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Living Room / Happy new year!
« on: December 31, 2009, 10:21 PM »
Yep, happy new year, that's all, you can go away now.

Found Deals and Discounts / Immortal Defense pay what you want sale
« on: December 22, 2009, 07:21 PM »
Immortal Defense (a tower defense game) is having a special sale until january 1 where you can pay whatever you want, now don't be a very bad person and pay less than $0.31 dollars otherwise the developers gets nothing because of paypal fees. You can see on the page the last sales and wow people suck ass, when world of goo was having a similar i at least paid 80 cents which was all i had on the time. I would love to get Immortal Defense even tough i dunno anything about the game but my contact that i use to buy games for me doesn't use paypal.

I am pretty sure most of the people that hang around here are kinda old (no offense) so i think that the fact that (Good Old Games) is having a special holiday sale where everything is off from 25% to 40% might be relevant to your interests. Who knows you might you will find an old classic there from your childhood or something, promo ends january 3.

Not sure if anyone here knows about Mount & Blade but whatever the game is 15 dollars over at impulse today only.

Impulse is selling Space Rangers 2 for 1.99$ dollars just for today, it's an incredible bargain for an awesome game (or so i have heard so go.


I saw this in another forum, apparently Google will let you send one Holyday card to anyone in the U.S., the link it's here. Seemed pretty cool so i took the liberty to send one to Mouser, hopefully he will get it.

If you are productive member of society with lots of disposable income (unlike me ugh) and enjoy PC games you will be happy to hear that Steam has a bunch of crazy deals with their Early Holyday Sale. Standouts include Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition for $10 bucks, Dragon Age: Origins for $37.49, Batman: Arkham Asylum for $24.99 and the craziest deal i have ever seen: THQ Complete Pack for $49.99. Apparently they will keep adding crazy deals so keep a look out. Also Plants vs. Zombies is 50% off making it a 5 dollar purchase, pretty good deal since i really enjoyed the 1 hour trial.

Go to's Stubbs the Zombie page and click download now, in the following page enter the coupon code: ASPYRTHANKS and the game will be discounted to zero. No idea how long this lasts but it certainly works, also apparently the store is U.S. but they don't do IP check so you should be allright, just put some phony address.

Found Deals and Discounts / Free $3 MP3 Credit at
« on: November 24, 2009, 12:20 PM »
I found about this at a another forum, if you have an account you can claim a code to get 3 dollars of credit for amazon mp3 purchases. All you have to do is follow the instruccions located in this page. Hurry up because the offers ends november 30!
Also here's a link showing all the albums selling for 4.99$ or less.

PS: Also The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler Vol.I is free and pretty good for the little i have heard.

Note: If you don't live in the U.S. you can't use Amazon's MP3 store however there is a workaround, it involves using services that can let you access US-Only Web content, i won`t get into specifics here (send me a private message if you can't figure it out) but let me just say a simple Google search will point you in the right direction.

Found Deals and Discounts / Get a free copy of Speedball 2
« on: May 12, 2009, 08:32 PM »
If you know about the game Speedball 2 and want a free copy then just enter your email in the following page:http://www.cdaction..../seriale/speedball_2 you will receive an email with a serial code that must be activated using the Steam client. I don't care about the game at all but hey it's free!

Thx to the nice guys at Doco (you know who you are) i have an extra Half Life 2 copy to gift, just PM your email address or Steam username. The first person to PM me gets the game.

drum6789 is now the proud owner of Half Life 2, enjoy!

So recently my sisters got a notebook as a christmas gift and we decided it was better if we had WIFI in our house so that they could connect to the internet using the notebook. Anyway my ISP installed a zyxel router and ever since then i have been having some problems. sometimes i can't surf at all because i get redirected to and i see the following message :

"object not found

The requested URL '/zCfgTryAgain.html' was not found on the RomPager Advanced server."

Turning the router on and off seems to fix it tough but it's very annoying. Another thing is that i am worried that someone might leech off my bandwidth even tough it's password protected and i have been thinking how to prevent that, any software i can use to detect thiefs?. Also I know that the address is for router configuration but it's password protected so i can't access it, do i even need to access the router configuration?.

Anyway help would be apreciated since you guys seem pretty knowledable.

Living Room / Question about my video card temperature
« on: December 22, 2008, 08:17 PM »
so i bought an ECS geforce 6200 video card some months ago (thanks google) and everything was going fine except for the last few days when i noticed something strange. I was playing some old game and i noticed some slow down which is odd because it had never happened before and i am pretty picky with that sort of thing. Since i sensed something wrong i checked the GPU temperature with GPU-Z and it was over 69 CÂș! it was the highest that i had ever seen. The card doesn't have a fan only a disperser or whatever that thing is called, here in chile is summer so that probably adds a couple of degrees to the overall hotness. I have read conflicting reports on the internet about the maximum temperature this card should get so i am asking at what temp should i be worried? Any thoughts?

Good Old Games is an online store that deals exclusively with old games. These old games are patched in order to run in modern operating systems like XP and vista, oh and did i mentioned they have no DRM? Anyway Voodoo Extreme has 15 codes that are reedemeable for one game. All you have to do is to register in and send an email to [email protected] with the subject "GOG Game Giveaway" (without the quotes). The email must contain your Voodoo Extreme username and general salutations which of course means general reasons for getting a code. I wrote that i was 10 year old with cancer and a wooden leg, hopefully that works.
The contest ends in Friday, November 28th, 23.59 PST.


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