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Living Room / Elvis Sighting
« on: December 12, 2011, 04:57 PM »

I use version control programs like Subversion and Mercurial for source code, but when it comes to large binary files, like graphics, I use File Hamster and I recommend it to anybody who works with binary files (CAD, 3D, Video, etc.). It will save your bacon.

Built by the Russians, it is off a bit in places in its English translations (i.e. a tank in flames is marked as "Inflammation"  :P ) but it is a fun Modern Warfare RTS. It has some nice touches like vehicles being able to button up. (And for an M113, for example, that means no commander's MG to fire.) The missions are tough and you will probably have to save and restart several times, but it is not aggravating, just tough. Well worth the $4.


My Google Fu is dull today and I can't seem to focus it down to finding what I want.

I'm using a DOS batch file to do some stuff and I want to call a command line tool that will take all my ASCII files and convert the EOLs from windows format to unix format (and vise versa).

There still is not a version of RED compatible with Vista or Windows 7. Does anybody have a recommendation for a similar program? I am not looking for Directory Opus, I am looking for a focus tools with a nice UI to locate and remove empty directories with options to allow me to find them and then choose which ones I want to delete.

General Software Discussion / YoYo Games / Softwrap Crappy License
« on: March 24, 2010, 08:07 AM »
And you can only install it on Tuesdays, when it is the month of December, and the wind is less than 3 mph, and you use a cassette tape to load the program after downloading it via a 300-baud acoustic coupled modem.



Please save this email and print a copy for safe-keeping as confirmation that you have purchased  Game_Maker for $ 25.00
Net sales price         $ 25.00

License holder: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Purchase Reference: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Purchase Date xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Having purchased this software title through Softwrap Limited you are free to use it on your PC only, however you may also transfer your license free of charge once to your laptop or any other machine. This can be done by re-installing the software title on your new machine, running it, selecting "Reinstall" and entering your License Holder name and Reference number details as provided above.

In the event you no longer have these details please email [email protected] with your full name, approximate date of purchase, first and last 4 digits of the 16 digit credit card number you used to effect the purchase as well as the name of the software title you are wishing to re-install.

For internet re-installations an internet connection will be required. For telephone re-installations please call one of the numbers listed in the contact section of the Softwrap website and a Softwrap agent will complete the process with you.

In the event that you require any assistance activating / licensing your software please contact the Softwrap support centre via email at [email protected]. If you have a technical problem with the title which does not involve licensing, please contact the author at [email protected]. More details are usually found within their application or on their website.

Kind Regards

Softwrap Limited

[email protected]

Living Room / When 40%-Off Your Total Purchase Becomes 0.3%-Off
« on: March 01, 2010, 02:57 PM »
Posted this on my personal blog today. I'm interested in your comments. Either here or on my blog.

When 40%-Off Your Total Purchase Becomes 0.3%-Off
Posted by Chaim in Uncategorized

I received a “Come Back. We Miss You.” discount coupon from a major technical book publisher. They said that I could get 40% off my total purchase. Great, I thought. They wanted to incent  me to buy some books (IOW spend some money with them) that I wouldn’t otherwise have done without the discount coupon. This would have worked, but didn’t.

As many programmers I have two list of books. One is the list of books I want/need. I purchase these books (yes, often with discounts) because I am willing to part with my cash for them. Then there is the second list of books; books that I might like to get, but aren’t will it part with money for because there are other things that would give me better value for my money. However, I can be persuaded to purchase the items on the second list if I get a deeper-than-normal discount. I thought I has received an offer of the latter type. Turns out I was wrong.

Here’s the deal. This publisher sells print and ebook versions of their titles. If you purchase both at the same time, you get a significant discount on the ebook. For example, $44.99 for print, $35.99 for ebook, or buy the $44.99 print version and for $4.50 more, you can get the ebook. Basically add 10% to get the ebook bundled. I put 4 print+ebook bundles in my shopping cart. That totaled $159.46. I expected to be able to use my 40% coupon and get that for $95.68. That’s a great price and would push me to purchase close to $100 worth of merchandise from this vendor that I wouldn’t have otherwise spent.

But that is not the case. Why? When I added the discount code they un-bundled the ebook from the print book. This meant that I got 40% off the non-bundled (i.e. $44.99 + $35.99) price instead of the bundled price ($49.49). This meant that instead of $95.68 my cost would be $158.95. Significantly higher and only 0.3% discount.

I didn’t make the purchase and they lost $95.68 that I was ready to give them.

Am I being greedy? I’d like to hear your thoughts?

General Software Discussion / Should I pay to go from 3.0 to 3.1?
« on: February 24, 2010, 05:42 PM »
Interested in your thoughts.


I don't remember which version I have. I don't remember when I purchased.

I will pay the $19.95 to get the new version.

That said...

I can only feel you yourself knows this isn't kosher.

1) If it is only an UPDATE from 3.0 to 3.1 (which is what a .1 increment is) than I should get it free if I own 3.x. Period. End of sentence. I paid for 3.x. It is mine.

2) If it is a significant investment in resource that you expended for things like cleaning up code, fixing bugs, or adding lots of (albiet necessary) code for small added functionality. That was an investment you made. Don't make me pay for it just to get a .1 increase in functionality.

3) If you made enough changes that it is worth an additional cost, then stand up and call it 4.0 and defend your choice to do so.

As it is now it seems you are too embarassed to call it 4.0 because you know it isn't worthy of that designation, but you did a lot of work and you want more money.

As a software developer myself, I don't care how much time/resources you expended to add funtionality. All I care about is the value to me, as the purchaser. If you hold back functionality in 3.1 and 3.2, etc. for version 4, so be it.

I am very busy, so I hope I have gotten my point across quickly. If you wish to discuss this more, I can write more later.

Either way, good product. Don't use it much, but that is the nature of my work. It is a good tool when I have a problem your tool addresses.


Quoting SweetScape Software <[email protected]>:

> Hello Chaim Krause
> SweetScape is pleased to announce the availability of version 3.1 of
> 010 Editor and we invite you to download it from the following link:
>     http://www.sweetscap...0EditorInstaller.exe
> Version 3.1 adds support for the UTF-8 character set, additional
> preprocessor directives (#define/#ifdef/#ifndef/etc), support
> for unicode strings in templates (wstring/wchar_t), the ability
> to run 010 Editor from the command line without a user interface
> (-noui), support for variable comments, support for arguments to
> structures, plus much more. The full list of changes is
> available on our website:
>     http://www.sweetscap...r/release_notes.html
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> If you purchased 010 Editor within the last year, you are
> eligible for a free upgrade to version 3.1, but if you purchased
> 010 Editor more than a year ago you will have to purchase an
> upgrade to use the new version. If you do require an upgrade,
> the new version can be used as a 30-day trial to see if you
> would like to upgrade.
> The easiest way to determine if you require an upgrade is to
> click 'Tools > Register' on the 010 Editor main menu.
> If using 010 Editor 3.0, you should see a line near the bottom
> that says 'Support/Maintenance (Free Upgrades) Expires:'. If
> the date listed there is before the official release date
> (February 16th, 2010), you will require an upgrade. Note that
> if you are eligible for a free upgrade, you do not have to
> obtain a new license and your old license will automatically
> work with the new version (yes, it is a smart license).
> To purchase an upgrade costs $39.95 for a commercial license or
> $19.95 for a home/academic license. Multi-user discounts are
> available and purchases can be made from our online store:
> Note that you can only have version 3.1 or 3.0 installed at the
> same time and you can install 3.1 directly over 3.0 (no need
> to uninstall the old version).
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Developer's Corner / Get 40% off The Pragmatic Bookshelf
« on: February 17, 2010, 08:58 PM »
YES. I benefit directly by this post. But it is a way for me to offer you 40% off your purchase at The Pragmatic Bookshelf, a great publisher for developers.

I already own several titles from them:

I can recommend them all.

They are now having a promotion. If you are not already a member of their website, I can send you an invite code. If you join you get 40% off your first purchase. AND YES, I too get a 40% coupon. (If there are others here on DC that have this offer too, let me know and we can spilt up the requests among us.)


I am looking to purchase:
And maybe also:

I am moving into a new home in about six months so I am starting to determine what I can get away with not moving. I have about 6-8 brand new never-been-opened C++ books. I decided to learn C++ once and for all about a year ago and bought the best I could find and then promptly decided that it wasn't worth my time.

So, I want to find them a good new home. I want them to be used by somebody who will wear out the bindings from use. And I would like your help in coming up with some ideas about how to best find them a home.

What ideas to you have?

General Software Discussion / Paragon Virtualization Manager 2010
« on: February 07, 2010, 11:34 AM »
I just learned about Paragon's Virtualization Manager 2010 Personal the other day. It looks like it could be useful. I would use it on Windows 7 to go between my Win7 on bare iron, my Sun VirtualBox VMs, and my Microsoft Virtual PC images. I don't have VMware Workstation, but it would be nice to be able to convert VMware images I get in the wild to VirtualBox images.

Anybody have any experience with this product?

Developer's Corner / Any Experience with Peep Code Screencasts?
« on: February 07, 2010, 10:04 AM »
I just learned about Peep Code Screencasts and was wondering if anybody has heard anything, good or bad, about them.

I have begun a (civil) conversation with Wrox's Jim Minatel, Associate Publisher as a comment stream on their site. Wrox has done "The Right Thing" and started to release their ebook titles DRM-Free. I applaud them for doing so, but mention that I think ebooks priced the same as dead tree editions is not good.

Since Wrox is a developer book publisher I felt readers of this section might be interested in adding their comments as Jim has said he will be posting about pricing in the next week.

I have suggested they follow the other publishers in this space and price their ebooks 30% less than dead tree editions.

Totally illegal...thanks

Chris Stickle
Enforcement Manager, Anti-Piracy
Adobe Systems Incorporated
601 Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
415.832.4166 fax
[email protected]

-----Original Message-----
From: Chaim Krause [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 8:20 AM
To: piracy
Subject: Is a legit reseller?

I am wondering if is a legit adobe
reseller? Can you please let me know as I would like to take advantage
of their deep discounts?

Thank you,

Original Post Below

I am wondering if anybody knows if this site is legit/legal. They offer "OEM Software" for download only.


About Us
Our Company, Authorised Software Reseller, is a fast-growing Corporation, which provides high quality software. Do you need integrated software solution for your convenience of use? Then, choosing our company is a right decision. A lot of completely satisfied customers had already benefited from our software. Thanks to our software, a lot of our customers have met their goals and expectations. The number of completely satisfied customers is growing rapidly day by day.

The Mission
Our mission is to provide professional software products and services to our clients and club, site, party members. These products will help our customers worldwide to have better design and solutions.

Our Team
Our team consists of the best developers, analysts and highly qualified programmers. Each of them has a very good experience from 3 to 10 years in this area. They are responsible and diligent, as well as highly interested in the success of the product they’ve created. We use the most modern and appropriate information technologies to transform our inventive ideas into the best solutions for our clients.

Just learned of this 15 minutes ago. Watched the video. Downloading now. I'll comment as I play with it.


I am mulling over how I want to handle my new setup.

So far I am thinking that I might try:

1) My internal HDD is for the operating system (currently going with Windows 7 Starter that came with it) and permanent system-level software like backup programs like my client, Jungle Disk, etc.

2) External USB thumbdrive for my portable applications. This way I can use them on any computer, even though they will primarily be used on my netbook.

3) (Internal) SDHC Flash for my data files synched real-time to online storage.

Has anybody tried this configuration? Can you think of any pros/cons for this configuration? I am very interested to hear your comments on this.

General Software Discussion / Pimping My Dell Inspiron Mini
« on: January 10, 2010, 12:23 PM »
I got a shiny new Dell Inspiron Mini 10 for Christmas from my girlfriend.

I knew it would be a time-sink the first day I opened the box, so I have waited until today to do so.


  • Intel®Atom®Processor Z530 (1.6GHz/533MHz FSB/512K Cache)
  • 1GB RAM (fixed size on CPU/Memory daughter board)
  • 10.1" Widescreen Display (1024x600)
  • 160GB, 2.5inch, 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • 56WHr Lithium-Ion Battery (6-cell) (optional upgrade that can have up to 8-hours w/o WiFi or much HDD I/O)
  • Dell Wireless 1520 802.11n Half Mini-Card
  • Windows® 7 Starter for Small Notebook PCs, 32bit, English

So today's task is to determine the best way to configure my new toy. So far I have just begun brainstorming about what software will go on it as "Levels 1-3".

Level 1 is the stuff used to keep the machine backuped up and sandboxed.
Level 1
If I don't use an Acronis product for backup and recovery, I also have full licenses to...
Other items I could add to Level 1, but I am not sure about (and I would like to hear you opinions on.)
  • FirstDefense-ISR as I have a purchased version of the origional professional workstation version that supports "Freeze". Not sure if I can run this when Acronis recovery is installed.
  • RollBack Rx is also an option because I purchased a license as an upgrade when FD-ISR was discontinued in is origional form.
  • Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Free because it's free and I haven't taken a look at it in a long time.
Level 1a is online backup and recovery.
Level 1a
  • for online backup and secure file sync that is cross-platform.
Level 2 is the security level, including anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-rootkit, firewall, etc. I don't plan on running any of these items fulltime. Realtime scanning just slows a machine down needlessly for any advanced used that remains conscious of what they are doing. I will only use on-demand scanning nightly and anytime I download a file. I won't use a personal firewall most of the time as I will be inside private LANs. When I am using public WiFi I will run a firewall.

I haven't made any decisions on what software I plan to use here.

Level 2
Software I have licenses for...
  • Norton Internet Security 2010 - My girlfriend uses this as she is familiar with it and it has gotten good reviews from the trade press. She has a 3-license pack. I have used it recently to try, but the realtime stuff (as I fully expected) slows my other laptop to a crawl. I may install this suite and turn off all the realtime features and only use the stuff I need on-demand.
  • On a whim I purchased a 3-pack of VIPRE Antivirus because it was dirt cheap and it claims to be fast. I have yet to try it and might try this to see how fast it really is.
  • The computer comes from Dell with an 15-month license to McAfee software, but I despise McAfee and won't use it.
Other viable options are Comodo's AntiVirus and Firewall products. I have used both in the past and was reasonably happy with them. And I see they have added a Anti Malware software product to their lineup.

Level 3 is the utility level where I map drives by various means -- SMB, SFTP, SSH, online storage, etc.
Level 3
I am very interested to learn what ideas for changes or tweaks on levels 1-3 you have.

I am not the only one that has complained about this, but today is the first time I became aware of this. I had purchased Multiwinia in the past, on sale, on Steam. Today they have Multiwinia bundled with Darwinia for only $2.99. (I know, I'll wait here while you go buy it. 8) Back? Ok, let's continue.) So I expected to be able to gift my second copy of Multiwinia to my girlfriend so we could play together. Nope. When I complete my purchase my "old" copy of Multiwinia was "Not Installed" and my new copy was ready to be installed. I basically lost one of my legally purchased license keys to neverneverland. That sucks. I can't believe Steam still does this after all of the complaints. I am wondering if a class action lawsuit is in order.

My New Year's resolution is to stop mucking with DVORAK, COLEMAK, etc. and just become a better touch typist. My problem is that I am good with A-Z, excellent beyond compare with the Backspace key  :-[ but crappy with everything else.

And I am a programmer ! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

So I need to work on [ ] { ] \ | > < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ +

I am looking for a tutor or game that will allow me to choose the keys I want to practice and then help me practice in a way that doesn't make my want to hang myself by my thumbnails due to boredom.

My goal is to be able to do all of my programming without looking at the keyboard or removing my fingers from home row.

I don't want to "just type" because tying to (re)learn these keys while doing actually coding distracts me from the coding and my productivity drops infinitely close to zero.

DC Gamer Club / Who's who and where?
« on: December 26, 2009, 06:54 PM »
OK, I am fully stocked up on games. I've got running Steam, XFire, Impulse, Comrade, and who knows else what. I need to figure out which one I am going to use as my main game hub. What all do you folks use and what games to you play? And post here your accounts on these places if you want to so I can "friend" you. If you don't want to post it publicly, you can pm or email me.

Found Deals and Discounts / Left 4 Dead for TRADE
« on: November 28, 2009, 12:03 PM »
Instead of buying a single license of L4D I am thinking of buying the 4-pack that they have on sale and trading 2 of the licenses for other games. Who has Steam games they would gift me if I gift you a copy of L4D GOTY??

Found Deals and Discounts / (un)OFFICIAL BLACK FRIDAY Thread
« on: November 27, 2009, 09:05 AM »
Please post to this thread items that are sold ONLINE and are related to computer SOFTWARE and are on sale TODAY ONLY.


By popular demand: Amended to include Cyber Monday.

The idea is that these are different from ongoing deals, and we can close this thread after Monday evening.

Living Room / Why Do Companies Think Their Customers Are Idiots?
« on: November 23, 2009, 09:15 PM »

If you are a DC member and you have a valid Google Wave invite you are willing to donate to me, I will donate $20 to Donation Coder.  :Thmbsup:

Think of it like a PBS auction.

I have some laptops at work that I wish to configure as such:

Boot to a menu that has...
1) Boot to WinXP
2) Boot to Vista
3) Restore to clean WinXP
4) Restore to clean Vista

This would allow me to boot to either WinXP or Vista and when I want to wipe either image clean and start over I just choose option 3 or 4 and it copies over the cloned image and reboots.

I know there are several programs out there that can probably do this, but I don't know which one or combination that gets me what I want. So this is the first stop on my research path.

Thanks as always for you help.

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