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  • Thursday December 9, 2021, 3:46 am
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Bugs and feature requests.

First the bugs.
Have experienced that the ghosting effects for open windows disappears.
Can open multiple windows in Firefox and none of them have any ghosting applied.
Then I can rightclick the Ghost icone bottom left on taskbar and click Settings .... then when the
Ghoster.ini opens the Ghosting effect is back again.... and looks like it is working (at least for now)

Previous time I got the lost Ghosting effect for the open windows, I also clicked the icon above.... but then when I clicked on the other windows the Ghosting disappeard for those windows as I clicked them.....
And I was unable to remove the Ghosting by clicking the desktop....

Looks like it is unstabel in some way....

Two feature requests for Ghoster.

Would be nice if there was a customizable delay for how many seconds to
go before the dimming effect take place for the active window.
So if I have one active window and click another window then the dimming should not be activated before the x seconds have gone.
When I click another window I would like the dimming to be removed as when clicking the desktop..... and if the delay was in place
then I could keep working, moving windows or whatever and only when I start using a window for some seconds then the
dimming should start working again.....  just some thoughts ... maybe others have some other/better solutions :-)

And another thought... would be nice with some shortcut keys to start and stop Ghoster....
.... because.. sometimes one wants to look at/work with more than one window at once and when the dimming is taking place each time you click a new window .... then it can get to much.

This way the dimming effect would not be "annoying" when shifting between windows.

I also noticed that I got a popup when registering at your site. Then the main window was dimmed.
I do not want main window to get dimmed when a popup window pops up.... that is annoying to.

Have some more suggestions:
a) When I minimize current active window then I would like no dimming untill I select another application.
b) When I mouse down to bottom of desktop I would like the taskbar to not be ghosted and on top of all other stuff (if possible)
c) When no windows are open then I would not like the desktop to be dimmed either. Why dim nothingness :-)
d) When I start Ghoster all is dimmed, would like top most window to not be dimmed.

Maybe not all agree with me..... so why not make these two feature requests  optional.
Hope you can do it and would also like an email if / when you do it?


Also tried Jedi Concentrate...... your Ghoster works much better....
Finally my Safari 3 are usable (kind of... except all the MAJOR bugs in safari) ... no longer blends into the background window.

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