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General Software Discussion / Re: NewEgg
« on: August 10, 2008, 01:30 AM »
I have never had a problem with NewEgg order(and I've had a lot of them over the years), unfortunately they are now required to charge NY residents tax on orders, that combined with the latest tendency for them to definitely have higher prices on some of the popular items, means I have to start looking someplace else for my hardware fix.


Quintessential Player from and iZotope Ozone, awesome for speakers and headphones

XP here, and I don't plan to go to Vista, my daughter has Vista on her Dell, Vista is cute to look at for 5 minutes, that's about it, I'd rather go with Linux in a few years, I already am using openoffice, gimp and other open source apps, so eventually in a few years a transition to Linux should be painless.

Darwin: Could you also include the Quintessential Player in your comparison? I am curious...

I have been using it for some time now, also using it with ozone, I have the monsoon speakers http://www.anandtech.../showdoc.html?i=1011 sadly they are note available anywhere anymore... and with ozone the sound is just great, also they have a link on quinnware site to get the ozone at a discounted price...

please update us on your finding with quintessential player included...


General Software Discussion / Re: ChameleonNavigator
« on: June 16, 2006, 02:27 AM »
Is t written it in c++? If so, any chance you could post the information on how the user agent string can be changed while using IE engine?

I need that badly!



Sorry to be posting here, I'm not sure where to post this....

I came across SourceFormatX a cool app that formats the source code, I want to ask someone to review it, for several reasons, I am only interested in formatting ASP, I simply have no other code that could test this app with, I don't think it could fit in any other category... it's not text editor, it's not an IDE.

Could you move this post to appropriate forum mouser?

I think they are working on a new 3.0 version, so maybe it's better to wait for it?

As far as vbscript/ASP formatting I know there used to be at least 2 apps for that out there, I've lost my links to them, anyone remembers?



is there any way to set something up on a usb flash drive to load this automatically to the users computer on inserting the flash drive?

prompts are fine, also automatically set it up to run at startup?

I second the thought to include remote desktop, I use it all the time.

Also, any chance to have a second part for this review to go over remote backup options for things like 2003 server and IIS and such? Including maybe some of the more reliable and trustworthy backup services out there?

Living Room / Re: Skype users: beware
« on: May 19, 2006, 03:13 PM »

Couldn't you just ignore the ignorant? That would spare all of us an exposure to some seriously childish views.


WHOA you did that for me? Thanks a lot!!!!

If it's written in vbscript any chance I could get the source code?

And I hope it's not .net because some offices do not install it at all.

So there needs to be a link in startup folder?



Actually the reason for this is so my client's employees don't have access to their website administration section from outside of their office. Ftp or URL I need a way to communicate current ip of the office to the asp scripts on their website.

Seems Skromell solved this problem for me, idea was not to let employees know how it's done so they don't find a way to compromise it.

Not to mention that anyone from outside the office won't even be presented with admin login screen....

I have this all setup already on the server for my own use, now it will make the client's admin section very secure...

pretty much, it would also be nice to be able to just run install from cd or usb flash drive and that's it

also, there could possibly be simpler thing, simple url request rather than ftp upload would also work.

with a text file of the url to be requested or if possible ability to edit the executables hard coded url.

is that possible?

I definitely would prefer a hard coded app that would just send the file to ftp server with current ip every 5 minutes or so. And remain invisible in task list after installation.


Currently I use update-ip little application to update a text file on my ftp server with my current ip address.

Would it be possible to request a little app here, that would have hard-coded ftp server info and would upload a little text file with the current ip address in it replaced.

My client wants this so the only access to his website by his employees is done from their computers at work.

So the app would need to run invisibly so the employees are not even aware of this additional security measure.

This way they would not be able to login from home or from any other place.

update-ip is visible running in the taskbar, so that's not useful.

update-ip is doing the job fine but is not invisible, it also uses a template file, here is the template file I use:

dim MY_IP
MY_IP = "<!--IP--!>"

then the file is included and script knows my ip and I get better treatment on the server =)

What do you think?

Please do not forget my favorite font Oloron Program


I really need this one =)

A script or a little app to update ipsec policies from a text file. Here is a sample text file:|||

and so on, a single line with different ip addresses separated by some character.

basically the idea is to create an ipsec rule with the ip address and date of creation as name, blocking all ports and all protocols to and from the ip.

then the rule would be deleted at next run if 7 days elapsed, for example.

I do have some commandline text that creates the rules and removes them, I'm just confused by it =)

also I work with asp on iis, so the asp generates the list, there is no component that I know off that would allow me to edit the ipsec rules from asp.

let me know what you think, or if you know alternative, please.


Thanks for all the suggestions, ended up customizing this one:


For example I have this menu item in right click menu in IE "Google Search".

I don't remember when or how I got it...

It would be nice to have some sort of an interface to be able to edit such items in right click menu in IE.

So for example I could add an item I really want "Search on Amazon" =)


ProcessTamer / Re: ideas for process tamer
« on: April 14, 2005, 12:40 AM »
ok, few ideas:

email notification of process priority reduction

restoring stopped or terminated services


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