begun warning about the potential dangers of geotags, which are embedded in photos and videos taken with GPS-equipped smartphones and digital cameras. Because the location data is not visible to the casual viewer, the concern is that many people may not realize it is there; and they could be compromising their privacy, if not their safety, when they post geotagged media online.



Useless program with a pretty UI.

Among other dumb recommendations, it suggested I remove my Comodo firewall from boot-up as it took like 12 seconds to start!

There were a number of things I didn't like about this program including:

That this program MUST be connected to the net to run as it reports its findings (supposedly anonymized) to its dB.

AND if you uninstall it and have removed any applications from the start-up process, it will restore those removed programs during uninstall.

My question still stands: if other companies see this, why don't they give it a good effort to do that also?!  So what if apple already did it?  So what if it's nothing new?  Apple doesn't care.  Why should they?

I'll tell you a secret.  In marketing/sales there is a concept called "validation". 

You see, it costs a great deal of money to put together a team, to allocate resources, to create something totally new.  Companies (and particularly their shareholders) don't want to find out that they went off on some tangent that proves to be a dead end, throwing good money out of the window. 

So big companies with resources play follow-the-leader, waiting until someone else proves that a market exists, that there will be buyers willing to pay for a product in some specific area.  This is called validation.  Once validation has been proven, it is then presumed safe to follow that leader.

General Software Discussion / Re: updating Firefox plugins sucks!
« on: April 11, 2010, 03:22 PM »
There is something strange going on inside yo.. ehhh...  ...something strange going on! Oh yes, AFOM works very well indeed. With one tab open (this page) my Firefox will use around 78 MB, up to 100 MB, but then AFOM will lower the memory usage to just 10MB, and Firefox will start building up memory usage again, and AFOM will wait a while and then do its job again... I have not cared to study how long it will wait. And oh yes, TrimAll works very well. Maybe the problem is the methods you are using, (which I really don't care to comment further on), or maybe you just didn't get the purpose of the program? When a memory leak has been recovered, the programs will at once start to build up memory usage again. To see this, you will need to watch the total memory usage of your computer, activate the TrimAll.exe, while still watching the memory usage, and you will see it. Long-term effects doesn't exist here. Just maybe we are not trying to pull your legs?

TrimAll really has very little to do with Firefox.

There are all different kinds of memory.  Are you talking about working set, swapped in, total memory or what? 

I showed above that nothing happened when I ran the trim program.  So unsure what it is that you are questioning?

Perhaps if you post some screenshots showing the memory reduction, we can get a better handle on what the Trim program is doing.  As I previously posted, I suspect that it is doing nothing more than a total swap out which of course, will reduce the WS  and in memory pages for all applications. 

BUT it doesn't actually reduce memory USAGE in any way, shape or form.

Try this too : Index your files, as the name suggests this one does index your files but you can schedule that for during the night or whatever, and when it has indexed them then the search speed even for searches within files is really quite impressive.

(I am not affiliated with IYF)

I replaced the last free version of XI with IYF.  Does what I need it to do and uses a lot less resources than X1.

If you use IE Favorites (I use these in both IE & FF), there is a nice little search program here:

I also use Agent Ransack.  Where I find it useful is to quickly search a specific folder because AR puts an entry in the right-click menu.

AR can also search across all files on all drives.  So for instance, using the DATE tab, you could find all new .exe or .dll files that have been created after some time.

And AR can search for CONTENT inside a file also.

General Software Discussion / Re: updating Firefox plugins sucks!
« on: April 11, 2010, 01:32 PM »
I just tested Trimall.  I don't see anything happening at all.  Which is not surprising since all these memory recovery apps tend to do is swap everything out to the pagefile.  Then the memory usage looks less for short while until the pages get brought back into memory again.

Here's the few quick tests of Trimall that I just ran:

FF memory after running TrimAll

Started by    = C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE
Virtual KB    Curr = 580,452 Peak = 599,740
Working Set KB    Curr = 194,380 Peak = 371,944
Page File KB    Curr = 403,116 Peak = 435,160
System Pool KB    Paged = 246 Nonpaged = 51
Private KB    = 403,116

FF mem after running TwimWS

Virtual KB    Curr = 579,300 Peak = 599,740
Working Set KB    Curr = 194,284 Peak = 371,944
Page File KB    Curr = 403,292 Peak = 435,160
System Pool KB    Paged = 246 Nonpaged = 50
Private KB    = 403,292

FF mem before running Trim programs:

Started by    = C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE
Virtual KB    Curr = 569,684 Peak = 598,496
Working Set KB    Curr = 194,584 Peak = 371,944
Page File KB    Curr = 392,364 Peak = 435,160
System Pool KB    Paged = 245 Nonpaged = 48
Private KB    = 392,364

These stats from a program called TaskInfo

General Software Discussion / Re: updating Firefox plugins sucks!
« on: April 11, 2010, 01:12 PM »
Hey folks, I use an extension called AFOM Addon, "Firefox Memory Leakage Recover Application" - I imagine the developer meant "recovery" instead of "recover". That is working well but of course that is only for the memory-hogging issue. The rest of my rants are still biting me.


Thank you.



I tested this add-in extensively and took many screen shots while going back and forth with the author.  It really did nothing at all that I could determine.  And earlier versions had a nasty bug where it over-wrote the application event log.

General Software Discussion / Re: updating Firefox plugins sucks!
« on: April 11, 2010, 01:05 PM »
20 extensions and my FF does ok.
I trashed the useless ones and unused ones a long time ago.

The only plugins that I care about keeping up to date are,
adobe flash and Java.

And, sorry, CleanMem works.
Idling at 70,000kb to 90,000kb or so anytime I look.
More depending on how many tabs are open, about 10,000kb a tab I figure.

What is this "cleanmem" thingy you mention?  It's not a FF addon is it?

In FF, I have 68 extensions, 18 plug-in's and usually around 40-50 tabs open (41 right now).

I started FF about one hour ago:  This is what my memory usage currently looks like. 

Virtual KB       Curr = 553,808 Peak = 577,344
Working Set KB    Curr = 280,844 Peak = 371,944
Page File KB   Curr = 387,168 Peak = 426,448
System Pool KB    Paged = 231 Nonpaged = 47
Private KB       = 387,168

My total virtual memory will go over 1GB! sometime later in the day and I will have to shutdown FF and restart it. 

Yes, it is [at least] one extension that is causing the problem but I don't know which one and FF does not provide any real tools for users to monitor internal memory use (and I probably wouldn't understand much of what I saw anyway, as I am not a Windows programmer).

I have tried a couple of add-on's that are supposed to help control FF memory but they don't work for me.

There's a good freeware tool utility package called FileMenuTools that includes a copy path tool, an attribute changer and many others.  All are under one right-click menu entry.  I'm happy with this as a nice integrated solution.

1. I like the tab grouping idea.  People have been suggesting this for some time.

2. I often keep a lot of tabs open (have 7 rows now).  There used to be an extension that would allow you to set-up a hot key to hide or unhide the tab but it no longer works in FF 3.x.  This would be a useful addition to normal tab functionality to allow for more screen to work with.

3. IMO, the biggest change that could be made for tabs would be to make each one a separate, isolated environment.  This would enhance security and allow much more control of FF by firewalls.

Living Room / Re: How To Destroy the World with Nanotechnology
« on: March 30, 2009, 05:10 AM »
Nanotech and genetic modification is heavily featured in the SF "Beggars In Spain" trilogy by Nancy Kress, which I am just finishing reading.  Highly recommended.

I tried this yesterday on WinXP SP3.  Seemed to be working well at first.  But then I discovered that when I didn't have any windows in view, that the desktop lost it's wallpaper.  I had to do a refresh on the desktop.  But then if I went back to my auto-hid taskbar on the right side of the screen, the desktop wallpaper would again disappear.  So I had to stop running this little app.

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