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Coding Snacks / ETC : Emerge Tasks Companion
« on: November 09, 2008, 03:48 PM »
I've been trying Emerge for quite some time now and i happen to enjoy it. However, a feature (provided by 3rd party software Taskbar Shuffle) i missed really badly was to be able to close programs by middle-clicking their button in the taskbar. So i created this little script to enable this feature with emerge.


It works very well on my system, but as Emerge Tasks and Emerge Tray have the same class name, i recommand you don't middle-click on your system tray to avoid unwanted events (nothing bad though).

(sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong section)

I'm working on a new ahk script and i'm pretty happy with what i've done so far. However, i'm facing a problem and as i didn't get much help from the autohotkey forum, i thought i'd ask my donationcoder buddies :)

Problem :

I'm trying to minimize all windows except the active one, using the following piece of code :
Winget, activeId, id, A
Winget, winlist, list
loop %winlist%
  winid := winlist%A_Index%
  Wingettitle, wintitle, ahk_id %winid%
  if (strlen(wintitle) != 0 and winid != activeId and wintitle != "Program Manager")
    PostMessage, 0x112, 0xF020,,, ahk_id %winid%

The problem with this method is that it works well with some windows (they stay visible while the other ones get minimized) but it doesn't work with others (ie Freecommander, Pspad), who get minimized anyway. I tried to modify the code to minimize the active window only, and it worked fine except with the program mentionned earlier.

Anyway, my goal is to minimize all windows except the active one, and i'm out of ideas. I tried to WinMinimizeAll and then to bring the active window back, but it makes the window disappear for a moment, plus WinMinimizeAll doesn't work for people using Emerge shell (like myself). Sending #d or #m doesn't work for the same reasons.

If anyone has any idea, i'd be really glad to hear it :)


Well, the title says it all :) When Windows starts, there are a few programs i always launch (Firefox, Thunderbird, FeedDemon). I usually use Circle Dock to start them, but every time i click an icon, Circle Dock disappears and i have to call it back. It'd be great if one could middle-click an icon so it launches the shortcut and lets CircleDock visible so you can click another one.

This said, great program ! :)

Living Room / Flash game : Fantastic contraption
« on: July 23, 2008, 11:31 AM »
A great physics game : given basic elements (wheels, motors, sticks etc), you have to build a machine that will take an object to a goal. Sounds easy ? It's not ! Sounds boring ? It's NOT !

If you enjoyed Phun, you should love this game.

General Software Discussion / Monitor system changes
« on: March 25, 2008, 02:01 PM »
I'm wondering if there's a way to monitor system changes (file writing, registry modification etc) done by softwares. In fact, i'd like to be able to launch my Wacom tablet control panel (yes, again), change a property and get a log of the operations induced by this action (modification to a file or the registry or whatever).

Which software could i use ?


Developer's Corner / Change Wacom properties with hotkeys ?
« on: March 11, 2008, 09:59 AM »
Here's my problem : during work, i always need to change Wacom's pen sensitivity. At first, i did it through the Wacom control panel, which was a real pain in the toochie and a loss of time. Then i made some dirty ahk script to send some clicks to the control panel and change the pressure sensitivity. I gained some time, but it's not very satisfying : i need to open the control panel and go to right tab to make it work, sometimes it doesn't work and after a sensitivity change the pressure is disabled until i click somewhere.

So my question is : do you think there's a way to change Wacom properties directly, without going through the control panel ? Maybe by changing a ini file or a registry entry, i don't know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Finished Programs / SOLVED: Screen rotation -> possible in AHK ?
« on: September 16, 2007, 05:16 PM »
Well, the title sums it up quite well. I have a new monitor that has rotation capabilities. The manual says you have to download some software to take full advantage of it but it sucks. I can change the screen rotation via the display properties but it takes too much time. So i tried iRotate which is pretty much what i'm looking for, but the hotkeys (Ctrl Alt Up, Ctrl Alt Left, etc) can't be changed, so it's really annoying.

So i thought i could try to do an ahk script to rotate display using hotkeys, the only problem is : i don't know where to start :) So i'm not asking for anyone to do it for me, but i'm looking for any lead or information that could help me getting startes on this script.

Thanks :)

Living Room / Does my future pc suck ?
« on: August 21, 2007, 08:58 AM »
Hi, my pc stopped working lately (i think the motherboard is to blame) and as he's rather old and obsolete, i'm planning to get a new configuration (my main activity is to manipulate large image fileson Photoshop, and i'm hoping to do some gaming from time to time eheh). I'm really not an expert about hardware so if you can have a look at what i'm about to buy and tell me what you think, it will be very appreciated. The goal of this topic is to avoid buying material with unknown disfunctions like it can happen sometimes with computers :)

- Motherboard : ASUS M2N SLI DELUXE
- Processor : AMD DUAL CORE X2 6000+
- RAM : 2 x 2gb DDR2
- Graphic card : SAPPHIRE ATI Radeon X1950 Pro
- Hard drive : SEAGATE  Barracuda 80Gb (note : i have two external hard drives where i stock documents)
- Screen : Samsung Syncmaster 206BW

Thanks :)

In this topic, IceKin points out Pane Killer, which basically looks like a flyout Start Menu. As i have recently bought a mouse with multiple buttons, i'd like to use one to quickly display a small start menu at mouse cursor position. However, i have two problems with Pane Killer :
- it's ugly
- it's not freeware
Not being freeware is not a problem, but i'm pretty sure there are similar freeware applications out there.

I tried MenuApp, but weirdly it randomly crashes on my computer.

Any help will be appreciated :)

Finished Programs / SubDude, a subtitle renaming program
« on: August 17, 2007, 06:00 PM »
Here's a little program i made for myself to automatically rename subtitles files to match video files because i was tired of doing it by hand. I guess this program will not be very useful to english-speaking people but it might be to the others.

Here's the situation : you have a folder containing a few episodes or a whole season of a (100% free to download :-[) tv show. You download subtitles files for it and you realize the names of the of the video files and the names of the subtitles files don't match (ie Serie.s01e12.avi & If you want your media player to automatically load subtitles, you have to rename every subtitles files by hand.

Now, here's SubDude !

Just give SubDude a folder (by using the gui, context-menu or 'Send to') and he will check every video file and look for a corresponding subtitle, and rename it. If you don't trust SubDude, you can tell him to generate an "UnDude" file so you can revert changes in case things were done the wrong way.

Known restrictions :
  • SongDude assumes all files are from the same season and doesn't check this. Maybe i'll add this in a future version
  • If two subtitles files are matching, they will be renamed consecutively so one of them will be crushed (and this won't be undoable)
Any feedback or bug report will be appreciated :)


The ahk source is available here but i'm afraid it's very messy and undocumented.

I'm actually using XnView as an image viewer and it has every feature i want (even more). The only problem is that it doesn't support CMYK images (like every image viewer i tested so far). It's a shame because i work on CMYK images every day.

So my question is : do you know a good (freeware) image viewer which displays correctly CMYK images ?

Thanks :)

This is a small ahk script i made for myself because i was looking for a way to easily access my latest downloads. Today i thought that maybe it could be useful to other people so i made little modifications and improvements and here it is.

* fileDraft.exe (292.56 kB - downloaded 1844 times.)

Here's how fileDraft works : put fileDraft.exe anywhere and create a shortcut to this exe with two parameters. First one is the folder you want to browse, second one is the number of files you want to display.

Example :
  • c:\fileDraft\fileDraft.exe "c:\downloads" 10 will display a menu showing the 10 most recent files in c:\downloads

FileDraft accepts a few keywords :
- <desktop> : desktop folder
- <user> : your "user folder" (i.e c:\documents and settings\username)
- <mydocs> : "My documents" folder
- <windir> : Windows folder

Examples :
  • c:\fileDraft\fileDraft.exe "<mydocs>\Torrent Downloads" 5 will display a menu showing the 5 most recent files in the "My Documents\Torrent Downloads"
  • c:\fileDraft\fileDraft.exe "<desktop>" 20 will display a menu showing the 20 most recent files on your desktop

The best way to use fileDraft is to place the shortcut on a toolbar or in the quicklaunch bar.

I hope someone will find it useful :)

Find And Run Robot / FARR newbie - need help for alias creation
« on: June 21, 2007, 05:47 AM »
I've been using FARR for quite some time now, but only in a very basic way (no customization etc). Now i'd like to create an alias but i have no idea how to do it.

The idea would be to have an alias (like "dl") who displays the 9 most recent files in my download folder.

How can i do this ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, i use FreeCommander all the time and one feature i love about it is that you can go to parent folder by double-clicking whitespace (it even highlights the parent folder which is great). I use this feature so much that i always find myself trying to use it accidentally in every other software (i.e. when opening/saving in Photoshop).

I found a little software that enable this double-clicking thing in every explorer window (that means open/save windows too), but this program also does a lot of other things that i really don't care about and i don't like the idea of having my memory occupied for nothing (i use a laptop with low mem).

So if someone had the possibility and time to think about a program (or AHK script) of this kind, that would be really great.


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