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1. It might be a overkill, but I just found a extension that mimic vim's behavior in firefox. While it seems intimidating at first glance,it's actually quite good at saving screen estate and minimizing hand movement. :-*

Only for the hardcore fans tho
It is quite well documented (commands are mainly in the "various" category of the documentation) and there is a wiki too

2. Another one I like is the secure login extension. The default password manager shipped with firefox always leave me unsatisfied. It feels somewhat awkward and insecure. The secure login extension prevents prefilling the form and can also temporally disable javascript to prevent cross-site scripting. Best of its feature, imho, is that it is much easier and snappy to use. It automatically highlight the form. You press Alt-N and it not only automatically fills it but also presses enter for you. If you have two accounts, it offers a box to select one and off you go. Very Handy!

hey xbeta, I am a reader of your blog 8)

I am personally very fond of zoot. It lacks utf support (but it deal perfectly with chinese as long as you set your locale to chinese) and is not freeware (you can continue to use it with a annoying notice upon start up after it expires). It has a 32bit version which unfortunately failed to start on chinese windows. I have complaint about it in the forum, hopefully with the current pace of ungrading, the author will get it right soon.

The good thing about zoot is the amazing search capability and flexbility of the database. However, one thing I miss is the ability to use an external editor. if only we can use vim along with zoot...mmmm....

I just found two open source alternatives via lifehacker and tried both out

1. Anki
  written in python, kinda slow
  active development
  designed for studying japanese
  feature rich with online syncing
2. Mnemosyne
   simple and effective interface;
   no obvious way to format (bold/italize etc) text

both use supermemo v5 algorithm. Here is a insanely interesting article about the algorithm from wired.

Living Room / Re: Best forums for....
« on: April 12, 2008, 11:20 PM »
for discussion of music, I think "I love music" is the best and (most chaotic) one I have seen :-*

yeah, minimalist interface but the search function on the right is useful.

oh my! I just emailed the author of flashnote to suggest the global search feature and he/she promptly replied that he/she will add it in the next release.

Mempad's lack of unicode is a deal breaker for me though. And the author said it was an incredibly hard thing to implement it in mempad and couldn't promise it in future release.

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