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Any updates on this?

Thanks for taking a look mouser. I'm in well over my head when it comes to translating headers. (I don't know enough c)

Since I haven't said it yet let me say it now: Thank you so much for your patience and cheerful spirit about this -- i don't think i would be so understanding if i was in your shoes -- if you don't give up I promise I will make sure you have a working delphi plugin framework for farr.

Not at all!! FARR is a great utility that I'm slowly using more. Its usefulness will increase if I can write small plugins as well. You taking a look at the delphi SDK is much more then I expected!

I've attached my plugin code. The plugin only exports one function, PluginFunc_DoInit().

I'm using Delphi XE2 to compile the plugin. The example plugin in the SDK doesn't work either when compiled with Delphi XE2.

Thanks Mouser, taking a look now....

[some time later...]

From what I can see I've declared the PluginFunc_DoInit() correctly but I have very little experience translating C headers to Delphi so I could be wrong.

I've tried a few variations with no luck. My PluginFunc_DoInit() is never called when the DLL is loaded. The plugin error log reports the same error:

12:30 PM, Wednesday, April 10, 2013
 Error initializing plugin do_init function
C:\Program Files (x86)\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\test\FarrLocate32.dll

Any ideas?

Progress so far:

- I've created a Farr plugin DLL.
- The DLL is loaded by FARR when FARR starts.

The Farr plugin error log shows:

09:31 AM, Wednesday, April 10, 2013
 Error initializing plugin do_init function
C:\Program Files (x86)\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\FarrPluginTest\FarrPluginTest.dll

The do_init() function exported by my DLL is not being called. I'm guessing the method signiture of my exported function is incorrect?

My do_init() function is declared using:
  Fp_GetStrVal = function(JrPluginPointerp:Pointer; varname:PAnsiChar; destbuf:PAnsiChar; maxlen:integer):BOOL; cdecl;
  Fp_SetStrVal = function(JrPluginPointerp:Pointer; varname:PAnsiChar; strbuf:PAnsiChar):BOOL; cdecl;

function PluginFunc_DoInit(
  const fullfilename:PAnsiChar ;
  const hostname:PAnsiChar;
  const hostversionstring:PAnsiChar;
): BOOL; cdecl;

Is there a way to have more detailed information added to the plugin error log?

Is there a guide to developering Farr plugins somewhere?

I can but I don't know c++ so I will need some help/guidance.

Does anyone have a working example of a FARR plugin for Delphi?

There is a Delphi FARR Plugin example in the SDK but it doesn't work when compiled with Delphi XE2. The example is a few years old and might have been written before Delphi added unicode support.

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