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Hi guys,

I am using Quotepad, which is awesome software, but it does not sync. Yes you can sync using Dropbox, but it's better to have sync built-in.

Are there any small utility software that has an GUI as simple and useful as Quotepad and syncs? It would be better if you can specify a custom sync URL like WebDAV, FTP, etc.

Thanks in advance. Any idea is appreciated.

Hi guys,

I just found this stream

it can not be played in foobar2000 or VLC.

Are there any other media players on Windows can play this stream and scrobble to ?

So I encountered a ripped version of Microsoft Word 2003 the other day, it's a single executable without any further dependences, 17.6 MB, running normal word processing tasks properly without any problem. It's made of Thinstall. It's pretty amazing to see Word so tiny and portable. But in contrast OneNote2007, the smallest version found on Google is about 230MB.

I wonder how EXACTLY can you make MS Office that small? Is there a tutorial for this kind task?

Hi guys,

I like the Windows 7 taskbar in overall, but I really miss one thing I use a lot in pre-Win7 times, right click a taskbar icon, and press C on the keyboard to close the program. Now right click Win7 taskbar I only get a menu that does not answer to any keyboard shortcuts, unless you hold your Shift key, which brings back the classical menu.

My quesion is is it possible to tweak this feature via registry or something to make right click default for classical menu, and switch shift+click to the new Win7 style menu?

Hi guys, are there any free post-screenshot editor that can do this easily?  ;D

  • Auto scroll screenshot, but capture the scrolling page as well as the window frame
  • Torn edge effect in between to omit unnecessary content, but do not torn the scroll bar area
  • dim all areas, highlight a non-rectangle area

The picture is a lousy example I made in photoshop, it took me 20 minutes, I am n00b in Photoshop, so I desperately need some one-click tool for post screenshot processing.

General Software Discussion / Parallel proxy transfer software
« on: December 20, 2009, 12:24 AM »
Hi DC,

I have a remote server as a reverse proxy/http proxy, it's kinda slow, I hope there's some kind of software to speed it up a little by doing parallel data transfer.

Does any software like this exist?

My ideal version:
1. The server prefetches 3KB of data
2. The server send to client 3KB of data, but open multithreaded transfer, with 1KB of data per thread
3. The client receives 1KBx3, and combine them to the original 3KB data

The latency is not important as long as the transfer rate is good.

Coding Snacks / Blacklist patch for Acrylic DNS Proxy (Delphi 7)
« on: November 24, 2009, 12:50 PM »
Hi DC,

I need a dns proxy, and Acrylic DNS Proxy works but only lacks one thing: blacklisting certain IP from DNS answers.

Luckily Acrylic DNS Proxy is open source software written in Delph 7, and I need DC community to help adding this little function.

In AcrylicConfiguration.ini I hope there's a new section


So whenever PrimaryServerAddress answers, Acrylic will continue lookup on SecondaryServerAddress, if it still answers 192.168.1.* or, then to TertiaryServerAddress until a correct answer is retrieved.

If all answers were in the blacklist, I hope Acrylic could yield SERVERFAIL if there's no Default IP.

And Acrylic can log this fail.

I know under one circumstance things might get somehow complicated, when DNS returns multiple records and one of them unfortunately were included in the blacklist, I hope that IP could be eliminated in the protocol level and cache only the rest of correct answers. If this is hard to implement, simply return SERVERFAIL.

I hope this won't take you guys too much time, and any help or suggestions is appreciated.

Thank you guys!

General Software Discussion / Inverse the color of Windows XP
« on: November 24, 2009, 12:26 AM »
Hi all,

I have an old monitor that display colors incorrectly, but if I set the brightness to max in Control Panel, and then Win+U opens magnifier, select inverse color, the color displays JUST FINE

So, I am looking for a free utility that inverse all colors on Windows XP. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

General Software Discussion / DNS logger & firewall for Win32
« on: November 14, 2009, 07:02 AM »
Hi all

I have a nasty ISP that tampers the UDP port 53 traffic all the time, but it does not accurs often. I need to gather some evidence and see if there's pattern. So I need a DNS firewall and a logger.

Are there any software that loggs every Windows gethostbyname() queries, and blocks incorrect answers with a rule?

Hi DC,

I am writing a script to modify chrome.dll using Resource Hacker, here's the script:
ResHack.exe -extract chrome.dll, test.rc, 9,101,
ResHack.exe -modify  chrome.dll, chromenew.dll, test.rc, 9,101,

The log says

ResHack.exe -modify  chrome.dll, chromenew.dll, test.rc, 9,101,
Error: Invalid resource type.

Anybody know why?

BTW, any free commandline tools for extract and modify PE's resources?

Hi DC,

Youtube is blocked in China, but there's a walkaround, set browser's Auto Proxy Config like this:

if (shExpMatch(host, "*"))
    return "PROXY;";

You can view the youtube pages, but no videos. because the border firewall will RST every TCP port 80 request which contains the string "" (If you visit, will get blocked for couple of minutes), and it will spoof every DNS request of * to some non-exist IP address.

Now if there's a local URL rewrite change could change

it will work.

SO what I need is a tiny, local URL rewrite proxy engine that could do the job above, and using PAC like following

if (shExpMatch(host, "*"))
    return "PROXY;";
if (shExpMatch(host, "*"))
    return "PROXY localhost:3333;";

Everyone can view youtube.

There's another usage, for every search result, the cached function won't work, but if you change the URL

The page will load, because GFW only blocks URL contains the keyword "search?q=cache:"

I hope the program is compiled standalone, has a tray icon, scans a regex config file (live update running config everytime the file changes), then 302 redirect match HTTP request.

Hi board,

I have this little copymove.c, it's used for detecting duplicated area of a image, it's written in C but with some C++ features, it was originally compiled under Linux using

-lfreeimage -lstdc++

I tried to port it to Windows, with the newest FreeImage.dll library, the compilation (with VC2003/MinGW) was successful, but the app fails every time to this line:

FIBITMAP * bitmap = FreeImage_LoadFromMemory

Can anyone help me patch the program and make it run correctly? A copymove.exe binary is much more appreciated. Thanks a lot

Hi all,

I have a Windows Mobile phone with wifi, there's a CorePlayer which could play podcast feeds, now I need a tiny HTTP server under Windows for my laptop, that I specify a movies/mp3 folder, it starts up as a http server, and generate a podcast feed as well as deliver the .avi/.mp3 files. So my phone connect to my laptop via wifi, and I can listening to my mp3 lib everywhere at home.

I know IIS/apache could make it, it's just too big. Any tiny solutions?

Thanks in advance.


I made this screenshot by hand, with a minor mistake (two scroll buttons).

Is there any tool out there that could make screenshot like this? Auto scroll capture with window borders?


OK, another brilliant app under Mac.

I really hope Mouser's Screenshot Captor could do this  ;D

and some post-processing special effects would be cool. OK I am trying to describe one, sorry for my bad English

Put the 'layers' in 3D view, separate the window layers Z-distence a bit, and view the windows from a tilt angle for extemely cool screenshot.

The screenshot will somehow like the Salesforce for Google Apps: Product Tour

Or just like Vista's 3D Aero switch but more realist and screenshot-like. The relative position of window remain unchanged.

I am trying to dumpping an old CD-ROM, found a file named MAP.RES, 500MB, header start with EMR1, the program for map/picture navigation & possibly coded with VC++ & Access during 1998. The Window class used for display the pic/map is

Does anyone have an idea what format of MAP.RES might be? How to dump/export pictures out of it? TIA

I wanna send a Space key press to a window class called
SpotifyMainWindow using hoekey, here's my config:


It won't work. Did anybody know why?

I tried directly call Win32 API
SendMessage(hWnd_SpotifyMainWindow, WM_KEYDOWN, VK_SPACE, NULL)
and it works fine.

General Software Discussion / SPY++ for Webkit and wxWindows?
« on: October 15, 2008, 03:03 AM »
I often use SPY++ or SPY++ like tools to 'look into' controls of standard win32 program window, I can grab text from a SysListBox, TextBox, even a MSHTML control. Example, using spy4win to grab the HTML in a Google Talk desktop client chat window, you can find GTalk actually implemented a internal Async Pluggable Protocol called "widget". When you open a transfered file, it invokes "widget:open", when you open the folder contains the file, it calls "widget:show". Very interesting hack.

But since more and more apps are written using webkit, wxWindows or XUL, is there any Spy++ tool for those?


Can I post it here?

Just few steps. First download est's version (no ads, no spyware) of PPLive. This version is the earliest version of PPLive(aka Synacast, aka SynaLive), a well-known free P2P Live Streaming service in China. CCTV give PPLive rights to broadcast Olympics. So it's totally legal. Too bad CCTV do not provide English commentators. :-(

Second, unpack, and run PE.exe. If you see Chinese characters jut right click the icon on your system tray, choose Languages - 1033 English

Next, copy paste these URL in your browser. If it doesn't work just restart your browser for syncast:// schema activation

CCTV-5 (Sports Channel & Olympics Channel) Hi-res

CCTV-1 Hi-res

CCTV-5 for Low-bandwidth

CCTV-1 for low-bandwidth

Finally, when buffer is 100% complete, ignore everything PPLive says, open the streaming in VLCPlayer or Windows Media Player with the address:
http://your_IP_address:8888/1.asf for your LAN friends, yes you can install PPLive on one machine and streaming for whole LAN. If you open multipule channels in PPLive, just change the :8888 port to :8889. e.g.

I intended to download the newest Windows SDK, but. Woe~~ 1.3GB iso

I only need a single SignTool.exe, could anyone upload one as attachment for me please?

Find And Run Robot / [bug report] I hate scroll bars
« on: July 20, 2008, 03:01 AM »
On my Windows Server 2008 CHS

Sometimes(many times) FARR v2.00.145 look like this.

Get rid of the scroll bars, mouser :-)

Update: I fixed the problem: The 'name' column is too long. Just drag the 'score' column left

I am going to try out few brainstorm software. Main features I need

1. Handling concept loops. I like concept trees, but loops are much more universal.
2. Maybe some Shortest-Path-First algorithm with animation to optimize your thoughts?
3. Maybe 3D graphics showing complex connections?
4. Cross platform(Mobile/Windows/Linux/Mac), multi-people real-time collabrative brainstorming, open save format for import/export

So, is there anything like this?

Developer's Corner / Anyway to invoke a hidden window?
« on: July 02, 2008, 02:00 AM »
GTalk has a hidden window  ;D

Open googletalk.exe with ResHacker, goto dialog resource 140

Is there anyway to invoke the window through some WM message?

Or just reverse the file, see any hidden easter egg launch parameter?

 ;D OK. I Often need to analyze HTTP, HTTPS packets with browsers, embedded IE controls, XMPP messages, etc. Is there any tool that.

1. Tiny, portable
2. Sniff any running process network packet data, not whole NIC traffic.
3. Launch a process and start sniff
4. with SSL decryption, g-zip decompression, chuncked decompression, or some dummy encryption/compression method in HTTP & XMPP
6. Able to filter results

I tried to use Wireshark... It's too complex. Smartsniff is good enough but not able to decrypt SSL/Gzip. Pity.

Any recommendations?

Living Room / What's this?
« on: June 22, 2008, 09:31 PM »

A glass in front of a speech table. What's it used for?

Is it very common in the US?  ;D

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