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Living Room / Re: The Greatest Graphic Novel of All Time: Watchmen
« on: March 04, 2009, 09:47 PM »
following on from what ak_ said, it was jimmy corrigan by chris ware that got me into graphic novels. also joe sacco's stuff.

Greetings and welcome to winter!  It sure is getting cold out there...

and here i was sitting reading the newsletter in shorts and a tshirt, the front door open, enjoying the warm spring weather. viva la southern hemisphere! ;)

great newsletter as always!

General Software Discussion / Re: monitoring internet usage
« on: June 18, 2008, 06:24 PM »
i haven't tried any of your suggestions re software to monitor specific IPs yet, but i've been running this nice little program i mentioned before called BitMeter which monitors overall traffic, graphs it and gives reports based on hourly, weekly and monthly breakdowns.

looking at today's statistics for my daily morning email check, news read, blog read routine it would appear that that takes up about 1.2gb a month by itself. combine that with watching some youtube (not a junkie  :) ) and online tv programs, some music downloading (the higher bitrate stuff adds up fast) and the great freeware programs i can't live without  :) - i guess 6gb per month is understandable.

i'm getting the feeling looking at that 1.2gb statistic for my morning routine that i'm not going find anything too sinister in my hunt for bandwidth bandits (did i just make up some new jargon?!). my feeling is that the web experience is just way more bandwidth hungry these days. i'm working on ad-blocking flash adverts from yahoo mail etc with this in mind.

the only other culprit that crossed my mind was the fasterfox addon... i had the prefetch function turned off - but i did install that add-on about two months ago when the increased usage started. any thoughts on whether that is a coincidence?

all comments and opinions gratefully received. and i'd be interested to know how much traffic other people use in a month too.

General Software Discussion / Re: monitoring internet usage
« on: June 17, 2008, 10:12 PM »
great suggestions thanks - SmartSniff looks interesting - first look it seems technical but i can probably get my head around it. any other program suggests along the lines of my ideal description gratefully received too.

torrents shouldn't be an issue - i have only one program that supports torrents (free download manager) and torrent support is currently switched off. having said that, it was used last month but not extensively.

i've downloaded RUBotted on your recommendation and now have that running. theoretically my system should be pretty clean though - i run spybot and ad-aware regularly along with some other anti-spyware services (scanned my computer with trendmicro's homecall and microsoft's one care the other day).

General Software Discussion / monitoring internet usage
« on: June 17, 2008, 08:30 PM »

on my home internet connection i've got a monthly allowance of 6gb upload/download. after that my isp throttles back my connection to dial-up speed :(

in the last two months i've suddenly started exceeding my limit - the thing that is most confusing is that i don't feel like my internet usage habits have changed so i'm trying to figure out what is causing the most traffic.

i just downloaded a freeware program called BitMeter which looks pretty good - that will show me spikes in traffic over a period of time. but i was thinking what would be really useful is a monitoring program that shows which accessed urls are the most responsible for high traffic. it would be really cool at the end of the month (or some other timeframe) to see a list of urls ordered by the number of megs of traffic associated with them. then i could see which websites cost me most of my usage allowance.

any suggestions gratefully received :)

yeah - that does exactly what i want and then some  :)

thanks very much - nice program.

i've been using itunes for quite a while now - it can be hard to make a switch. are there any players that import itunes settings? for example i have equalizer / volume presets for a lot of my library - will anything import these settings? also i use - i guess media monkey has a scrobbler plugin? i see musikcube has one.


does anyone know of a freeware program that provides a total word count from multiple doc files? i work in publishing and often get sent manuscripts as multiple files - i need to be able to get a total word count quickly and easily so that i can work out costings.


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