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Does someone knowhow I can index files of a PORTABLE thunderbird version?

I have that same question.  But no answer.

Another question too, is there any desktop search that can index Outlook on an Exchange server, such as accessed by Outlook Web Access?   That is, by connecting to a server instead of searching on a PC--because the PC does not actually have the program installed?

Those capabilities would be uber-cool.

Found Deals and Discounts / AnVir Task Manager 5.0.4 at GOTD
« on: March 09, 2008, 08:55 AM »
Dudes!! Yesterday it was 50% off at Bits du jour, which just matches the discount code here anyway, but today it's FREE at!   :Thmbsup:

Here's some discussion linklets:

[edit:  deleted link to the discount post in case that is not supposed to be linked]



Yeah that is definitely helpful!  Actually even better is that if you see something on the preview page that interests you, the description page will include a button for requesting a notification on the day that something you want is being offered.

I am subscribed to the newsletter at the moment so I get my preview in my inbox instead of having to actually browse there (like that would be so much work!).

What can I say, I'm a very lazy user :)

No, actually I never used it.  I've just had an interest in such a beast and cruise by the bitsdujour site a few times a week (and lately the donationcoder site too), and came to donationcoder to see if there were reviews.   :-[

What I found was a huge pile of forum posts!  With so many programs it is hard to figure out which one is "the one".  I'm not sure it is even possible to single out any one that will necessarily be better suited to my needs than the others.

I think it might take all day to make a decision, and then the discount is over!  That's how they get ya.  Darn deal of the day websites!  :P

So anyway I just thought I'd throw the info out there, FWIW, and see if anyone said "Oh boy this program is the bestest ever" or "I didn't like the program that well for $30, but for $17.97 it's a good value" or "prog is OK but it turns out I like the other 199 programs on the list better" or pretty much anything to help with the decision.

Now that I see so much comparison info here on so many different cataloging programs, I'm thinking I'll start by checking out the freeware ones and not buy the CD Catalog Expert.  Later on if none of the freeware options work out, I'll try some others, and eventually a discount will probably pop up again.  I'm really not in a hurry to organize all my crap TODAY or anything.

Sorry I don't have a detailed review.  Basically I posted it because I was on the fence myself, and also I didn't want anyone who particularly liked the program to miss the deal.

Holy wowze, there has been a lot of discussion around about CD cataloggable-izerators.  So, there are a kajillion different ones, including some free ones, but if you have had your eye on CD Catalog Expert, today might be your day to snag it at Bits du Jour,

A quick search turned up numerous threads discussing CD catalog software in general, including some specific mentions of CD Catalog Expert (not all favorable).  I would start with https://www.donation...dex.php?topic=7764.0, if I linked that properly (which is doubtful since I mostly don't know what I'm doing).

If you're too lazy for that, the first post of that thread (by tomos) includes a quick reference list of the main related threads, which I pasted here for your clicking pleasure.

top of list = most recent

Your experiences with disc catalogers and most wanted/used features

Looking for Disk Catalog Program with simple UserInterface like Picasa

DiscLib Review

Re: Visual CD is pretty incredible catalogue software   

(Mod-types, feel free to edit/relocate/remove if posting this way or quoting from other posts like this is redundant or annoying in some way. (?))

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