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DC Gamer Club / Gems of War (match-3 v2.0++)
« on: December 22, 2016, 09:48 AM »
Let me start by saying: I am not really a gamer kind of guy. Meh, I might done some Warcraft II ages ago and Duke Nukem 3D. But the main reason for that was probably that there wasn't much else out there yet on the internet. I remember instead of playing Duke3d I soon started experimenting with the Build-engine and end up building a descent looking level myself (sadly data got lost somewhere along the way). But that's not what this topic's about.

I'd like to point out one game that even got me- the non gamer- addicted; Gems of War.!
It's basicly a match-3 game like the more known bejeweled series. But, the game developers added an interesting set of gaming experience. They combined the match-3 genre with battle-elements and even build a comprehensive RPG-styled part around it, making it the most original strategical experience I've seen so far (within the puzzle genre though).

You play by making moves trying to combine as much gems of the same kind like you do in Bejeweled. Only, this time the computer is a active component. You play on turns. Combine 4 gems or more and you get an extra turn. Both computer and player play with 4 troops (here the magic-the-gathering card collecting comes in..). Every troop has special skills and before you know it there's some epic jewel battling going on- and I must warn you, this works extremely addctive. Extra team elements like Guilds you join to battle amongst others enlarge the whole experience even more.

The game is free to play, you can download it from the Steam Library. But in game you can spend real money to extend your playing experience on various ways. However, it isn't needed to experience the game in full effect. It does become very tempting and yes, even the non-gamer actually has spend real life money over time. Looking at this from a game developers perspective, the model of earning money this way is extremely smart. Because, I would have never spend the ammount of money on buying a game, than the ammount I've spend on it in total over the year. I am not telling how much because I simply don't want to confront myself with the up to date totals...  :D


But they earn some credit. Really. The community part is also great, developers listen to their players ...

Interested in seeing this for yourself? Here's a small preview/teaser. All the links for more information and where to find the game are included below.


This idea is brainstorming the quantum computer- 'also known as the inside of my head' -for some time now.
I'll try to make this as briefly as possible: It all starts with my music collection. I have a pretty big MP3-releases
task which generates around 10gb (or more) of new albums and/or ep's, monthly! Because I try to check all of
them out (I know, that blows my mind everytime I realize it) there isn't always enough time to do some descent
sorting: and not enough time often means less overview and more getting lost.

I have been lost on several ways my life... * bla bla bla * (off-topic situation has been blocked by blaat.vbs)

We are getting closer at the actual 'issue:' best of/favorite tracks. While checking all of these tracks out often
I hear some sounds that deserve the awesomeness rating. Tracks I really diggg. One solution for that is by using
a simple but great Winamp plugin. Actually, two plugins. The one I use most is 'Send-To' plugin: basicly you point
a folder on your computer where you would like to store favorite tracks. After that all that it takes is clicking the
right mouse button on a track of choice directly from within the Winamp Playlist. And BOOOM. It's done.


The second plugin is 'Yar-matey! Playlist Copier.' It also adds a context menu item- but this one appears in the
main menu context (the older versions < v1.07).


Another option: LastFM. Anyway, for me it once added nice functionality. But since they changed to the newstyled version of the
service, they basicly killed it. They really pissed me off (and many others) on removing the build in export functions. Those where
a big part of the reason I was using the audioscrobbler in the first place. I still use the scrobbler these days, but more as an extra
until the day that something else pops up...

** but ain't no popping much for long long time
                                              in a galaxy far far away... **

 ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .  ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ . ...somewhere   ° ☾ °  ¸. ● ¸ .  ★ ° :.  .

After years, suddenly... POPPPPP!  :Thmbsup:
And here is where you guys blend in, hopefully. Just imagine with me...
What if you can right click any mp3 file in Windows Explorer and there was a context menu item that makes it possible to mark/tag
a track as favorite? What if that mark is not only placed inside the id3 (or elsewhere).. but what if it also makes the file.mp3 in
explorer more visual. Like a user given change of color in text or text background- like an actual marker? To give you an better idea
I made a screenshot of a folder an edited it with paint. So I faked it, but you get the picture!


This would be the most basic concept. If it is possible to code into something, that might turn out to be pretty damn cool. From
there I have a bunch of other idea's- but I'll save them for now until the party started. Just wonder what your opion(s) are on this
subject. Thank you for your time so far, hope something good will evolve from it ..


Post New Requests Here / Radio3 -micro link blogging
« on: December 29, 2015, 07:36 PM »
"Radio3 is a cross-platform linkblogging tool. Your links go to Facebook, Twitter and a new feature-full RSS feed that will make it possible to build new innovative networks on the open web web."

I am always looking for new free/opensource. As long that things don't get to technical and complicated I srart experienrting and with Radio3 ir was love at first sight. I have tried almost every thinkable bookmark ing solution but never felt good enough to go through wth it. Radio3 isnt an windows proram, if runs like a real webapplication and users your dropboc account to store someo of the data iyou put into it. What it does icreating a microblog of URLs you 'stunble upon' that are good enlouygh to ssave (or share). Radio3 gives u an bookmarkled. When you want internert adress saved you push the button, adjust the name/url (optional, second screenshot below) en hit enter. Over time.. it generates something  like this:

2015-12-30 02_34_26-myLinklog.opml.png

2015-12-30 02_35_08-Radio3.png

There are a lot more options, you can aso add a regular blogging tab e.t.. But that's not what reAll;y bothers me. It sworks good as an webapp, productively sppeaking. But Ithink it would bd more cool if the data goes to an desktop environment instead (or also). The other thing ius that it has a few flaws which I cant seem to figure olut. The linkblog page seems to stop at an maxiimum ammount of links because I started much earlier. Jiust a few months back i noticedf tthe arhive stopped around the end of aseptember. And now I cant scroll further down than halfway october. I findt cinfsuing at thaat point because I have to start looking on my dropbox (hoping the data beflore is saved). It doesnt wfeel rght or work oprobably when you start don that. You easily mess things jup more causw the synchronie module isnt always visible at a glance, for me though.

It would be awesome if it could be made a bit mre simple and yet powerful. There's a lot that  can be done to make it even more interesting. Now its a good tool to microblog your findings. But as an bookmarkmanager  you can't seafrch or brrowse it as easy because all the input is in a non-alphabticv bbut on date sorted list.What if we add an extra option (tags maybe?) that keep tbe list as a serachable aRCHIVE. No idea if thatsx possible, butt cab come in handy right? It also tweets every new url-entry to my foollowers o0n Twioter. Reallty happy with that option too.

It's a bit like Anuran, first time I succeded with keepin some kind of diarylog for longer than 6 mionts. From a poductivity kind of view I think these tools are much more effective for most people. I hope the basic thought is un derstandable. And if it got you enthousiastic as wll than great  :D

ps. On dropbox I think the actual data is saved in .opml format. But when I open such file with notepad it seems to ontain miuch less text.

Post New Requests Here / Batch-edit images (remove frames)
« on: November 26, 2015, 10:45 PM »

Please forgive me if this been asked before (site is so big!). I am looking for a batch-editor for images. Images that have borders/frames on one part of the picture (below/above) and/or pictures that got frames on all 4 sides. The option to cut out/remove that kind of stuff would be really helpfull- instead of removing them one by one. Want to edit an directory with 1000+ images this way so one by one isnt really an option. And I'm convinced there is a smart trick to do so somewhere on this site or amongst the members..  :D

I've added an example picture- imagine all the photo's in my directory have the same white border. Think you understand what I mean now  :)


Thank you!

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