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Post New Requests Here / Toggle Touch Screen
« on: September 21, 2011, 09:04 PM »
I am using a ThinkPad x220 Tablet with Windows 7 at my school. It has a touch screen which has some usefulness, but often it is an annoyance when I use the stylus for input. Hand touches just mess up the screen when I'm trying to write with the stylus.

There is a control panel control item to turn it off, but I was wondering if someone might create an AHK script to access that function and turn it into a tray item and a hotkey to toggle the touch screen and make it easy to use it as I want, when I want.

I have a lot of friends who would also find this useful and appreciate it.

I have been playing with GridMoveP1.ahk. I have made the grid a nice gray blue and the text gray with the black shadows.

1 - Your text looks so crisp. My text has a yellow-gold pixel around it. The pixel looks like the same color that you had for your text. I don't know what to do to get rid of the yellow-gold pixel and make my text crisp looking like yours.

2 - How do you set the color of the transparent window that shows the grid shape when the cursor is over the trigger? I've been studying a little AutoHotKey, but I haven't been able to see where that is done.


When you first start to play with a powerful piece of software, you don't know what it can do, then you think it can do anything.

I can get FARR to take the info from the box and write it to an ini file with nircmd. But then can I have another program launched (an AHK script) that will use that ini file? I'm not seeing it right now. Is there a way to do this - to get FARR to do two things when I hit enter?

Circle Dock / Custom Icons in StandaloneStack - How do I do it?
« on: October 17, 2009, 10:13 PM »
I'm having a good time playing with Circle Dock and Standalone Stack. It works very nicely, very smooth and accurate.

I can't figure out how to use the Custom Icons for Standalone Stack. I am using StandaloneStack2.exe. I have the "Use custom icons" option checked. But...
  • I don't know what to name the subdirectory - "Custom Icons" or the same name as my stack.
  • I'm not sure where to put it -In the folder with StandaloneStack2.exe is or in the stack folder?
  • And I'm not sure what to name the png files. For instance, if I have a file named "Daily Schedule.xls", is the png named "Daily Schedule.png" or ".xls.png"?

Nothing I've tried has worked yet. Thanks for helping me figure this out.

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