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Drag&Drop Robot / Thread errors under Win98SE
« on: August 16, 2009, 01:31 AM »
I downloaded Drag & Drop Robot because I wanted a way to easily batch process Par2 files. In fact, that's how I stumbled across it, by searching for a way to process multiple Par2 files (I don't visit here that often and don't remember all the programs offered).

Anyway, it said it still supports Win9x, so I downloaded and installed it. I used the following command line;

C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\par2.exe v -q %a

If I have the shell window set to normal or minimized, it processes the first file and then just sits there. I have to close the DOS window manually, at which point, another immediately opens to process the second file, while D&DR pops up the message;

Thread Error: The specified path is invalid (161)

After that, it doesn't proceed any farther.

If I set the window to Redirected, the output of the first file goes into the output window as expected, and when it finishes, D&DR reports;

Thread Error: the handle is invalid (6)

It processes the second file and then stops.

At that point, it won't do anything else, except print confirmation messages when you click the Interrupt button. You can't start the queue again. If I close and re-run the program it works again, but the exact same thing happens.

I'm using the official Par2 Command Line EXE.

Am I doing something wrong?

UrlSnooper / Net Transport: Error writing to file???
« on: January 04, 2007, 05:51 PM »
I know this forum is for URL Snooper, but people use it to find URLs then download them, sometimes with Net Transport, so I thought I'd ask here.

I recently switched from dialup to DSL. Net Transport used to work great for me. Now, every time I try to download a streaming video (I've only tried RTSP ones so far, can't find an MMS one to try) Net Transport reports "Error when Writing to file(Please check your hard drive for problems)". This error pops up every time it re-connects to the server. However, it only does it with streaming URLs. I fed it a normal HTTP file URL and it downloaded it without a single complaint. Also, I have been downloading tons of files, usually in Rar format and so far, no other program has complained of problems writing to a file. I've checked all my downloads and they're all good. Finally, I've freed up a lot of space on my drive, so the area that it was writing to a week ago isn't the same area it would have been writing to yesterday. If it was a drive problem, it should be intermittent, not happening every single time.

I had 1.92 installed, but I also tried 1.87 and 1.93 and they had the same problem. Give it an RTSP URL and it complains endlessly of problems writing to the file. Give it an HTTP URL and there's not a peep out of it.

Can anyone suggest a setting somewhere that needs to be changed? Or at least a reason why this is happening?

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