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Post New Requests Here / WPM in real time with logging?
« on: April 18, 2015, 05:02 PM »
As an author, I would like to have something I can run in the background, that does the following:
(The link for typingradar, in an old thread, is a dead one.)

Word by word WPM.
WPM displayed as a scalable graph.
Ability to set beginning and ending points for interval WPM calculations.
Logging of word by word WPM stats.
User defined repeating interval timer.  (ex: 1 min intervals to generate a log of stats for listing or a graphical display.  Set, activate, and ignore until I stop it.)

Probably other bells and whistles possible, but the above are the main basics I need.

The two I did find and try were... Useless.  One tracked and gave an average over time, which I can do easily with simple calulations.  It did have a speedometer but I couldn't focus on it because I am not a true touch typist and doing so takes me out of the flow of my writing.  Best I could do was catch glimpses of the needle as it spun down to zero.

The other one was a simple start and stop logger that generated an average.  It also counted wrong, giving me a WPM that was well over two times the WPM I arrived at by hand calculating it.

Names:  Typing master trial version   Words per Minute Counter Software.  Already uninstalled.

My decade plus writing style is basically bursts with first level editing and proofing between them.  Both are variable in duration, and when combined, I wind up with an average WPM that is well below my true speed.  For my purposes a first appoximation using spaces, periods, and carriage returns as word delimiters would be fine.

Help?  Any suggestions?  Does someone know where I can get a copy of the file so I can look at it?  Coding snack, anyone?

Been a silent follower of DC for years, and really appreciate some of the programs I've found here.
Clipboard Help and Spell, Mobysaurus, sWeather and others.

Thanks, all of you!

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