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RightNote is currently on sale at BDJ with 50% off.

RightNote offers multiple note types including rich text editor, spreadsheet, source code, task list, webpage note and evernote integration.

The source code note supports most programming languages, and also includes dark themes.

More information here:

Today only!

Rael Bauer

Hi there Coders,

We are offering a 50% off discount sale on new licenses, until the end of May.

RightNote is an advanced information manager for Windows that will help you store and organize large amounts of information, and keep all your personal information at your fingertips.

The webpage bookmark, clipper and full webpage download functions make it great for web research and keeping track of large number of links.

It includes a source code note type for source code snippets, supporting over 50 programming languages and also various light and dark themes...

More info here:

Rael Bauer

Found Deals and Discounts / RightNote at 50% discount - 27 Jan
« on: January 27, 2016, 03:08 AM »
Hi there,

We are offering RightNote at a 50% discount on BitsDuJour today.

Check it out!


-Rael Bauer

Hi folks,

We are pleased to let you know that we are currently running a 50% discount sale for RightNote on Bitsdujour.

Head on over to to take advantage of the sale.

RightNote is a multi-faceted information manager that will help you get a grip on information overload. It can be used to collect internet research, webpage capture, bookmarks, source code snippets and more.

Rael Bauer

Found Deals and Discounts / RightNote at 50% discount until 16 Nov
« on: November 14, 2014, 06:41 AM »

Hi there,

We are currently running a 50% discount special on new RightNote pro and std licenses. Please take a look at for more details. The discount ends on 16 Nov 2014.

Rael Bauer

What is RightNote and how can it help you?

RightNote is a Windows note taking application that helps you capture, store and quickly find any bits of information that you throw at it. You will start to feel more organised and in control as you organise your various notes into notebooks, pages and trees. You'll save time and be able to respond quickly when looking for some piece of information, as the search feature will show you instant results as you type.

RightNote can store contact details, phone numbers, web snippets, bookmarks, recipes, web research, spreadsheets, webpages, code snippets, and documents with advanced formatting such as tables, hyperlinks and images, as well as attachments and links. Notes can be password protected for additional security if required.

Large trees can be easily navigated with the folder tree and hoist features. Hoist means you only view a part of the tree at a time. The folder tree feature allows you to jump to certain parts of the tree quickly. Furthermore, RightNote includes an advanced tag system which allows you to group your notes in various ways, and also tag your notes automatically with the folder tag feature.

The portable version allows you to keep your notes with you "on the go", and run the application on other peoples computers if necessary...

The Evernote integration allows you to sync specific notes with your Evernote account so that you can access them from any mobile device or web browser! (Only works with the Evernote note type..)

RightNote includes a number of unique features to boost your productivity and help keep you more organised, including:

- Search as you type searching with highlighted search results, and also multi-notebook search.

- Special tree functions like hoist and filter.

- Advanced Page Transfer Dialog and Floating Tree allow you to easily move or copy notes between notebooks.

- Side-by-Side view allows you to easily move notes between different pages within the same notebook, or between different notebooks.

- The Folder Tree feature allows you create "hotspots" on a large tree, and thereby locate different sections of the tree more easily.

- Evernote integration via the Evernote note type.

- Webpage bookmarks can be added to a note and include a thumbnail image of the webpage.

- Full webpage capture, including style and layout information of the original page. RightNote uses an advanced method to download the page very fast. Additionally saved webpages can be edited and text can be highlighted.

Hi there coders,

We are pleased to let you know that we are running a super 50% discount sale for 5 days only, from the 16th to 20th June for RightNote Professional and Standard versions. During this time, the Std version will cost $14.95 (usually $29.95) and the Pro version will cost only $29.95 (usually $59.95).

Check out the deal here: and

RightNote is a free form information manager that can help you get on top of information overload by:
  • storing: phone numbers, contact details, to do lists, recipes, project outline and associated information, web research snippets, entire web pages, bookmarks, source code, accounting information, and more in a single place,
  • find any information almost instantly with the integrated full text search engine and highlighting of search results.
  • Protect sensitive information with industry standard encryption.
  • Sync selected notes with the cloud and access them on your mobile devices via the Evernote integration.

Check out the full details at:

Rael Bauer

Hi there,

I am pleased to announce our upcoming sale for RightNote on BitsDuJour, this Monday 26 November 2012 at 50% off the usual price. [The discount has been extented for another day]

RightNote is a tree-based note organizer and information manager that can help you "get a grip on information overload" and helps you deal with large amounts of information more efficiently.

Some recent features of interest include auto-tagging of notes via folder notes, a folder tree to give you a high level view of notes in large trees, and Evernote integration which allows you to sync selected notes with the Evernote cloud and thereby access them from any mobile device, desktop or browser.

More information is available on the BitsduJour page:

and on our website:

Comments and feedback are welcome at our email address:
[email protected] [dot] com

Rael Bauer

Hi there people,

I would like to let you know about the latest release of RightNote, which now includes an "Evernote" note type, and allows you to sync such notes with your Evernote account. In this way you can organise your Evernote notes in a well organised tree structure - and conversely, you can store RightNote notes in the cloud and be able to access them from any web browser, mobile device or computer.

For those of you who don't know, RightNote is a tree based information manager, which gives you lots of space to store and organise your notes in a well organised tree structure. It features different note types including RichView, Spreadsheet, Source code, Webpage and now Evernote note types.

The Evernote sync feature is only available in the Pro version of RightNote, although it works with both free and premium Evernote accounts.

You can download the free trial to test out this feature for yourself from here.

As we introduce this feature, we are offering a whooping 30% off any RightNote license (Std or Pro) until 31 July. Use the coupon JULY-IVJ3-RNT when ordering.

We have also entered the Evernote Devcup competition. The competition is hosting a huge array of Evernote extensions and integrations. I'm sure you will find some of them interesting. You can show your support for RightNote and vote for our submission at:

(Note: The voting is very unrestricted. You can vote for as many submissions as you like, and every day you can vote for the same submission.)

Should you have any queries please contact us at our support email address:
support [at] bauerapps [dot] com

Thank you,
Rael Bauer

Well folks, here's the official announcement   :)

RightNote is a tree-based note organiser/information manager/code snippet manager that can help you deal with large amounts of information, and is going to be featured on BitsDuJour this Wednesday - 22nd of February at a 50% discount.

If you decide to pass-up the offer, please note we have recently released a freeware version, which contains a large subset of features of the commercial version.

RightNote was inspired by the well known and highly acclaimed freeware product "KeyNote" by Marek Jedlinski (, and also allows you to import KeyNote files.

More info here:

Rael Bauer

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