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DcUpdater / DcUpdater fails when checking for updates
« on: June 22, 2017, 11:56 PM »

When I ask ScreenShotCaptor to check for updates, I get: "DcUpdater Warning: No valid packages found (with current search restrictions)".

In the operation log I find the following:

Code: Text [Select]
  1. ERROR: Config File '-dontofferdcupdaterpage' could not be loaded by TinyXml lib - Failed to open file
  2. ScreenshotCaptor: needs check
  3. DcUpdater Program: needs check

Any clue?


While investigating my laptop's power consumption using "powercfg /energy" I noticed that ScreenshotCaptor is now listed as one of the processes that use the CPU in such a way that prevents it from being switched to its lowest-power mode. This was not the case previously (before 4.8?).

Process Explorer seems to reveal some sort of polling: see the huge number of cycles and context switches in the attached screenshot.

Can you please look into this (and fix the issue)?

Best regards,



I'm hereby resurrecting an old thread about the same topic.

The current implementation of ScreenShot Captor yields fatal errors such as:

Screenshot Captor
'1.0' is not a valid floating point value.

if the .ini file contains numbers represented using a format different from the current "regional settings."

This problem will occur whenever the user changes the settings.

With my developer hat on, my feeling is that this should not be, because the user-configurable number formatting settings are related to UI, i.e. it specifies how the user wants to enter data, and how the system should present numbers displayed to the user--not how applications should internally represent information that the user will never see.

So I would suggest that the code be modified so that the encoding of numbers (or dates, or time, or whatever) in the configuration file(s) be independent from the input / display settings the user might want to choose.

What do you think?

On my home desktop the "My documents" directory is stored on a network drive on my NAS. This results in Screenshot Captor defaulting to:


to store the screenshots.

The behavior of the latest version with this setup is strange.

Often when the machine wakes up from hibernation I get one of the following errors:

- Error creating non-existing directory: 'S:\DOC\DonationCoder\ScreenshotCaptor\Screenshots'.
- (even weirder) "The is no disk in drive. Insert a disk in drive A: / Cancel / Try Again / Continue"

For now, I'll work around this by forcing the screenshots to be stored on a local drive, but this is inconvenient as I cannot access them anymore from my laptop...

Any clue?

Screenshot Captor / "Incorrect" filename for "Grab selected region"
« on: February 19, 2013, 06:47 AM »
Most often, when capturing a region I get a filename where %windowtitlepure% is replaced by an empty string.

Today I got something strange: this got expanded to the "massaged window title" of some window that was on my desktop, not even belonging to the app (IE) I captured a region from...

What's the official spec for how %windowtitlepure% is supposed to be expanded?

Screenshot Captor / "Help on fields" formatting issue
« on: April 10, 2012, 04:19 AM »

Just had to reconfigure the ScreenShot Captor preferences for the filenames, and hit the "Help on fields" button.

The formatting is rather poor:
- the field code and description are not separated from each other
- the descriptions should be "tab-aligned" (if you see what I mean)

More an annoyance than anything else, but improving this would "add polish" to the product  :P

DcUpdater / DcUpdater reports incorrect version of installed app
« on: April 03, 2012, 10:04 AM »

I have ScreenShotCaptor 3.03.01 installed (that's what its About box says) still DcUpdater reports I have 2.103.01 installed... and thus wants to upgrade.

What's up, doc?


While I can understand where this technically comes from, it is rather user-unfriendly to have region screenshots made with Shift+PrtSc tagged with an application name of "Program Manager", resulting in filenames such as "Screenshot of 'Program Manager'  on 20091204105334"

I would suggest to change that "Program Manager" to something else, such as "(screen region)"...

What do you think?

Need I say more?

It used to work, so seems like a regression induced by the latest upgrade...

I'm running 2.53.01.

When I hit Shift+PrtSc I get the "+" cursor to select a rectangular area... But this disappears if I move the mouse to the secondary monitor...

Hi folks,

The default in SSC is to use the window title as part of the generated filename.

If I hit Alt+PrtSc with the focus set to an IE7 window open at the following URL:


SSC hangs with the following message:

Error saving file ''.

No way to exit, must kill the app with Task Manager.

Process Monitor reveals SSC attempts to save a file with illegal names containing an embedded newline (see attached .PML / .CSV files)

Feel free to ask for more information (I'm a senior developer myself).

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