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  • January 26, 2020, 02:52 PM
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Here is what I need to do:

There are x number of sub-folders in a dir named "_process".
Some of these "_process" folders contain a HD mp4 file (output from video editor).

What would be the search syntax for Explorer Win7 to produce a list of folders (not files!) that contain *.mp4 files that also have "timelapse" as part of file name?

I simply need to drag / move all these folders (that contain these specific mp4 files) into a new folder.

If no go there, can someone suggest a easy to use portable search / file management tool for the job?


I've just spent maybe an hour reading through the Thinstall website about their product amazingly enough called the Thinstall Virtualization Suite (Win).

Looks like these guys have successfully automated the whole procedure for install capture, portable app conversion and sand boxing (including virtual registry). One thing I like is the ability to roll NET framework (which must hold the world record for registry entries) into the one *.exe, along with the app. With compression I'd imagine you could cook up nice springy, small footprint stuff. I'd love see a compacted version of CS3 working this way.

Watch videos here:

Features - and a lot of them:

Apps they have tested:

Help - with outlines of the configuration options:

Do take a look at the price tag. Could be OK if you have 5000 staff ... Anyone here played with this?

As it happens, I just bumped into this site today ... is an amazing project covering over 40 years worth of GUIs for a great number of OSes. At best, it's a reminder of the power of graphic simplicity of some of the older systems.

The site has been developed by Marcin Wichary and you can read more about the project here:

A tremendous amount of work has gone into this. The screen caps are excellent and each OS is cross- referenced with articles, books, links etc.

Well worth a look.



Here are some examples of text files converted from The Old But Mighty Fine Clarisworks (most likely the 1993 edition): -

... Tu Žs divina e graciosa
Est‡tua majestosa do amor ...

... poesia bil'ngŸe ...

... ÔDigitationsÕ is a botanical term ...

... I know a mouse and he hasnÕt got a house
I donÕt know why I call him Gerald ....

I have a ton of this stuff in a number of differnent languages and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one. I seem to remember that this is an 7 bit to 8 bit conversion problem (or vice versa). It still crops up from time to time and drives everyone involved nuts!

Someone here MUST know of a fantastic utility that will batch convert hundreds of text files like these into either PC unicode *.txt and/ or *.rtf files. I've searched and searched. Btw, I mostly use Unicode fonts for general multi-lingual sanity.

Btw, just tried with NoteTab Pro (Fookes) which claims to handle this but it's no go there.

Thanks in advance!


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