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Howdy all,

Just started using FARR after long time executor user.

I'm very impressed with the functionality although i must say its a steep learning curve!

I am setting up lots of alias that take parameters ($$1 $$2 etc). I was thinking that it would be nice to assign a value in the comment to them. Didn't explain that too well so here's an example:

lets take an email alias

^emailto ([\w+-][email protected][\w+-]+\.[\w+-]+)(?:\s?)(.*)

email ($$1) this ($$2) | mailto:$$1?subject=$$2 /ICON=icons\email.ico

so now i type "emailto" and farr shows this:

email ($$1) this ($$2)

so now on to the feature. If i could assign a value to $$1 and $$2 but only for displaying in the comments i may be able to get something like this instead:

email (to) (subject)

then as i continue to type to and subject are replaced with the vaule of $$1 and $$2 as normal. so to demo:

#> emailto
#> email (to) (subject)

Type (or continue to type)
#> emailto [email protected]
#> email ([email protected]) (subject)

Type (or continue to type)
#> emailto [email protected] hello someone
#> email ([email protected]) (hello someone)

I have lots of alias that use lots of parameters (sorry not sure what you call the $$1 $$2 etc) and often forget the order, plus i guess if i hand out alias it makes it easyer for others to use as FARR is showing whats expected.
It also would be sweet to show them in italics.

Hope that makes sense.

PS > first post so just want to say thanks for the great software mouser. Really love it!

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