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  • Thursday January 21, 2021, 12:48 pm
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Firewall users can unwittingly block applications that use local web servers to serve up content to the application, which in turn prevents them from working correctly. I have written an article about this titled Firewalls are wonderful things except when they aren’t. about this issue which I hope some find useful.

The article also touches on malware and viruses and refers to Surfulater issues with regard to Firewall blocks.

Inforrmation on the latest Surfulater release for folks here at DC using Surfulater or interested in it.

The important new features in this release are the ability to link from Documents in other Applications to Surfulater Articles, as well as being able to link between articles in different Knowledge Bases. Cut/Copy & Paste usage has been enhanced and related issues from the last release fixed.

External links work with a variety of applications including MS Word and Zoot and enable you to access any Surfulater article directly from these applications.

’See Also’ links now work across Knowledge Bases as well as within a KB. This enables you to link an article in one KB to an article in another KB and vice-versa. Simply use the same procedure you use now. ie. “Copy” the source article in one KB and use “Past as reciprocal ‘See also’ links” in the other KB.

Edit|Copy, Edit|Cut and the Copy & Cut toolbar buttons now work on records selected in the tree or on content selected in the content window, depending on which window has focus. The menu and toolbar tips reflect the operation to be performed and some feedback is displayed on the status bar.

When you right click on an image and no content is selected, the context menu now includes Copy Image and Cut Image, with the latter only available in edit mode. These enable you to Cut/Copy images to the clipboard without having to select them.

The previous release V2.20.0.0 included a major update to the way content editing is handled, allowing all article fields to be edited at once.

For more details on the latest of our ongoing stream of releases see the What's New section of my blog.

For the folks that are using Surfulater or are interested in knowing what's happening with it, here is some info on the latest release.

This is an important release which add’s the ability to select and work with multiple articles in the Knowledge Tree. You can move or copy multiple articles, drag and drop them, as well as move or copy them to a different Knowledge Base. Surfulater has been justifiably criticized for not supporting multiple selection. See: for more on this.

Another much requested capability which has been added in this release is the ability to use Surfulater as a Free Knowledge Base Reader. This lets you share your Knowledge Bases with friends and colleagues who aren’t necessarily interested in purchasing Surfulater. It also enables view access to your KB’s from any PC.

You can read more about this new release here: http://blog.surfulat...0-ready-and-waiting/ and view full release notes here: http://www.softasitg...howthread.php?t=1230

As always we look forward to and value your feedback. You can post on our Forums or contact me via. e-mail listed here:

Thanks for your ongoing support.

I've written an article for anyone thinking about upgrading to Vista. See: To Vista or not to Vista that is the ?"

Comments most welcome. Best posted on the blog.

MojoPac is a new software product recently launched at DEMO which enables you to run applications directly from a USB device, without affecting your PC in any way and without needing the software installed on your PC. It has great potential, but also has some show stopping flaws which this article I've written points out. MojoPac - Potentially Great Software with Serious Flaws

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