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I think the option should say something like "Include in context menu" or something like it rather than "Associate with folders". I believe the latter does not really explain what its functionality is.

My two cents... How about a "Browse" function for the folder(s) that one can search rather than having to type the correct path?

fSekrit / Re: LATEST VERSION: fSekrit 1.35 shrinkwrapped!
« on: January 17, 2008, 04:11 AM »
You hit the nail on the head, I think that's where I had my problems. I had files created with an earlier version of fsekrit, however, didn't re-create them or import (not directly at least) to the latest version. I should have been more aware that each file is independent and includes a copy of the fsekrit.exe with which it's been created (an earlier version in my case). Lesson: read user instructions more carefully.

Maybe I can suggest something like importing .exe files when appropriate passphrase is entered which may make life easier when updating files from earlier versions.

fSekrit / Re: LATEST VERSION: fSekrit 1.35 shrinkwrapped!
« on: January 16, 2008, 11:09 AM »
I'm using version 1.35, however, I believe the problem might be because of files created with an earlier version. I get .exe appended to these files if I try to export them. On the other hand, files export as stated if they are also created with version 1.35.
Thank you.

fSekrit / Re: LATEST VERSION: fSekrit 1.35 shrinkwrapped!
« on: January 15, 2008, 02:50 AM »
I tried to export to a .txt file but the exported file still had .exe appended to it. I was able to change the extension to .txt and open the file without any problems, so I believe the problem might be how the program writes the filename when its trying to save to the specified location.

As mouser suggested, I re-installed all of the "available packages" in DcUpdater program (right click, install directly) and problem seems to be solved. DcUpdater downloaded the necessary packages and removed them from the list as they are successfully installed. Now all of the files are under the "Installed Packages" tab.

I was hesitant to install packages directly as I previously had problems using the FARR installer without the administrative privileges. I don't know whether this is solved but I'm just extracting files to the FARR folder rather than using the downloaded installer. If I'm thinking, I also delete the unused FindAndRunRobotInstall.exe file.

I just upgraded to 2.00.140 and the DcUpdater does not detect the already installed plug-ins, which it did previously. I guess I can fix this by moving the .dcupdate files to the appropriate location which is, I assume, where the executable is for DcUpdater.

looks like a problem with the GUI being invoked without the destroy command.. this command: Gui, Destoy will be able to solve the problem.. :)

Exactly, I added Gui, Destroy to line 236 and the error is gone. Thank you lanux128.
Here is that section of the code:

   Gui, Add, Text, x12 y12 w100 h23 , PutAside hotkey:
   Gui, Destroy
   Gui, Add, Hotkey, x132 y12 w170 h23 vPutAsideHK , %PutAsideHK% 
   Gui, Add, Button, x202 y87 w100 h23 GSETTINGSOK Default,&OK
   Gui, Add, Button, x92 y87 w100 h23 GSETTINGSCANCEL,&Cancel
   Gui, Add, Hotkey, x132 y45 w170 h23 vCycleHK , %CycleHK%   
   Gui, Add, Text, x12 y45 w100 h30 , Cycle hotkey:
   Gui, Show, x127 y87 h120 w320, PutAside Preferences

I get the following error message when I select the "Preferences" for the second time.


General Software Discussion / Re: Shortcut hotkeys
« on: August 15, 2007, 05:02 PM »
I don't think nircmd alias comes with FARR, tomos. It's a add-on alias, I suppose:-)

I want to add that mouser recommended adding the alias under "FARR/AliasGroups/Installed" folder rather than "FARR/AliasGroups/MyCustom" folder but I don't think it really makes any difference in functionality. The only difference is that you can't make any changes if it's under "Installed".

General Software Discussion / Re: Shortcut hotkeys
« on: August 15, 2007, 04:13 PM »
I don't get the screensaver option when I type it in my version of FARR (2.00.138). I'm guessing a shortcut under the scripts folder of FARR installation is missing.

Edit: I included the nircmd alias to my custom alias list and voila! I have the screensaver option.

I don't use Opera but I came across an extension that claims to be "similar to Opera's Wand login":
Secure Login

What I've done is install FARR in C:\JUNK\FARR  , and that works fine.  I think I didn't use the installer, though.  Remember that FARR's installer is actually a self-extracting archive, so you can decompress it with your choice of archive utility and put the results anywhere.  I actually use the one built into my file manager, the outstandingly excellent Total Commander.

Thank you rjbull for your suggestions. As you have suggested, I've decompressed the installer and placed it in the temp file as is. Now it works without any problems. Obviously, it's the installer causing the problem.

I just tried again and the same outcome. The error message (with a large, nasty X on left) states that I need to be logged on as an administrator to install the software. I guess nobody had this problem before, I'm thinking it must be a problem on my end. I had no problem installing as an admin but I prefer to install most of my stuff as a user.

As a side note though, I must say that I'm very impressed :Thmbsup: Congrats mouser, beta testers, plug-in and skin creators, i.e., everyone involved in v.2 of FARR.

I just got the installer and ooooops, can't install if I'm not an admin!? I had no such difficulty before, so I'm assuming it was necessary for the new options, improvements etc. 

Feature suggestion:
How about an option for a random station selection? It might be interesting to find out about new radio stations.

Skrommel, works like a charm :Thmbsup:. I haven't checked out the recording and logging of stuff but I'll check it out to see how they work. I have to say that I really like that the ScreamerMenu minimizes when Screamer Radio loses focus (not sure that was the case before). And just another minor thing: the version number in the latest script is 1.1. I've changed my copy manually to 1.2.

Hi skrommel,
I've tried the new version. You have really put in a lot of new options in this version that I think adds significant functionality :Thmbsup: However, I have come across three issues. I believe the first two are related:
1) I have set ScreamerMenu to open screamer.exe when it's activated but a new screamer.exe is opened whenever I minimize Screamer Radio to the taskbar.
2) ScreamerMenu does not recognize that I have a minimized Screamer Radio running. I get a "can't connect to Screamer" message. I've reported this earlier in the discussion forum as well.
3) Server update window is not closed automatically.

Mobysaurus / Re: WordWeb 5 icon?
« on: May 29, 2007, 12:17 PM »
Hi Anderson (aka Mobysaurus and Wordzilla),
I'm sorry. I missed your message from April 4th somehow. Yes, I've been silent quite a while have been checking-out website frequently.

I find it indispensable as well. I keep finding myself double-clicking to no avail on computers without DOpus.

I ran the program with default settings just to see what it was doing. No installer and nothing written to the registry, which I appreciate. However, I felt like Pitaschio tries to do too much. It completely rearranged my desktop and listed all my shortcuts (file/program/drive) at the top left corner. It doesn't coexist very well with Directory Opus either (double-click for a new lister, for example, didn't work). Also when you click to the top of the window in the blue area, the window just closes. I decided I needed more time than I have right now to play with the software and customize it to my taste.

The name is Pitaschio instead of Pistachio. I thought there was a typo when I saw the configuration window but realized that the error was in the announcement.

It's not a big deal but I thought I should let you know anyway. I get a "can't connect" error when I have Screamer-Radio started but minimized to the tray. There is no problem if I have the SR window visible.

Living Room / Re: How to own a 128-bit number
« on: May 08, 2007, 07:44 PM »
It's working for me right now as well. Thank you for this interesting read.

Living Room / Re: How to own a 128-bit number
« on: May 08, 2007, 11:37 AM »
As of 11:35 CST (US), the website is apparently down.
DNS converted to IP ( also does not work.

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