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Living Room / Re: What books are you reading?
« on: November 11, 2009, 07:11 PM »
cryptonomicon by neal stephenson. seems amusing so far.

I'm stuck at a customer site with restrictions where I can't have an app server, or a database to use for anything 'semi-permanent'.
I would like to publish a web page with a list of servers and stati on it.
Since the data could change, I'd like to keep in a db, but I cant, so I"m wondering, being the java scriptless wonder that I am, how I could 'easily' put a browser page together that will run a limited display of servers and stati, and keep the 'data' in some text/xml file so it wil be easy for non html people to access if they need to update the status of their server.

So I'd like it to look like a table. Maybe 10 cells (2 rows of 5 perhaps), each with:
server name
database connection (yeah it is for developers mostly)
current status (i.e. has xxx level / release on it)
responsible person or last person to update the cell

I just want, say in the same directory, a text or xml file that has the data for the cells.

A user (like me perhaps) can update the text or xml file and have the table be updated next time
someone pops in with their safari/explorer/firefox/whateber browser.


Your company is bumping you off?! That's a bit drastic, isn't it? What did you do, sleep with the boss' teenage daughter?
heh heh.. no I guess bumped off is a bad term.. at least in American English.. I'm not sure where I picked up that gem of a literary remark.

Sorry, couldn't resist. My understanding of being bumped off is "killed"  :P Anyway, hope that provides you with a laugh dduring what can only be a stressful and trying time.
laughs are good.

Now, it would help us to help you, I think, if you give us an idea of where you are? A class that includes hardware will likely be "physical", meaning that you'll need to attend in person, and I'm assuming that your employer is going to pay for the course(s), but not airfare and living expenses if you have to move in order to attend school? Where I am, there are a lot of 12 to 18 month courses that offer students a new notebook on successful completion. They tend to be vocational colleges, though some may well offer some computer training. Not sure!
I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have about 2500$ to spend. If possible I'd like to pick up some dot net expertise, or lacking that, improve my java web application ability or maybe worst comes to worst, microsoft sharepoint.

thanks much.


I'm getting bumped off by my un-named company.
They offer 2500 in post-let-go education reimbursement for qualified educators.
So I'm looking to get educated in .net some, but there is a catch...
I'd like the class to include a computer so I have something new (can't really affored one by myself right now)
to develop software with.

Anyway I appreciate any ideas, pointers, etc.


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