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Unicode Image Maker / Problems with Unicode
« on: May 24, 2011, 08:52 PM »
Hi Mouser.  I am having a major problem with Unicode after a year of flawless use.

Here is the scenario.  Screens that I saved in jpg format (Save image as txt) are not loading back up.  The image is shown in the preview window, but when loaded, only a black screen is displayed.  I have made sure that there isn't a background color or a background picture.  I have checked all the common sense things I can think of.

Older files do seem to load, but ones I saved in the last month, including this evening are causing the problem.

I have removed the program and have re-installed it, but to no avail.

I hope you can offer some suggestions.  Can you load the SAT Net... file in Unicode?

I use your program every day, so I am keenly interested in getting it working.


Unicode Image Maker / Little Bug
« on: August 16, 2010, 09:35 PM »
When I click on the program tab on the task bar, the program closes.  Usually clicking on the program tab displays the program and minimizes the program.  This isn't happening.


Unicode Image Maker / Apparent Bug
« on: June 28, 2010, 08:31 PM »
Hi Mouser,

Tonight I had an image in the background (Centered and Fit, preserve ratio; no enlarge).

I don't know if this happens with other choices, but I suspect it would.

Anyway, I had text on top, entered the normal way.  I saved the file.

When I loaded up the file, even though the preview showed my background image and the text, neither was loaded.  All I saw was a blank Unicode window for typing into.  I tried going to options and setting the image setting to No Image.  This made no difference.  I tried scrolling, but to no avail.  See attached picture.

What I was hoping that the image in the background would automatically be loaded as a background image and the text would show up on top of it as I had on the screen before saving it.

Can you look at this problem at some point?  I was really hoping to be able to display an image with a background and slide the text over it as I change it, but keep the background image in-place.

Thanks for any help on this, Mouser.


Unicode Image Maker / Additional Feature Request
« on: June 14, 2010, 05:19 PM »
Hi Mouser,

There is one additional feature that would be nice - the ability to set picture opacity, with a slider and/or a number value.

With this feature, one could use the picture as a background, with text on top of it, and the text would be fully readible, but yet the picture would still be there, even though it would be faint.

In cases where the picture doesn't fit the entire window, opacity should only affect the picture and not the actual background color that might show at the picture edges.

Just wondering if this could be added to a future enhancement list?


Unicode Image Maker / Unicode Image Maker: Some Questions
« on: May 26, 2010, 01:52 PM »

I have been looking for a program like yours for a long time.  My use is to creat quick text images to be loaded into a ham radio (over internet) program called QSO-TV, which is part of the CQ100 VOIP program.

Your program will generally do what I need, but perhaps a few enhancements could be made.  I do like the fact that the text is saved within the jpg file.  This is fantastic!

What would be most helpful:

1. Is there a way to set the image size?  I would like to have a canvas size of 444 (horizontal) by 333 (vertical).  That is the size of the screen on the QSO-TV, but then that program won't have to adjust my text (jpg) so that the text ratios and sizes stay as created by your program.

2. A way within your program to drag from the screen window directly into QSO-TV.  I can drag the file over to the QSO-TV from the desktop, but that means I have to save it first.  A lot of times, saving isn't needed, just a quick message message to post visually to those I am talking to.  To do this, I suspect, there would have to be a way to actually have the jpg picture showing on your screen.

3. Does your program have the capability to put text on an existing jpg picture?

Anyway, thank you for having your program available.  I would appreciate any comments you might have to my questions/suggestions.

George Stein
Virginia USA

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