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General Software Discussion / Internet Explorer Front End
« on: April 10, 2014, 07:16 AM »
Hello All,
I am partially visually impaired and the fonts that make up the IE browser are lightweight (i.e., not bold), and small in font size. In Firefox, there is a 'Theme and Font Size Changer' add-on that allows me to specify font, size and weight of the Firefox GUI. And in the Windows Seven Forum tutorials there is a way to change system fonts (which helps), but doesn't solve the problem.

I suppose I could revert to the XP look, but I have resisted that approach as the background photos are my own, and I don't want to move 'backwards' to a very out of date look. Frankly, I'd rather use a Firefox derivative such as Pale Moon as my browser than go backwards to the XP look. I've also tried the ZoomIt tool (Sysinternal) and what I find is that I lose the functionality of the mouse wheel when ZoomIt is activated. And I use the mouse wheel constantly in my work.

What I'm really looking for is an application / add-on for IE that functions like the Theme Font and Size Changer does in the Firefox and Thunderbird programs - it acts directly on the application's menus and theme to allow the 'standard' font to be changed to a different font and weight (bold),

So my question: is there some way to change either the font, or weight, or size of the fonts used in the IE interface?

Any help greatly appreciated.

So, sometimes I peruse a file using Internet Explorer (to respond to Microsoft sites), and the other half of the time with my default browser, Firefox. On my system left-clicking an .htm file will launch it with my default browser, and a right-click brings up a process that requires multiple clicks and selections in order to select which program will be used.

And in my email client ('wrapper') its even worse. Right-clicking a link brings up a different process, where I have to choose between default browser or Copy this link, which I then have to cut-and-paste into the browser I select separately....

This is an example, but the one I use on a daily basis. Ideally, the program I'm looking for would allow me to apply this type of 'selective file association' to any file extension, e.g., I could use it to work with .ini files or .txt (where I sometimes select notepad and DocPad at other times).

What I'm looking for is a one-click solution. Click, interface opens, click, I select which browser opens. Thats all. No lists to go through, no selecting from Explorer folders, no drilling down 4 levels, just a single click to select which browser will open that file to that specific location on that specific page.

Questions willingly answered, all thoughts and efforts gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance,

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: Startup Software Needed
« on: March 04, 2013, 11:44 AM »
I have one laptop and one desktop computer:  Win 7, Home Premium, 64 Bit, plenty of RAM & hard drive space.

What I'm needing is software that will monitor, in real time, any application that tries to install itself on my computer, whether as a program or as a registry entry. When it detects such software I want an alert to popup letting me know and having me either give permission to allow it, or telling the computer to block / delete it. This monitor function would reside in the system tray.

The software will also have an autoblock feature that will enable an automatic block if the software tries to repeatedly install itself. And finally, this software would also have an internet search capability so I could search for info on software that wants to run at startup that is unfamiliar to me.

Additionally, the application would serve as a startup manager, listing all startup applications and registry entries running at startup. The manager function would also allow me to add, delete, disable, and edit startup entries, both as applications and as registry entries.

Though I'm posting it here as a freeware / donationware request, I'm willing to bet that people would pay for software that can do this, e.g., it has commercial potential! Questions gladly answered, and any suggested changes willingly considered. Thank you in advance,


Finished Programs / DONE: Double Click Needed
« on: April 09, 2012, 02:32 PM »
Code Request:   I am permanently disabled and need help with my mouse. In the past I had a program that would convert pressing my scroll wheel down to a mouse middle button, which in turn would act like a left button double click. The program has since been lost, and I am seeking a replacement.

The Need:   pressing the mouse tilt wheel sends a signal that simulates a left button double click.

Thank you in advance.  [mail hidden to avoid being grabbed by spammers -mouser]

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