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Thanks for your efford! Your reply with my edit of my post just crossed eachother, but your solution is just a tad nicer, since the edges are more exact! ( on my file a had to add few units/pixels to align the right grids to the edge of the screen (hence the +2 and +1)

Thanks a million!


Great program, just what I have been looking for a long time!

But.. (there's always one, isn't there... ;))
I do not understand much of the help file regarding custom templates.

I run 3 monitors under a Matrox TripleHead 2Go, which WindowsXP sees as 1 big monitor with a resolution of 3840x1024
So as far as GridMove is concerned, It's just one monitor.
Now I want to divide it into 3 equal parts, al of which are 1280 pixels wide (3 monitors of 1280x1024 makes a total of 3840x1024, so area 1 coincides with the screenarea of monitor 1, area 2 is monitor 2,  and 3 is, you guessed it!;D ; monitor 3)

Now then, what do I use as "commands" in the grid file, cause it seems there are only commands like left/ right and not "center"

Any help is greatly appreciated! (not to mention a custom grid made for this purpose... :D)

Thanks in advance!

by studying the other grids I cam up with a solution! (by multiplying the screenwidth with thirds)
So for the interested here is the syntax:
(just put in a notepad file and save it as: "whatever name you want to give it".grid  (yes change the extension from .txt to .grid   and put it in the folder called Grids where you saved the Gridmove program)


NumberOfGroups = 3


  TriggerTop   = [Monitor1Top]
  TriggerLeft  = [Monitor1Left]
  TriggerBottom= [Monitor1Bottom]
  TriggerRight = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3
  GridTop   = [Monitor1Top]
  GridLeft  = [Monitor1Left]
  GridBottom= [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridRight = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] /3

  TriggerTop   = [Monitor1Top]
  TriggerLeft  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] * 0.33333
  TriggerBottom= [Monitor1Bottom]
  TriggerRight = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] * 0.66666
  GridTop   = [Monitor1Top]
  GridLeft  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] * 0.33333
  GridBottom= [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridRight = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] * 0.66666 +2

  TriggerTop   = [Monitor1Top]
  TriggerLeft  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] * 0.66666
  TriggerBottom= [Monitor1Bottom]
  TriggerRight = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width]
  GridTop   = [Monitor1Top]
  GridLeft  = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] * 0.66666
  GridBottom= [Monitor1Bottom]
  GridRight = [Monitor1Left] + [Monitor1Width] +1

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