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Screenshot Captor / some Bugs that are Annoying....
« on: September 19, 2007, 08:24 PM »
1.  Before 2.35.01 or so, Screenshot Captor would hold its autoselect position on all captured images (preferences|on capture|auto select active window).  Now, if you leave the current image, that autoselect disappears and is forgotten permanently on all captured images.
2.  When closing Screenshot Captor using multiple monitors, SC does not remember which monitor it was last used on (in my case monitor #2) when next opened.

Those are the most important issues that I can think of right now, Thanks, vegas

Just stumbled across this site ( great detail in one photograph, I can read the street signs and see peoples faces, amazing!
edit: this is the actual Boston image -->

taken from the J-Walk blog -

I downloaded this old magazine the other day, which was scanned into a .pdf file, but what I didn't understand, I went to search for something within the file and results actually came back.  How the heck is this done? I have tons of old magazines I want to be able to throw away someday (the sooner the better) - but I'd like to be able to keep all the information within them by scanning them to PDF files.  Do I have to buy Adobe Acrobat to do this or is other software used? Has anyone tried doing this with print material so it is completely searchable?  Thanks for any responses.   -vegas

Living Room / Saw Superman Returns tonight...
« on: June 28, 2006, 03:15 AM »
WOW!.....did that suck!  Don't believe the hype, this movie failed on so many levels, there is nothing more to say.  Except maybe, Plastic Hollywood Crap

General Software Discussion / Excel File Compare Tool
« on: June 05, 2006, 06:24 PM »
Can anyone recommend a file compare utility that does a good job comparing the contents of similar excel documents?  I recently have had a hard time sorting different versions of files i used to edit and keep on different computers.
I did try a couple programs but found Beyond Compare and some other program did not do a good job with this.  There was one program I had tried a while ago and found it did a decent job, but I can't seem to remember it now :(
Help, from anyone with experience with this?

Whether you are feeling blue, energized, relaxed, lazy, looking for some motivation or whatever.  What are some of your favorite soundtracks to pop in or queue up.  Mainstream or not, soundtrack or score, what really turns your clock?  Just seems as though the musical arrangements used in movies, tv shows, plays, musicals, etc. can really have a way of connecting.

Looking through my collection, here are some of my personal favorites:

Vanilla Sky  |  Jackie Brown  |  The Big Lebowski  |  Boogie Nights Vol. 1 & Vol. 2  |  A Night at the Roxbury  |  High Fidelity  |  Forrest Gump Orignal Score  |  Rising Sun Score

I guess the point of this thread could be to see what interests everyone else has here and maybe discover some music we didn't know about.

Here's the deal.  I end up having to re-install my grandfathers computer every 6 months or so.  He can't see very well so he goes clicking everywhich button.  I'll be damned at some of the stuff that ends up on his computer - and ends up missing from it - and things his computer ends up doing (like incurring a $250+ phone bill via dial-up).  I figure I will just make the default user a Guest account which I believe should help, but I don't know a ton about permissions and such.  If anyone would care to enlighten me on some helpful settings or even a unabtrusive top notch program that can help to protect the computer from unwanted user actions, that would be appreciated.  I've already got him on a good free anti-virus and convinced him to buy a copy of admuncher if & when it goes on discount again.  So the internet part is taken care of fine.  TIA.

With all the talk of browsers heating up again lately I thought it would be cool to see what everyone browses with and how they are using it to surf the web.

I will update this first post with any links to other such threads that people here find.  The only one I know of at the moment is over at the Maxthon forum.



Factual? seems unlikely.  But a good little read nonetheless.

Programs that I have bought in the past & am dissatisfied with their upgrade policies include (in order of displeasure):

Quick To-Do Pro (updates? what are those? I got nothing more than the product I purchased, yearly license, but there is no such thing as a real update, just fix once a year! which I would have to pay for, crazy!)

WinOrganizer (used to have a solid policy, with lifetime updates, but they yanked that from their website about 2 years ago and charge a crazy amount of cash for their program now) (1 year of updates, then a ridiculous upgrade fee) (considering the lack of useful feature updates in the last 2 years, with nothing in sight down the road & the fact they removed all forum support from their website due to people actually requesting new features and voicing their displeasures with pricing, etc.. LAME) (tech/purchasing support told me numerous times there was no acknowledgement to a previous lifetime updates guaruntee which was clearly posted on their website when I first purchased the program at version 1.30 and up to a year after that, after a couple extra emails someone finally chimed in and sent me a 3.0 license, because i kept sending my displeasure to every email address I could find on their website and from any past correspondence)

Trillian Pro (what a joke! these guys have gone from offering a full-out freeware solution to just being greedy whores, with a serious lack of development, plus they consistently time their updates to come after the 1-year period of the previous major release, so you must upgade to a new version! I think people are finally starting to catch on though)

FirstStop Websearch (these guys are a bunch of schmucks too, no updates, except for a fix here & there and they want you to upgrade to get that - I say, crapola!)

Calendarscope (a great program, but you really don't get anything more than you pay for at the moment, very slow to update) (1 year of updates, then a charge)

Actual Window Manager (you get updates & support for 3 months or to the next full version whichever comes last)

VTuner (Nice program but a ripoff for me, now it's a one time fee, way back 5 years ago when I bought it, it wasn't and last time I checked I couldn't get an upgrade from my old version for free)

Auction Sentry/Auction Sentry Deluxe (Normally for how useful this tool is for sniping auctions I would say no problem with a small yearly fee, but first off it's not small and second the majority of updates are for fixes to changes eBay has made in their system, not additional features)


Bookmark Buddy (there is no set upgrade path, you basically get a couple fair update cycles before you need an upgrade fee, problem is 6 months go by before anything ever happens, major disappointment as this program could really be something special)

Newsleecher (the p0rn king! yearly upgrade fee. I can't complain too much as they are generous with extending licenses if serious bugs pop up in the program or their supersearch function is down)

Quite Content (LIFETIME UPDATES FOR FREE!) (in order or happiness):

Ad Muncher (Bless these guys)
AI Roboform (cannot complain, lifetime updates)
Website-Watcher (duh!)
TrueLaunchBar (ohh so handy & a nice christmas sale for a multi-license got me hooked)
Zoom Player WMV Pro (cream of the crop for features, customization, support and stability)
DVD Profiler (they really keep this program updated well for a one-time fee, hats off to these gentlemen&women and it's not that bad if you use the free ad supported version)
Total Recorder (no complaints here)
Audio Sliders (never much for updates - but hey, it is what it is and doesn't need them)
Tag & Rename (maybe not the most powerful, but easily the most userfriendly for a newb to managing tags & filenames for media, never an issue)
FTP Rush (you get what you pay for, be connected to multiple ftp sites at once with a tabbed interface, development has slowed, but when it does come it is free for life with an admission charge)
Netcaptor (Although I never use it anymore with Maxthon around, they have always put forth a good product with support, even though it seems dead ATM)

Vaporware (within 1 year of purchasing):

Doc Commander (never was fully stable anyways, stupid purchase on my part)
Folder Express (poop on this developer, seriously, please do!)
InfoKeep (product sold to another company & no longer supported in it's former form)
WebFerrretPRO (yeah right! an upgrade - whats that?)
AllToTray (poof! gone! & it ain't ever comin' back)
AcqURL (development crawled to a halt and is stuck exactly there, can ya say dead? well I can)
Trashsoft Mp3Explorer (gone a long, long, long time ago, to a galazy far, far away)

Another thing I really dislike is that I have noticed a fair amount of programs that hide their upgrade system from being clearly stated on the website. (ie. Actual Window Manager)

Well, thats all I am capable of thinking at the moment, please everyone list your experiences too...

Nominations for what will be DonationCoder's Guide to the Top 10 New Programs & Websites of the Year for 2005.
The catch is these are websites or softwares that were not around before 2005!

Nominate away! All you want! This is for the best of the best, I'll kick it off with a couple for now:

Website:  Google Maps -  (helped me countless times in the last year)
[debut February 2005]

Program:  ImgBurn -  (okay that kinda counts, but I'm tired at the moment)
[debut October 2005]



takes like 10 seconds to register, then you can bump your settings up to 50 items per page, much easier to read that way.

Living Room / Your owned computer history/upgrade path
« on: December 11, 2005, 01:27 PM »
myself & f0dder were discussing computers a bit in the irc chan, just thought this might make an interesting thread.

I'm 30 years old now and this is my history with computers I've owned.

tandy1000 (1986) -> 286 (1993) -> pentium75 (1995) -> pentium 300 (1998) -> pentium 550 (1999) -> amd 1100 (2001) -> amd 2500 (2003-current) -> ????? (amd x2 4400+ coming soon)

Hey thanks to Betsy for bringing up firefox extensions.  With the release of Firefox 1.5 Final, I find myself more willing to explore Firefox once again.  Only problem is, we all know it takes at least 10 extensions to achieve the features of an Opera or Maxthon.  Ok, so be it, I'd like to ask everyone of their favorite or most useful/powerful extensions, in an effort to help people like myself become more familiar with what all Firefox can do without having to sift through all 1,000 available extensions.  Thanks for any input and let the fun begin.  Currently the only extensions I have loaded are Roboform Toolbar and Tabbrowser Preferences (but I'm fairly sure there is one or two better options out there for tab control).

Living Room / OneNote 12 (coming in 2006) beta1 is out now...
« on: November 21, 2005, 04:47 AM »
If you check the developer blog you can see what they have in store for OneNote 12.  I am quite excited myself as I have dabbled with OneNote, but not quite found it to be up my alley until this is released.

Developer blogs:

Some other links
OneNote Homepage - http://office.micros.../FX010858031033.aspx
OneNote FAQ -
OneNote Mini Tutorial - http://www.informit....sp?p=174325&rl=1
Misc. OneNote Powertoys -
Misc. OneNote Related Websites -

This is a great venture by DonationCoder to share webspace with its users & I just wanted to praise the effort.  Well OK, I wanted to do more than praise it, I wanted to promote it, because I don't want to lose it!  I truly hope people understand how awesome this is if you want a space on the web.  The speed is amazing and the amount of control you can have if you need it, is overwhelming.  Plus the amount of storage space is more than enough for most anyone.  If all you are looking for is place to host a simple website via ftp and you want to upload pictures, html or even have your own email server, then....Bam! Mouser can get that set up easily enough for you.  But if you know what you are doing or are up to learning more about cpanel and how it works (I suggest you do), you have the potential to add some great stuff like guestbooks, forums, chatrooms, use of frontpage extensions, access to logs & stats, password protection to a page, running multiple add-on sites under 1 alias or even having subdomains within those, like,  Or if you don't have your own site just use or whatever the domain name for users will be (I think that is still up in there air).  These are the features you only get with a highend hosting package, but it is available to us right here at DC!  Maybe a website sounds like an idea you have thought about, if you don't know what you are looking for here are some ideas that come to mind, reasons to have ones own personal webspace/webpage

   } a personal page to share a blog, diary or just tell about yourself to the world or whoever you choose to share it with
   } a place to put up your resume that will always be there
   } a place for vacation, friends or family photos
   } to start a place for people with a similar interest to gather, get to know each other & share information (e.g.
   } just want to express youself creatively (whether it be with poetry, drawings, music or many other varieties)
   } need reliable hosting to link your ebay auction pictures to
   } i'm sure there are many more but brain can’t grasp them all atm
Another key benefit to sharing space with DonationCoder, as I have heard mouser say before, if a personal page goes down, so does DonationCoder & we all know mouser won't allow that to happen.  After all, I think he eats, sleeps and showers in front of his computer, so the site will always be up.  Personally, I think the best part is that we can support the site at the same time we get what is normally expensive hosting for ourselves.

Ever since DonationCoder took the plunge on a more dedicated hosting plan, I have been one of mouser's test pigs.  So, for the last week or so I've had a couple sites up. Mostly vacation pictures and a memorium to a friend who passed on a couple years ago (ahh there's another consideration for a site). It took a couple days to understand why things weren't working, but that was all in the way the hosting company set things up (which was wrong!).  Now everything is all peachy (and did I mention blazing fast!), thanks to mouser.

Anywho, I would be interested in hearing other peoples thoughts & experiences around this opportunity.  Or even continuing to list more ideas for having your own webspace.

Cheers.  :Thmbsup:

General Software Discussion / Discovering software (sites)
« on: October 19, 2005, 02:27 AM »
Just wanted to share some of my favorite links for getting recommendations on softwares to tryout. Some may have been mentioned on the forum or even in the DC links list, but whatever.  Please feel free to expand on this list.  Shareware, Freeware, Donationware, whatever, just always looking to check out quality programs.  (left column)  (unfortunatley becoming quickly outdated) (DUH!)

Browsing Fileforum/Versiontracker releases is fun too.

Living Room / Links Page - Best Freeware Development?
« on: May 30, 2005, 01:17 PM »
Here is something I was thinking of when i first saw the links page here, but of course never followed up on it till now ;)  It would be nice to add Top Freeware Developers to the links page as well - if this is something that is doable.  This could be a long messy list, but i was thinking more along the lines of developers who have dedicated themselves over time to providing software  that is: quality, has a well designed interface, is complete, essential/invaluable, reliable, with up-to-date versions, including a wide selection of programs in freeware form.  I would love to kick of a list with three sites that come to mind: (which is what reminded me of the whole idea when mouser posted that link)

I'm sure there are plenty others, I just don't feel like thinking that hard right now, it's a holiday ;)

General Review Discussion / A suggestion for reviews
« on: May 16, 2005, 06:00 PM »
I like the new day of Monday for the release of reviews. May I suggest posting the reviews (via a private link in the member forums) for members first to review for a day or two, before posting publicly to the site (Tuesday or Wednesday), as there seems to be many modifications, updates, etc that come from member response on each round-up.  Just a consideration, great work with the site!


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