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I use citrus alarm clock, but my personal favorite is the banshee screamer alarm. Sadly this is not working on vista and i'll upgrade back to xp soon.

am starting development work soon. Am using source code from launchy and other sourceforge projects

i wouldn't mind getting some help with it, i've written tons of console apps but very few windows apps. I can try using python but i can't seem to get a good gui engine. Also i'll need some code to make a fullscreen gdi, etc.

Point Motivator / Re: Rewards give me points.
« on: January 05, 2008, 01:01 AM »
@mouser, if there can be some kind of wiki functionality to add/change the itemxml for different category, that would be nice.

I can try making a php frontend for that in the weekend. Shouldn't be too hard.

Point Motivator / itemxml for college students
« on: January 04, 2008, 02:18 PM »
Admin, please allow facility to attach itemxml files. Am zipping it for now
Here's version 1, mainly including points for going to classes, taking tests, and turning in papers. Also plus for hobbies and sports. Partying and the occasional beverage costs points. Suggestions welcome

Greetings from the Indian Institute of Technology.

version 0.1: 6/1/08:
1. points for going to classes, taking tests, and turning in papers. Also plus for hobbies and sports. Partying and the occasional beverage costs points.

Hi, I'm a 20 year old developer who's into usability. I go to college and have to wake up using an alarm for a computer.

I want to write a program in visual C++/ to trump all the other alarm clock softwares and release it as open source/donationware. I've tried every alarm clock on the market, but nothing satisfies me. Here's my dream program to do the job:

1. An intuitive interface for setting alarms at any time and for any number of alarms.
2. Several effective default alarm sounds, along with option to play back fading in music.
3. A strong snooze option
4. A "wake up" mode. When this mode is enabled, the screen is blacked out and the time is shown in large legible letters, along with a small message. Pressing space will snooze the alarm by a small amount, but to disable it will require a pin number, password or a special code.
5. Antimute: I've had instances when I sleepily mute the volume whenever I want to sleep in, but this should check the volume levels and automatically undo that.
6. A simple timer option. For example, pressing the winkey and pressing a button will bring up a window, on which you can enter a number and after that many minutes it'll give you an unobtrusive reminder.
7. A grandfather clock mode: this will ring a bell every 15 minutes/1 hour so you know that time's flying by.
8. Syncing with the time server, with support for daylight savings
9. A small taskbar launcher which also shows which alarms are enabled.
10. ability to set alarms based on the day of the week or custom alarms for particular dates.
11. Outlook/calendar integration. Prolly if an appointment is appended by an (A), there will be an alarm for the same.

I've seen alarm clocks with too many crappy useless features. I want the ultimate anti-sleep software of all time. I'm posting on this nice forum to get any suggestions, feature requests, advice, etc. Any good programming resources which you feel might help is also appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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