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I was thinking of posting this in the AutoHotkey but there is nothing specific to AutoHotkey about this.  I'm not much for using the mouse if I can avoid it. I always find that what I use the most in a browser is back, forward and close active tab or the browser. When browsing you rarely if ever need the `, Esc and F1 keys. What I have done is assigned ` to do an alt-LeftArrow, Esc to do a crtl-w and F1 to do an alt-RightArrow. Whats cool about using these keys is that it is a natural place to have your hand on a laptop and while browsing you can quickly accomplish most of what you do beyond clicking on links. I actually have AutoHotkey to be a little more sophisticated since if I am not in firefox I have ESC issue and alt-F4 with some exceptions. In firefox the crt-w will close the browser if it is the last open tab.

I highly recommend this setup. Once you get used to it it really cuts down on your use of the mouse and quickness with which you can move around in the browser. Using the firefox extension mouseless browsing is another great trick especially if you tie it to the capslock key but I'll through that tip into the favorite firefox extensions thread.


Find And Run Robot / Searching the control panels
« on: February 10, 2006, 05:47 AM »

Is there any way to set FAR up to search the control panels? Control panels don't live in a directory do they?

Find And Run Robot / More V2 feedback
« on: January 28, 2006, 07:37 AM »

I keep seeing lots of interesting suggestions for V2. I hope that V2 does not end up getting bloated. The main reason I prefer FAR to other launchers (approcket comes to mind) is its simplicity, speed and low resource overhead. An app like far I mainly want to use very quickly and just as quickly have it get out of the way. I do have some ideas but they mostly have to do with the mechanics of how it runs and not all that much with wanting new whiz bang features.


1. somehow precache stuff so that when I do a search it does not acutely go searching.

2. I don't like that as it searches it changes the order of found items. If 1 is what I want I don't want 1 to become 3 before I press the button. I cant think of a case where this happened but I do think it changes the list order as it finds new items?

3. Look at the UI of colibri of quicksilver for a nicer way of presenting choices.

Backup Guide / Ease Backup is another great alternative
« on: August 04, 2005, 04:50 PM »

I do several backups over FTP. A backup program I see get little mention is Ease Backups ( ). I have tried all the backups programs mentioned and I find Easy Backup to be by far the best if you intend to backup to an ftp site:


1. It can do patch backups which will reduce the size of the backup greatly especially if it involves large files that change little.

2. It can handle slow unreliable links. It just keeps trying. Anything that it cannot upload will get quede up for the next attempt.

3. It can handle having a time limit so that you can say backup from 10pm to 6am and if you cannot complete continue in the next session.

4. The log file it sends it not the most human readable but it has all the info you would need to figure out what happened. I have a script that parses it in pocomail to produce a simple report of what got backed up and what was skipped for lack of time or because it was in use.

5. It brings a driver to handle open files although the driver cannot overcome files that are locked because of network access.

6. It can handle unlimited version backups and because it uses patch backups as an option keeping those versions does not consume nearly as much space as a traditional "keep another copy" type backup

7. The UI is pretty good. Some of these backup solutions I find try to get too cute in the UI department.

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