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Can anyone recommend any good:

1.  Add-ons...
2.  COM or other components...
3.  Copy protection software in general?

Also, I am specifically looking for one I saw "back in the day."  It was called "Bit" something I am almost positive.  I cannot for the life of me find it though.

Any luck?

Living Room / SMIRF Chess Game. User won and bounced?
« on: August 20, 2007, 11:58 PM »
Am I correct in that the user "Smirf" stuck around long enough to win Borland Studio and then removed all traces of his chess program?

*If* that is the case, that is one of the primary reasons why I wouldn't allow someone to compete without archiving *all* of their software and making it available.  That seems like a fair stipulation.

So, I haven't missed it anywhere have I?

I wonder if such a beast exists?  If not, I think I'd like to lay claim to the idea right now.

Basically, as a programmer, beginner or otherwise, you may not always know what function exists within what header or may not be able to comprehend the contents of a header file.

Wouldn't a program that reads a header and gives you a common use for it be a grand application for a programmer, beginner or otherwise?

For example, taken from stdio.h:

_CRTIMP int __cdecl printf (const char*, ...);

Um, say what?  Does it really matter that it is a constant pointer to some text to a beginning programmer?  Not really.  And knowing this in the beginning to me is not that big of a deal because pointers is something that should be learned on their own and otherwise, variable and type defining is another thing that should be learned separately.

Instead the program would output something like:

printf("Here is a string: %s", sVar);
%s represents a string and will be replaced with the variable or constant that you provide printf.
sVar represents any valid string reference or constant.

So, the idea is something like API Viewer, only for headers.  However, I would enable the ability to create custom views allowing other types of files as well.  For example, keywords and keyword definitions so someone could define the way another type of "header" is written, thereby enabling this program to read and display that information as well.  Also, it would overcome the shortcomings of API Viewer by being a friendly and intuitive application for beginners as well as advanced programmers.

I have several other ideas and features for the program, but those are mine to share only with those who might contribute to the program's birth, fixes, and upgrades.

So, does something like this exist in some form already?  Again, if not, it's my idea!   :P

I tried giving this a search, but couldn't get an accurate bead on anything and thought if it hadn't been posted, would make for a great thread.

What are the best IDE(s) for Python, Perl, PHP, C, C++, C#, Java, BASIC, and any other languages that people deem fit to put here.

The requirements for posting should be:

1.  List the IDE.
2.  License type, if any.
3.  Commercial status (freeware, open-source, et cetera).
4.  Any relevant information such as a blurb about why you dig this particular IDE.

I also think advanced editors *could* be included, but *only* if they centralize on a given language.

I don't mean multipurpose editors that can highlight a thousand languages and offer shortcuts or macros to a compiler.  I cannot think of even one example of this, but who knows.  All I can think of are IDEs, multi-language IDEs, or ASCII editors, be they advanced text editors or no.

Oh, and if this thread has been done before, sorry.  "IDE" isn't a very fruitful search.

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