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Doubtful that anyone there would provide me with video of their characters cutting each other's heads in half and eating their brains with a straw (but I guess it's worth a try)...

If I don't rely back to this post signifying that I was successful with your suggestion, then its safe to assume I wasn't successful (as I think will be the case, unfortunately)...

Yeah...that just reiterates how difficult it has been to find the video I am referring to...every single one of those videos is not the one I've outlined above...

Living Room / Nightmare on Sesame Street - Video Search Challenge!
« on: August 24, 2008, 03:54 AM »
I have scoured the internet for ages in search of a really old "Sesame Street" / "Nightmare on Elm Street" parody-skit I remember seeing way way back in the day (probably around 1990...maybe earlier).  I am pretty good at searching for things like this, but this particular search has eluded me for too long now, so I figured maybe I would ask for some help :)



Here are some of the (vague) details of what I remember.

I am positive the parody/skit was called, "Nightmare On Sesame Street" - this much I know for sure!

I may be completely wrong about this, but I recall possibly having seen this skit on MTV or VH1 (possibly Saturday Night Live as well, though I kinda think MTV or VH1 is more likely correct).

Specific details I recall about "Nightmare on Sesame Street"

--Freddy challenge IS NOT in this video at any point, nor are there any 'Nightmare On Elms Street' scene knock-off scenes or spoofs...instead, I recall there being 4-6 short scenes featuring separate sesame street characters done in the typical style that the actual sesame street puppets do on the real show, only in the parody I am searching for, they of course brutally murder each other in one way or another...

--ELMO IS NOT IN THIS VIDEO (as far as I can recall...I think this video originally aired long before Elmo was ever around)

--Specifically and virtually word for word - I remember there being a scene with the cookie monster and another character (Grover I think), where Grover says to cookie monster, "Oh no Cookie Monster, we're out of Cookies" which Cookie Monster then says, "well then I will have to eat, your brains!" - then of course he give him a lobotomy (cuts his skull half off) then slurps his brains with a straw...

--Another scene I remember is with Burt and Ernie, where Ernie casually says to Burt, "Hey Burt, hand me that chainsaw, would you". Burt Says, "Sure Ernie, no problem"... then you hear the chainsaw switch on and the next thing you see is Ernie chasing Burt around the room - and I think he gets him and chops him up in the end...


That's about all I remember, but I do remember it being one of the funniest things I've ever seen!!  I would be eternally grateful if anyone out there could help me find this video...

Thanks so much, and I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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