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What It Is -

Stardock's Object Desktop is a subscription to all of Stardock's most popular software. You will find WindowBlinds, Fences, etc. included for one low price. You can read about it here:

How much It Costs -

Normally, Object Desktop costs $49.99 annually. Through this offer it only costs $19.99.

How To Get It -

When checking out just use coupon code OD2016-60.

When Does The Offer Expire -

The offer expires on July 20, 2016.

Things To Keep In Mind -

1. This is a subscription. You will lose access to your account and the software installers 365 days from date of subscription activation unless you renew.

2. Downloading and archiving the software installers is permitted. After your subscription expires one may still install the products one has downloaded and use them forever. One will just not have access to program updates.

3. Again, the offer expires on July 20, 2016.

4. Finally, for current subscribers, you *can* take advantage of this offer and it will extend your current subscription by 365 days. This will save one $10.00 off the normal renewal rate.

The newest Insider Build, build 10547, is now showing 'suggestions' on the Start Menu for some users. Fortunately there's a way to turn them off (so far).


Pale Moon is one of the most popular alternative browsers available. Having access to Firefox extensions, Firefox compatibility, and a pre-Australis interface without telemetry being transmitted in the background are just some of the reasons why people have chosen to use Pale Moon. However, what a lot of people don't know is everything is about to change. A lot.

Pale Moon has been enjoying a golden age of development having been based on the Firefox 24 ESR release. Maintaining Firefox compatibility & having the benefit of leading security experts examining the Firefox source code for vulnerabilities has given the Pale Moon team a leg up in staying current with features, security, and performance.

However, Mozilla has ended support for the 24 ESR branch of the Firefox code and it has been deprecated. There will be no more work done on it by the Firefox team nor will independent security experts be examining its code. It has been left to wither in the field. All further development and security evaluations will fall solely upon the small Pale Moon team.

To further the divide between the Firefox and Pale Moon browsers, the Pale Moon team has decided to abandon the Gecko engine and develop their own, code-named Goanna. This holds numerous advantages for them moving forward. However, this is more code that they will solely be responsible for to ensure that no vulnerabilities crop up in the code.

Last, but certainly not least, is a change that may very well be a devastating blow for the browser. Mozilla has declared that extensions will no longer be supported by Firefox in the future and the browser will be moving to a model that exclusively supports Chrome add-ons.

This begs the question of what's the point of using a Firefox clone that is no longer a Firefox clone? Furthermore, what good is a Firefox clone that doesn't have active development of extensions to increase its functionality?

Also, in a similar vein, why use Firefox over Chrome?

Windows 10 is rolling out to everyone in waves & people are mostly reporting successful, happy upgrade experiences. I was one of those people...well, I was after I surmounted my unhappiness about my Windows 10 upgrade not triggering in a timely manner, but a quick download of the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool cured that.

Windows 10 ran great (other than a few small quirks)when it installed over the top of my Windows 8.1 Pro installation and I was pleased. Well, I was pleased until the next time I fired up Directory Opus. I like to keep a clean C drive. It's where I have my OS and apps installed so I like to keep a clean, organized directory structure. My other drives can get a little chaotic and free-form in their organization, but C is run like a tight ship.

What I witnessed, friends, was pure unadulterated carnage. There were new directories and files (hidden and not) strewn randomly about for as far as the file manager could see. Some of it was probably for Windows 10's new reset/restore feature...maybe. Other pieces were probably left-overs from the upgrade and yet another segment was most assuredly those files from my old OS waiting patiently in case I ever hit that "Oh no! Take me back!" button in the Control Panel in the next 30 days.

In horror I resolved right then to do a clean install so I could reign in the creeping crud. We could mark this moment in the process in many different ways. Tactical error...emotional reaction to a logical problem...and the time-honored, "Well, that was your first mistake".

The ability of Windows 10 to succesfully upgrade the myriad of different machine configurations that exist is a true testament to the Windows Insider Preview program. Microsoft made testers upgrade in place every release in order to bang out any bugs that were in place. Their plan worked.

However, past beta programs had a couple release cycles when there was a mandated clean install of the new beta release in order to make sure the OS would configure itself correctly when it encountered a blank canvas. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, Microsoft didn't have any mandated clean installs during the Windows 10 testing period and it showed.

On to our story...prepping for the reinstall was easy. As I keep only the OS and app installs on C with everything else on other drives I could jump right into the install process. Fortunately, I was smart enough when I used the Media Creation Tool to choose to download an ISO rather than the "Upgrade Me Now" option or I would have had to download Windows 10 again. Rufus did a bang-up job of converting that ISO into a bootable USB drive and I was off to the races.

The beginning of the process was very easy...Windows 10 installed on my freshly formatted SSD drive faster than any other Microsoft OS I have seen in recent memory. Just hitting skip each time in the install process when it asked for a serial key was what I read was advised and that got me through the installation. I was asked to use Microsoft login for my user ID, but I wasn't nagged and easily was able to choose to use a local sign-on. I hit the desktop and immediately checked activation status. Windows 10 was already activated.

This was going to be easy. And this is where we will put a little push-pin into the road map marking my second mistake.

I then immediately set to installing all my drivers for all my hardware. My Realtek on-board sound, my AMD graphics card drivers, and my Logitech keyboard, mouse, and touchpad drivers all installed correctly and I did a reboot as Realtek has this weird install process where it insists on installing any drivers that might be installed (even if they are stock OS drivers), reboot and then finally install the new drivers.

I got the little spinning thing for "Windows is installing updates" and it throws an error. After Realtek does its thing, I check Windows Update and it seems it tried to download its own AMD and Logitech drivers and didn't like that I had beat it to the punch. Bah...but harmless.

I then try to install updated drivers for my Intel NIC. Inte's web site says their drivers are ready for Windows 10, but it nor the "Automatic driver identifer/updater" app will recognize the Intel NIC in my PC. Wonderful. Fortunately, the driver MS provides is full-featured so I'm not missing much there.

On to the printer...Epson's wonderfully archaic software, which they insist is Widnows 10-ready *but* was released in 2013, will not detect my Wi-Fi printer for anything. I tried numerous things, Googling, and no dice. When I went back to Epson's web site not even 15 minutes later, I received a message stating their web site was down for maintenance. Was the Universe trying to tell me something?

Oh, and during troubleshooting my printer issue I discovered that Windows detected and configured my desktop PC with a wired ethernet connection as being on a public network! Oh, bloody hell....and if you think that there is a setting somewhere within Windows where someone could toggle between private and public networks then you can go take a seat on the left side of the room with all the sane people. Unfortunately, all of the Microsoft employees will be sitting on the other side of the room because no such function exists.

Luckily, a quick internet search enlightened me as to a bit in the registry I needed to flip in order to fix that. Not so luckily, I thought that might have been the problem with the printer so I went through all the troubleshooting steps again needlessly because that did not fix the problem.

Remember when I said I like to keep a clean C drive? That means I move all the locations like Desktop, Videos, Downloads, Music, etc. out of the user directory and over to my D drive. It's really easy. Just go into the folder properties of each of those special folders and use the Location tab and you can move the folder's location to anywhere your heart desires.

But...there's a bug regarding the Desktop folder! OMG! Don't do this! If you move the desktop folder then Explorer insists that the folder doesn't exist & cannot be found. It's an easy fix in the registry...but the info is very hard to find on the internet! I should have gotten a clue when, in my upgraded install, though the Desktop showed the contents of my D drive's Desktop folder, any attempts to access the Desktop folder or save something to it would result in Windows accessing the folder on the C drive.

What else....oh, I was optimizing my hard drives with the new PerfectDisk 14 Pro and tried to download something from the internet and got a blue screen "SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION (NETIO.SYS)" error. It's only happened once and I haven't been able to reproduce it, but I'm very wary. Internet searches will tell you it could be anything from your motherboard to your hard drive or even your NIC...there may even be evidence it's because you weren't loved enough as a child. It's a very vague error...

There's probably been more trauma that I'm forgetting as I've most likely blacked it out of my short-term memory, but I thought I would post this as a separate thread outside of the Windows 10 mega-thred so nobody missed it. Clean installing a Microsoft OS is usually accompanied with the feeling of having a fresh, clean, trouble-free slate that has a solid foundation upon which to build. That's not the case here. It's not a bug-ridden mess, but there are enough irksome quirks that you might want to ponder carefully if that's the path you wish to least until MS publishes some updates.

Follow the link below to save 40% off of a lifetime premium license for Sticky Password.

Normally $49.99...price with discount is $29.99.

Product Information

Buy It Now

(Good news for Pale Moon users. The 32-bit version of Pale Moon is now supported by Sticky Password.)

If you bought a license for Sticky Password prior to December 8, 2014 (Free licenses given away at GiveAwayoftheDay, BitsDuJour, etc. do not count, unfortunately.). Just keep your current version installed & download and install the latest version of their software from their website.

The next time you are online your license will be upgraded to lifetime and you'll receive 3 one-year premium licenses emailed to you for family and friends.

(Good news for Pale Moon users. The 32-bit version of Pale Moon is now supported by Sticky Password.)

Guess the GPSoft guys didn't want people who already own v11 to feel left out. Found this in my email today:

It's the Great GP Software Holiday Licence and Optional Features Sale!

From now until January 1st, 2015, you can add extra install licences or optional features like USB Export or Advanced FTP for half the normal price.

For example,

* Single licence to Dual, was AUD $40, now AUD $20 (approximately $19 USD)
* Dual licence to Five, was AUD $120, now AUD $60 (approximately $52 USD)
* USB export licence, was AUD $10, now AUD $5

(Please note, all transactions incur an additional $1.95 processing fee)

To take advantage of this offer, login to the My Account <> page on the GP Software website with your email address and Opus registration code.

* To add extra licences, click the Add Licences link, and use coupon code HLDYLIC50
* To add Advanced FTP, click the Add FTP link, and use coupon code HLDYFTP50
* To add USB export, click the Add USB Licences link, and use coupon code HLDYUSB50

We hope you continue to enjoy Directory Opus 11!

Expires 1-1-2015 (Untested as I am already a DOpus v11 user)

Copy-and-pasted as found on the web:

GPSOFT are currently DOUBLING their normal upgrade discount, but you MUST upgrade before Jan 1st, 2015.

Discount code to use is HOLIDAY50

It's the Great GP Software Holiday Upgrade Sale!

From now until January 1st, 2015, you can upgrade to the latest version of Directory Opus 11 for double the normal upgrade discount - that's up to 70% off the regular price!

Use the coupon code HOLIDAY50 on the Directory Opus Upgrades page to upgrade now from just:

$26 AUD (approximately $23 USD) for Opus 10 single install, and
$31 AUD (approximately $27 USD) for Opus 9 single install.
----------------------------end quote----------------------------------------------------

And if that was not enough of a good deal, it gets better, as you can:
- ADD licenses at the same "HOLIDAY50" discount
- any EXTRAS you bought in the past carry over to the new version, "At No Extra Charge"

Choose between Bitdefender's AntiVirus Plus, Internet Security, and Total Security software packages.

$29 will get you protection for 3 PCs for 1 year.

Check out the sale here.

General Software Discussion / Directory Opus 11 Released!
« on: March 03, 2014, 07:05 PM »
Directory Opus 11 is finally out of beta!

The following is from the Directory Opus blog:

Upgrades and licensing:

    Buy a new license (new customers)
    Upgrade an existing license (existing customers)
    Get a free 60-day evaluation license (available to everyone to test-drive the new version)

    Registered Directory Opus 10 users can upgrade from as little as $50 AUD (~$45 USD, £27, €33).
    If you bought Opus after 1st December 2013 then the update is completely free!
    Users of older versions still qualify for discounted upgrades - visit the Upgrade page for a personalised quotation.
    An extra discount will be given to Opus 10 users who were part of the public beta testing program - thank you all for your participation!

Just some of the highlights of Directory Opus 11 are:

    The new scripting interface allows custom commands and scripts written in VBScript, JScript, etc to infinitely extend Opus
    Toolbars can be saved in layouts and styles - different Listers can now use different toolbars
    Toolbars can turn on or off automatically in specific folders or view modes
    Enhanced hotkeys allow for multi-key sequences and multiple different keys for the same function
    Dynamic toolbar button icons and highlighting allow you more control over your toolbar appearance
    The new File Display Toolbar replaces the main Location toolbar, saving vertical space in the Lister
    The new Jobs Bar lets you see and manage all file operations from one central location
    Hide progress indicators by default, and remove them from the taskbar and Alt+Tab list to avoid interruptions to your workflow
    New Details + Thumbnails mode combines the best of both modes
    New "ghost" crumbs in the Breadcrumbs location field let you see where you have been as well as where you are now
    Dual status bars let you see file and selection statistics for both file displays at once
    Improvements to the Find-as-you-type field include search highlighting and command history
    New options for the Folder Tree including root-level spacing and Favorites branch at the top of the tree as in Explorer
    Integrated support for Windows 8.1 SkyDrive (OneDrive)
    Much, much more!

For a detailed list of changes, please see the What's New page.

Surprised no one had posted this one already...

For a limited time the authors of Sticky Password are teaming up with Softpedia to bring you the latest version of Sticky Password for $19.99, a savings of 33% off the regular price of $29.99. (And these guys usually never run sales!)

Get the deal here:

Found Deals and Discounts / PerfectDisk Free Edition
« on: March 31, 2012, 02:59 PM »
For a limited time (how limited, I do not know), Raxco is offering a feature-reduced version of its defragger PerfectDisk at no cost. While the program requires an email address to run Major Geeks reports they were able to enter a fake email address with no complaints from the program. Check out the program details here:

Arcsoft is offering some (all?) of their software at a discount up to 50% through a promotion in conjunction with Softpedia:

TotalMedia Theatre 5:
was $99.99 - now $49.99

Panorama Maker 6:
was $79.99 - now $55.95

PhotoStudio 6
was $79.99 - now $55.95

MediaConverter 7.5
was $39.99 - now $23.95


No word on how long the promotion is scheduled to last.

Found Deals and Discounts / Daemon Tools - Spring Sale
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:23 PM »
Daemon Tools is one of the best virtual disc emulators available today supporting the most disc image formats of any program in its class. It's also one of the few (if not only?) virtual disc emulator that will let you create, edit, and burn any image format it supports. Unfortunately, with great power comes a high price.

This is true no least temporarily with the Daemon Tools Spring Sale:

Daemon Tools Pro Advanced - was €54.90 - now €24.90

Daemon Tools Pro Standard - was €36.90 - now €16.90

Daemon Tools Lite - was €22.90 - now €10.90
(Note: Daemon Tools Lite is free for personal use. Purchase of a license required only for non-personal use.)

These are lifetime licenses. Prices are for one computer, but you can piggyback more PCs/instances onto your license for €8 each at the time of initial sale or later from your account. Seems reasonable to me.

IMHO, that puts even their flagship product almost square into no-brainer territory (approx US$33-34). For that price you could buy a commercial virtual disc mounting program (Virtual CD US$29.95) *or* a disc image editor/creator (PowerISO US$29.95), but even if you bought both you wouldn't have access to everything Daemon Tools Pro Advanced can do & neither support nearly as many disc image formats, either.

This is another one of those programs I said I'd buy if they ever adopted sane pricing. Given my usage patterns with disc images this was a deal I couldn't refuse.

Hope someone else finds this useful!

BitsDuJour is soon going to have an offer for Agnitum's Outpost Firewall. For your $29.97 you'll get a lifetime license for 3 PCs.

If you've been thinking about beefing up your security or just want to try something new then this warrants your attention. Agnitum's firewall consistently ranks among the highest in reviews & tests.

I know a lot of people here are a little worried when it comes to lifetime licenses & having the rug pulled out from under them, but I can assure you that Agnitum is trustworthy in this regard. I've owned a lifetime license for their security suite since early January, 2009 & I have never had a problem with my license in upgrading to the latest & greatest versions.

I see the last time we had a meaningful discussion about desktop search programs was, well...a billion years ago.

I'm looking for one because I'm tired of doing long non-indexed searches all the time when I'm looking for something. Unfortunately, I'm one of those who Windows Search and Everything isn't going to work for because I've got the majority of my files on a NAS. Everything doesn't work with NASes and Windows Search....Microsoft says if you want to index networked content to use the Work Offline feature. Only problem with that is "Work Offline" is synonymous with "copy those files to my hard drive". Ummm....I don't want to copy 3 TB of data to my PC. That's why they are sitting in a NAS. Thank you very much, Microsoft.

I'm trialing Copernic right seems to do the job, but there are the signs of a memory leak afoot. I was going to growl about the pricing...$50 seems like a lot of money...till I saw X1 Desktop Search. It's $50 & if you want upgrades there's a $20 charge on top of that.

So does anyone know of any other desktop search programs than can index network shares that won't cost an arm and a leg? A modern interface that shows file previews & doesn't look like it was programmed for Windows For Workgroups would be a major plus.

Maybe I should just rip the drives out of the NAS and put them in my PC? I'd be giving up a lot of functionality, though....and then there are all the reports that people say Everything and Windows Desktop Search don't show them all their files.

I nearly wrote the subject line as "were they ever really needed" as I've just been yanking my USB devices out of my computer after I'm sure all device activity has stopped & I've never ejected a device yet I've never lost any data from doing so, but for the sake of this topic I will recognize that in some situations some devices may not behave as they ideally should.

BitsDuJour had USB Safely Remove on sale for 40% off yesterday so I thought I would check it out. Holy crap...I missed the memo where the licensing terms had changed and now if you want a lifetime license it will cost you significantly more. I thought it was a hard sell before at $20 for a lifetime license. Now Crystal Rich has decided to follow Slysoft's licensing model of jacking up the prices and just run perpetual sales. Meh, whatever works for your business I guess...

But Zentimo....for the price premium he is charging over USB Safely Remove he best be throwing in some 'kitchen sink' features soon as what's currently added over USR just isn't worth the extra coin.

But anyway, back to the original question...are they needed anymore? Does even Windows 7's handling of USB devices give you the heebee jeebees? Do your external USB drives implode like shrapnel across your workspace if Crystal Rich's watchful eye isn't looking down over you to protect the structural integrity of your external drive cases?

Lots of people here seem to love it/them so show/tell me what I'm missing in my evaluation so I can love it/them, too. :)

Found Deals and Discounts / PowerArchiver today on BitsDuJour
« on: February 09, 2012, 09:47 AM »
One of the best archiving programs on the planet is available at BitsDuJour today at a steep discount. You have your choice of English-only and International versions. The International version has over 20+ translations translating both the program itself *and* the  help files.

They offer a true lifetime updates program (waves to Curt). When new versions are released you will be entitled to them free of charge. I've been using PowerArchiver since 2005 and nothing has been able to surpass it in my eyes.

Well, I haven't figured out the 'for profit' part yet, but in the grand scheme of things I don't feel too bad about that because I haven't really figured out the 'for fun' part yet, either. :)

I finally jumped on the Directory Opus bandwagon via the deal I posted in the Deals & Discounts sub-forum (plenty of views, but no replies. Maybe everyone here who has ever been remotely tempted to buy it already owns it? Maybe people are afraid to play the exchange rate game?) partly because the DOpus authors have finally caved on their long-time insistence that they'd never write archive plugins for either RAR and ZIP (and let's face it, their support for RAR in the past has been very weak and very much and after-thought) & because of a rising trend in the Total Commander community that tells me its users are very much stuck in the past and very much want to remain there.

So, with an open mind (and wallet) I'm hitching my wagon to DOpus's star for a bit to see how the other half lives. I do know there are a lot of DOpus users on the forums here & I thought it might be a nice for there to be a place where everyone can share their tips & tricks. While people can post their complete configurations if they'd like, I was thinking more along the lines of little gems of knowledge where when you configured that button or menu there was an, "Omigawd, why didn't I think of doing something like this ages ago! Things just got a lot easier!"

I'm slowly working my way through the ginormous resource that is the DOPus Resource Centre and will eventually get through it all. I'd just like to hear everyone's must-have tweaks that might inspire the rest of us.

Found Deals and Discounts / Directory Opus v10 discount found...
« on: December 25, 2011, 11:45 AM »
NOTE: This is an exceptional deal if you are also interested in purchasing the USB & SFTP add-ons and its awesomeness may depend on where you are physically located in the world. If you only want one, or neither add-on, (or in an unfortunate geographical location) you'll have to decide if this deal is right for you.

Haage & Partner, the official German distributor of Directory Opus, is currently running a sale through December 31st on Directory Opus. They normally sell the 1-user license for 69.95 Euros and include the SFTB & USB add-ons at no additional charge. Through December 31st, however, they are knocking ten Euros off that price for a total of 59.95 Euros VAT included. Live in a country that doesn't have to pay VAT (like me) and your check-out price gets knocked down to 50.38 Euros. At the current exchange rate, that worked out to be less for me than that BitsDuJour 40% off deal awhile back (because the add-ons weren't eligible for the discount).

The (mostly) translated Haage&Partner DOpus sale page:

The order page itself (which lets you choose your language from a pulldown at the top):

GPSoft has already stated that there won't be another discount on DOpus of the magnitude that the BitsDuJour sale brought to the table for at least 18 months so if you were waiting for a sale to jump on the DOpus train, don't wait too long to jump. The train is leaving the station shortly. :)

I know I've seen one in the past that does what I'm wanting, but I can't remember which program fulfilled this need so I'll post this here in hopes the collective hive mind can come to my rescue.

I have both FLAC & MP3 files so the program will have to handle both. I want the program to be able to go out onto the internet & collect all relevant info for tagging. Easy so far, but here's the criteria that will cause most to fall by the wayside: Nearly all programs will download album art for the music file...for the front cover. Does there exit a tagger that will download all of the additional album art as well such as the back cover, auxillary album art like included booklets, etc?

I remember testing a humongous amount of taggers about 6 months ago & ran across one that would do it, but I cannot for the life of me remember which program will do this. Anyone have any clues?

Found Deals and Discounts / Agnitum 50% Off Sale
« on: June 27, 2010, 04:28 PM »
Don't know if anyone has been considering any of Agnitum's products lately & are on the fence, but while checking out their site today ( I see they are having a sale:

Outpost Pro Antivirus - $14.97 reg. $29.95

Outpost Pro Firewall - $19.97 reg. $39.95

Outpost Pro Security Suite - $24.97 reg. $49.95

All seem to be 1 year / 3 user licenses.

Living Room / Let the Raptor show *you* how to be a man....
« on: April 06, 2010, 09:31 AM »
...while learning Windows 3.1!  ;D


Excerpt from the page:

"Glen not only taught me how to use Windows 3.1, but also how to be a man."

I'd really like to get my hands on one of those i7 920 or 930 processors that MicroCenter has on sale right now at ridiculous prices, but alas there's no location near me.

Is there any long-time, respected member willing to arrange with me to purchase & ship me one on my behalf? Method of payment is flexible.


Found this in my email this morning. Normal price is $49.95, but through this link you can buy it for $34.95:


I'd love to hear thoughts on anyone who owns this or buys it through this promotion.

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