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  How can we populate the userfield_* columns in the dbisam database ?
  It would be nice to be able to split out some of the information that can be captured into its own fields (for later sorting or using in queries)
  Things like process name, pid, windowtitle (even PC name if you allowed it) are candidates for this

  It would also be useful to make the date/time stored so that it is either timezone independent or to store timezone information with it
  That way travellers would have consistency of date/time information as they move around and if you give your database to someone in a different time zone the data will not be wrong when displayed on their machine


Clipboard Help+Spell / A Vista change to the clipboard
« on: March 21, 2007, 12:53 PM »
  Seeing as it is useful to know that there is a new method of receiving Clipboard events other than being in the Clipboard chain


  Although its a shame that something like this didn't simply get added into XP, what sort of operating system requires applications to maintain a pointer chain... sheesh

  This might be useful to know for ScreenShot Captor as well of course

ProcessTamer / Taming and option to restart based on Memory Usage
« on: December 28, 2006, 09:47 AM »
  Seeing as some programs leak memory (something we are all used to...) it would be nice if we could set a taming limit on memory usage
  Because the only real way to fix this situation is to restart the process it would be good if that was allowed
  The only caveat would be that the process would need to have saved its state and restore it on startup again (so it isn't useful for everything)

  If you do implement this it would be useful to be able to choose Restart based on one (or more) of several different memory thresholds
  I will refer to the values as they are displayed by Process Explorer (ex:sysinternals and now MS) because that is a richer set of datapoints
  Virtual Size can sometimes be useful as an indicator, much more useful is Private Bytes, Working Set Size and Working Set Private

  Thanks for a very useful program... this would potentially make it even more useful

  As mentioned earlier (but probably when you were busy doing other things) would it be something that you might consider allowing processes to be launched with more limited privileges (or even as different users with stored and encrypted credentials) ?

Well Process Explorer isn't really a "competing" launch program but it can launch programs in a special way (with limited privileges in the same user context)

As I mentioned in the FARR forum it would be great to extend this a little to also be able to have stored credentials inside the launchbar *and* additionally allow the launchbar to remove the appropriate privilege tokens and change group memberships so that the user context is still the same but the process is effectively running as a limited user

With this setup it would then nice to be able to specify the desired context as the default (if not otherwise specified), then this nice tool would also give some non-trivial security benefits as well

Ref: http://www.sysintern...d-user-easy-way.html

It would be really nice to be able to have several windows and be able to send all keyboard input to them at the same time
This would be most useful to have several terminal emulation windows open to several hosts and perform the same changes on all
(ie: select a number of windows quickly and easily)

There are other situations where you might also want to have a notepad window open to keep track of everything you type, and in that case you might want to be able to say to send the keyboard input to the foreground window as well as the notepad window.

In both cases it would also be very useful if text pasted from the clipboard also went to the selected destination windows
This is so that I can have something similar to pconsole or fanterm [linux] to use under Windows

There is quite a useful description of functionality for a little tool like this on the Putty website

It would be great if the windows under control were tagged in a visible way to indicate that they are part of a set


NB: A way I have seen other utilities like this work is to have their own "input" window that you can type in so that the keystrokes are directed to all of the child windows

  I was just reading the Sysinternals Blog (http://www.sysintern...d-user-easy-way.html) and thought that this would be a very nice feature for you to add into f&r

  In a similar vein another author wrote something a while back that cached & encrypted credentials and associated them with the hash of an executable so that you could create shortcuts that ran as a different user without being prompted for a password (assuming that the executable wasn't changed)

  Both of those things would be really nice to see if you think that they have any value


Find And Run Robot / New feature? multiple word searches
« on: January 12, 2006, 09:57 AM »
  I was just wondering how to do this (or even if it could be done) in the current incarnation of FRR ?
  I would like to be able to enter what would become effectively 2 patterns that would match in the executable name (and/or path)

  Also I noticed that in your documentation a search for wildcard showed once result in the change information but no section on what you are using for wildcards.  I tried ? and that matched a single character but neither * or .* worked as a multicharacter wildcard


  Is there any chance of you getting mircryption working as a gaim plugin, the first beta of gaim 2 has now been released so its not a bad time for it
  The existing gaim encryption plugins don't work for group chat or for irc so at least it wouldn't be replicating something else

  Gaim can be found at


nb: release notes for the beta are at http://sourceforge.n...940&group_id=235

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