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On this page the Swedish weather service is presenting weather warnings.
(I could not find an API to get the information from).

I want to be able to run something like this and get the respons in plain text, and be able to send the output to a text file.
C:\> SMHIvarning.exe
"Inga varningar i Västmanlands län"

Or change to this that at the time of writing have a forrest fire warning
C:\> SMHIvarning.exe
"RISK SKOGSBRAND Kronobergs län, västra delen"

Or this that at the time of writing have a class one storm warning
C:\> SMHIvarning.exe

Notice that the "district" in the url changes
Picture also provided to give information.

I will put the text togehter with my other scripts as shown in this picture.

With the output from C:\> SMHIvarning.exe > SMHIvastmanland.txt
i will use this "code" this is the way most of the output in above picture is created.
Echo |set /p=Varningar:
Type SMHIvastmanland.txt

"Inga varningar i Västmanlands län" = "No warnings in Västmanlands län"
VARNING KLASS 1 KULING = "Warning class 1 gale"
RISK SKOGSBRAND "Risk Forest fire"

What I want: To display the weather from in the command line.

From this page
I want a program that gets the today weather forcast part (part marked in screen shot 1) and saves it to a textfile so it can be typed into into a command line window, or directly types it into the command line window (see screen shot 2).
Note that I changed some tittles in the command line version.
The text on the webpage is in Swedish, I hope it is not a problem.


What I want: A command line timer for a computer with the screen off, basically a better pause.exe that accepts hour and minutes as input.
Why: To let me know when the washing machine and dryer are done.

Use case
On a computer that has the screen turned off
1) I Press a hotkey that launch a bat file.
2) Bat file Plays a wav file (So I know I started the right bat file).
3a) Timer.exe is started and waiting for my input                                                                          <------------- This is where I need your help.
3c) I input the time with H MM (Example:132=1 hour & 32 min) and press return.                          <------------- This is where I need your help.
3b) The program plays a wave-file (or beeps) to let me know it accepted the input and start the countdown <------------- This is where I need your help.
3c) When the countdown is done the program exists and the bat file can continue.                          <------------- This is where I need your help.
4) The .bat file makes a HTTP call via curl to my IoT-server that in turn will notify me via a voice message on the speakers and a Telegram notification.

I will make two .bat-files, one for washer and one for the dryer.
I'm thinking that an enhanced version of pause.exe or timeout.exe should do the trick.

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