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Thanks for the quick reply, Mouser. Inactive Memory Use was/is set to Normal. There were a lot of image files in the screenshot folder, and after moving most of them, the problem seems to have gone away. What is it doing that uses so much of the CPU when there are a lot of files in the screenshot folder? Would it make a difference if most of the files were kept in subfolders of the screenshot folder, or would I have to move them somewhere else to prevent this from happening?

I've been using Screenshot Captor for years, and I don't know when this problem started, but I've noticed recently that it's frequently using around 25% of the CPU cycles when it's supposedly not doing anything. When I observe it's usage for a while (when it's idle), I see it periodically go from 0% up to around 25%. This appears to be cyclical. It seems to spend about half the time at 0% and the other half of the time at approximately 25%. It's not an all-at-once jump up to 25% -- it usually takes a few seconds to climb up and again to come back down, and it usually stays at about 25% for around 25 seconds. I haven't been able to identify any events that might be triggering this. It also is usually non-responsive when it's CPU usage is high, to the point that Windows tells me it's non-responsive if I try to close it, even though the total CPU usage for the PC is almost always 60% or less. Reinstalling it made no difference.

Thanks mouser. That was an incredibly quick response, BTW.  :Thmbsup:

Is there any way to completely disable the creation of the MyJunk and OLDER folders?

Oh well. Sigh...

Another sigh...

I've seen many keyboards do this. It's just a problem that's inherent in the design of membrane switches. The upper portion of the switch, which is shaped kind of like a contact lense, either sticks to the flat lower portion, or it temporarily deforms (flattens out) when it's been held down for a while. The result is the same either way. Usually, if you hold the stuck key down and tap it a few times, it comes loose.

It is a hardware problem, but it's not a matter of a bad keyboard. It's just a side-effect of the way membrane switches work.

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Detect and warn when any key is stuck
« on: December 06, 2010, 11:43 PM »
I'd like a utility that monitors the keyboard and pops up a warning when it detects that any key remains activated (electrically in the down position) for a user-settable period of time (the key may physically be fully up, but the key switch may remain electrically activated as it would be if the key were down). The warning message should identify the key that triggered it. The user interface should include a Settings or Options dialog that allows you to toggle monitoring on and off, turn off monitoring for a specific key or several specific keys, and set the timer duration for triggering the popup warning. The timer setting for the entire keyboard should be adjustable, and you should be able to override that setting with individual timers for individual keys. In other words, one setting for the entire keyboard and another setting for individual keys that would take precedence so that you could still monitor all keys but have a different timer duration set for certain keys of your choosing. You'd be able to set a timer for each individual key to a longer or shorter duration than the timer for the entire keyboard. I'd guess that most users wouldn't set a separate timer for more than a few keys, though.

The motivation for this request is that sometimes a key switch will stick after being held down for a while. I see this happen occasionally with certain keys, mostly the Shift and Control keys, as these keys are used in conjunction with the mouse when selecting items in a list. It happens to me mostly when sorting or deleting email and when choosing files in Explorer or a folder window for copying, moving, or deletion. As there are several keys that are or can be used as modifiers, and most of them are duplicated, it can be confusing and difficult to determine what is going on when one of these keys gets stuck.

Living Room / Re: A Hybrid hard drive gets a glowing recommendation
« on: September 17, 2010, 10:53 PM »
Wouldn't having a flash buffer make the drive more likely to fail earlier? Flash is rated for a relatively small number of read/write cycles compared to current HDD technology.

Hey, here's an idea: since Pierre Devigne abandoned Taskbar Activate development years ago, and it's freeware, maybe one of you clever coders could decompile it and figure out why it doesn't work for toolbars but does work for the taskbar. If nothing else, there ought to be some clues to point you in the right direction. I did some searches this morning, and unfortunately, the source code for any of the versions doesn't seem to be available either, so any comments in the original source code are either lost or not accessible.

sorry to hear you feel like you've been ignored, this isn't the case.  Coding snacks are taken on a purely voluntary basis by individuals who feel they can provide a solution (ie it is within the relative scope of their time, knowledge and/or skills).  If no one here feels they can do whatever it is you're asking for at a given point in time then they're not going to chip in with anything (why volunteer for something you can't do?).

Don't give up on us just yet though.  The community here has an amazing capacity for finding things, even long after others might have consigned your request to the too hard bin (here's hoping ;))

Thanks, Target. That makes a lot of sense and is encouraging. I apologize to everyone for my grumpiness -- it partially has to do with unrelated things that are going on in my life at the moment that have reduced my patience and my threshold for annoyances on the computer.

What a shame you feel that way. People are so very helpful here, and I see that some suggestions have been made for you to try.
-cranioscopical (May 08, 2010, 02:55 PM)

I don't disagree that people here are usually helpful. If you'd read the entire thread you'd see that I tried all the suggestions people made, and I appreciate those suggestions, but none of them was an adequate solution.

Perhaps the fact that this code hasn't been written, or doesn't work the way you'd like in other software, implies that it's a little more difficult than you suppose.

Well that may be true, but doesn't the challenge of doing something that someone else tried to do and didn't quite succeed interest anyone? Besides, the author of Taskbar Activate didn't necessarily fail in that he abandoned his project before Windows XP was released, so it may just need a little tweaking to get it to work fully in XP. BTW, I've tried several times to contact the author of Taskbar Activate, but he either isn't receiving email at his published address anymore or he doesn't want to reply.

It's not that it doesn't work the way I'd like in other software. There is no other software other than Taskbar Activate that I've been able to find that even attempts to do specifically what I want it to do. I really don't want to run another program to recreate Windows desktop toolbars that I've already got that work just fine in all other respects except being able to set a variable activation delay. All I want the software to do is allow me to set a variable delay for Windows desktop toolbars, like Taskbar Activate does quite well for the taskbar. I'm not criticizing apps that provide their own custom toolbars, like Mouser's Launchbar Commander. I just don't currently need most of what that software can do, and I'd rather not have any more software running and consuming memory and CPU cycles than necessary, especially if I don't need most of the other capabilities of that software.

Do remember that you're asking for someone to volunteer time to your project. It may well happen, but this is not an 'on demand' type of community. Personally, I look on my own membership here as a privilege. I certainly don't feel that my occasional donations give me any particular entitlement.

I'm aware that it's not "on demand." However, I see that, in a general sense of usefulness to a wide variety of users, many projects have been taken on and completed that would seem to be of use to only a very small number of people. The app I requested is either of more general use or at the least in the same category. Why are some potential coding snack projects embraced while others are totally ignored in terms of at least making an attempt to code the app, since all of them are intended to be freeware anyway?

My wife likes to point out to me that asking nicely is usually preferable to being grumpy.
I think she has a point.  :)

I did ask nicely back in December and again in February. I'm grumpy now because, other than some suggestions for software I've already tried (see my initial post in this thread) and some that I then tried but found not to be what I'm looking for, I've had no response. Yes, there are other things of value here, and I'm not going to just ignore donation coder, but after seeing all the coding snacks that have been written in the past (including those that very few people would ever need), I never expected that my request would result in nothing. Say hello to your wife for me. She sounds like a very nice person.

Meantime, I hope you do find a solution that suits you. If I come across any software that looks as if it might help you, I'll remember to post about it here in the hope that you will see it.

Thank you. I really do appreciate that, and I wish you luck finding it. I've spent quite a few hours searching, inventing new search queries, and trying out software to find something that I thought surely must already exist. It's a shame Pierre Devigne abandoned Taskbar Activate, since it seems that he's already done most of the work. Maybe if he'd actually released version 2.5 as he states on his apparently abandoned website (, we wouldn't be having this discussion. I've searched the web extensively for Taskbar Activate 2.5, but it doesn't seem to exist. The version I'm using now, 2.4, is available in many places, but 2.5 is a ghost.

Thanks for responding.

I'm VERY disappointed  :(  >:( that none of the excellent coders here would take on my request. I've tried all the solutions I can find including the ones suggested here, and there is nothing out there that completely solves my problem without introducing other unacceptable annoyances. Apparently, it's not all that difficult to write some code that would solve my issue, since Taskbar Activate (http://pmdevigne.fre...s_e.html#ActiveTache) can do this quite well for the taskbar, but unfortunately, although it is supposed to do the same for other Windows XP toolbars that you create, it has no effect on them at all, and the promised new version of the app has never materialized. This is the first time I've posted an idea/request in the Coding Snacks forum, and having no one even make an attempt at writing some code to see if this can be done has me doubting the value of being a member of  :down:  >:(

My LaunchBar Commander program has docks that can be set to unhide only after a delay (though for simplicity this delay time is not configurable).

I just downloaded it and will give it a try. I guess the name threw me off previously, and I never considered it might solve my issue.


Have you tried this?


Review here: http://proreviewer.c...r-autohide-features/

Thanks, skwire.

Yes, I have been using it (see my initial post at the start of this thread). It works pretty well for the taskbar. However, even though it has options to control other Windows toolbars, it has no effect whatsoever on any toolbars docked at any of the other three screen edges, and I've experimented with all the settings the program provides.

BTW, there was supposed to have been an update to Taskbar Activate in 2003 (Ver. 2.5 -- see, but it doesn't seem to be available for download anywhere. From the author's website:

What's new ?
      Updated  Taskbar Activate  (version 2.5).
   - Works better with XP and 2000.
   - Several internal enhancements.

Unfortunately, all the download links both on this site and all the other locations google found for me have only ver. 2.4. If anybody has ver. 2.5 or can point me to a download location for it, I'd really appreciate it. I'm hoping that maybe a newer version might resolve the issue with it not working for anything but the taskbar.


No takers? Maybe I didn't explain it well enough. When the Windows taskbar is set to autohide, it unhides immediately when the cursor touches the edge of the screen where it's docked. This is also true of any other Windows toolbars you create and dock to other screen edges. What I'm looking for is a way to set a delay before the taskbar and/or toolbars unhide.

For the record, I removed the duplicate thread of this one.

Thanks, skwire.

I guess I posted this in the wrong place last week :-[, so I'm posting it again here, and if one of the moderators sees this, they can delete the other one in the main Coding Snacks forum.

I'd like to have a Windows tray app utility that would allow me to set the length of the time delay before Windows toolbars (the Taskbar and any user-created toolbars) that are docked at the top, bottom, left, and/or right edges of the screen appear when AutoHide is enabled. If possible, the time delay should be independently adjustable for each toolbar or (by name), or otherwise for whatever toolbar is docked at one of the four screen edges. The time delay should be adjustable in increments of 1 ms from 0 seconds to 5 seconds, and in 1-second increments above 5 seconds. The UI for configuring the app should be invoked by adding an option to the toolbar context menu (right-click) and/or by its tray icon. This app should be compatible, at minimum, with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

The only program I can find that does some of this is Taskbar Activate, but it does not allow for different delays for different toolbars or screen edges, it isn't very reliable, and it tends to cause some problems with other aspects of the UI.

N.A.N.Y. 2010 / Re: NANY 2010 Program Idea Suggestion Thread
« on: December 22, 2009, 03:26 PM »
Here's another one: A utility to add an adjustable delay for activation of the Windows taskbar and other Windows toolbars created by the user when these are set to AutoHide.

N.A.N.Y. 2010 / Re: NANY 2010 Program Idea Suggestion Thread
« on: December 21, 2009, 10:27 PM »
This idea/request needs a little explanation up front. I've been an Avant browser user for a long time. WildBlue, my satellite ISP, recently worked out an arrangement with Mozilla so that Firefox works a lot faster than IE on WildBlue. Since Avant uses the IE engine, I switched to Orca, which has pretty much the same UI as Avant but uses the Firefox engine. This has worked out well in almost all respects, but there is one problem. RoboForm's toolbar either doesn't show up in Orca, or it shows up empty -- no icons or text. Siber Systems says they don't and won't support Orca, and Avantforce says there's a problem getting the existing RoboForm toolbar to work in Orca. Anyway, the bottom line is that I've done a lot of searching around and can't find a fix for this that works well for me (including the RoboForm Online bookmarklett). However, I was thinking that if I had the appropriate JavaScript code to activate RoboForm's form-filling capacity (RoboForm is running with a tray icon) using a specific RoboForm identity, I could add a toolbar button to another toolbar in Orca to do this. I'm only interested in form-filling for a specific identity. I'm using Orca's built-in AutoFill for passwords, and it's working fine. Unfortunately, the built-in AutoFill doesn't work anywhere near as well for form filling as RoboForm, and the only way to activate it is through the menu structure and requires 3 clicks. I'm looking for a one-click solution, and a button in one of the existing taskbars would work fine. Orca includes the functionality to define a button, assign an icon, and attach JavaScript, so all I need is the JavaScript. I should probably just learn JavaScript, but I don't have time now.

General Software Discussion / Re: Align Icons 2.0
« on: April 17, 2009, 03:32 PM »
Everyplace I find a link to download Align Icons 2.0, it takes me to a site for Quick Popup, and I can't find anything there regarding Align Icons. What's up?

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