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Been using FARR for over 10 years now...just got a new machine with Windows 10 x64.

I've installed all the standard programs, including FARR and MS Office 2010. I have kind of a unique problem which just started with FARR and Outlook 2010 -- I normally use FARR to locate files (PDFs, docs, jpegs, etc.) using the TinyEverything plugin, and then drag the file I want from the FARR window to an (already open) Outlook 2010 message (which I'm drafting for sending). This attaches a copy of the file into the message -- very convenient.

This has always worked perfectly before; however, now I find that although I drag the file (and it shows as being dragged), after I let go, the file which was supposed to attach just isn't there in the Outlook message. There's no error message or anything to indicate an error either.

This is a major problem -- this is one of the main uses of FARR for me. Could I get some input on what's happening?

Note that this is happening only with an Outlook message window. I can drag fine into Windows Explorer windows. Perhaps it's some setting in Outlook which needs to be changed?

Find And Run Robot / Backing up / exporting FARR settings
« on: October 16, 2012, 09:51 AM »
Is there any way to backup and export the customizations/settings done in FARR? I'm planning a reformat and re-install of my system drive, and don't particularly look forward to doing it all manually one by one...

(2nd post -- think I may have posted this in the wrong thread earlier...)

Find And Run Robot / FARR won't launch programs anymore
« on: June 11, 2009, 01:15 AM »
As of today morning, I find FARR isn't launching anything. The FARR window opens, lets me enter my search, gives a results output, but when I click on one of the results, NOTHING happens!

I completely un-installed FARR (using Revo Uninstaller), downloaded a fresh copy from the DC website, and re-installed; no change.

I thought maybe Comodo HIPs is creating a problem, so I exited Comodo and tried again; no change. Ditto with A-squared.

Have also tried at starting it first thing on startup (i.e., before any of the other system tray programs load); no change.

I really need to get it working (have been reduced to  using Launchy, which isn't as good).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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