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N.A.N.Y. 2009 / NANY 2009 Release: Tree List
« on: December 03, 2008, 07:42 AM »
NANY 2009 Entry Information

Application NameTree List
Short DescriptionEasily create hierarchical (tree-like) lists.
Supported OSesWindows
Web Pagehttp://theunusualsus...m/software/tree-list
Download LinkTree

Tree List is a minimalistic application for easily creating hierarchical (tree-like) lists. I find it's a good idea to break down tasks into manageable steps and sometimes break those steps down further. I wanted a quick and easy way to do this on my computer. Tree List is what I came up with.


  • Create multiple lists.
  • Quickly and easily access each list.
  • Add items and sub-items to a list. Delete items.
  • Plenty of Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Tree List will always remember:

    • The text of all items.
    • The status (to do/done) of all items.
    • The expanded/collapsed state of all items.
    • The last selected item.

Planned Features
  • Fully expand or collapse the tree.
  • Filename validation
  • Remember Maximized state
  • Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste etc...
  • Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+Z: Undo

[ Invalid Attachment ]


01) Place Tree List.exe in its own folder. For example: C:\Program Files\Tree List\Tree List.exe
02) Create a shortcut to Tree List.exe on your Desktop, Quick Launch, Start Menu etc...

Using the Application
  • Adding lists:

    • Type a name, then press Enter or click Add List.
    • Click Add List, type a name, then press Enter or click Add List again.

  • Keyboard shortcuts:

    • When the List is focused:

      • Shift+Down - new Item.
      • Shift+Right - new Sub-Item
      • F2 - Edit the selected item.
      • Shift+Delete: Delete the selected item.
      • Ctrl+Arrow Keys: Move the selected Item and its Sub-Items.
      • Space: Toggle the selected item's status.
      • Tab: Focus the List Selector.

    • When List Selector is focused:

      • Up or Down: Load the next List.
      • Enter:
        • If it contains the name of an existing List: Load that list and focus the List.
        • If it doesn't contain the name of an existing list: Create a List with that name and focus the List.

Tree List doesn't add anything to your registry or create anything outside the folder it's in. If you want to get rid of everything, including your lists and settings, just delete the application's folder. Otherwise, you can choose to delete the application (Tree List.exe), your lists (*.xml files) and/or settings (Tree List.ini).

Known Issues
  • Doesn't save properly occasionally.

Fixed Issues
  • When you start typing a filename and an existing file is matched, the existing file is loaded and focus is switched to the list immediately. Unfortunately this sometimes gets in the way of specifying a name for a new file.
  • Sometimes the wrong item is edited. - When using the keyboard shortcut Shift-Down to add an item, the item below the new item is changed to the text of the new item
  • Probably accesses the hard disk a little too much, so you may experience performance problems if another application is accessing the hard disk at the same time.

DC Member Programs and Projects / To Do Tree
« on: November 21, 2008, 09:16 AM »
From the creator of Note, comes To Do Tree.

To Do Tree lets you create, save and easily access several hierarchical lists. It stores each list in an xml file and its settings in an ini file in the folder it's run from. It doesn't write anything to the registry.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist and a little obsessed with getting my programs to "just work" and be intuitive without having to interrupt the user at all. I haven't been able to do this as much as I'd like with this program - it still prompts the user to save the first list they create. I'm thinking of starting off with a default list on first run so that you'd only be prompted to save if you delete all lists. I'd be glad to hear any of your thoughts on this. There are a few other prompts I'd like to get rid of but I'm not sure how.

Anyway, if any of you would like to have a play about with it and give me some feedback that would be cool.


DC Member Programs and Projects / Note
« on: October 13, 2008, 09:00 AM »
Hi Guys

I've attached a small program for you to take a look at if you would like. This is my first actual application... I basically wrote it to have some fun learning a programming language and because I wanted a Post-It Note like application that didn't look like a Post-It Note :huh: .

It's quite simple (at least that was the idea) - when you run the program it creates a Note. When you close it it asks you if you want to save it. Once a Note is saved then opened again, closing it automatically saves it. You can alter the font & background colour which are remembered along with the window size & position.

When you run the program it automatically registers itself with the .note extension. I've included an Uninstall.reg file which will remove this association along with all other info added to the registry by the program.

I'd be interested to hear how it works for you and what you think about it.

Cheers  :D


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