Open source CMS plugins and extensions
Last updated Apr 14, 2018



Joomla Extensions, open sourced on github (visit links for downloads):

Bulk meta info viewer/changer - Used to quickly see and modify your article meta info (most similar to the osmeta extension but less invasive). I think this one is probably the most useful and of general interest to joomla users.

Log viewer - Simple extension to allow admin to view/tail system log files

Alternate control panel -- Simple alternate place to put admin modules instead of main control panel

Article links plugin -- Makes it easy to see and edit the menus that link to an article being edited

Menu list plugin -- Easy way to make pages that show a nice list (with image thumbnails) of child pages

Comment plugin -- Super simple plugin that just lets you "comment-out" sections of an article to make them invisible

Custom function content plugin -- Safe way to invoke custom php functions from article content

  • I did not open source this yet -- it's a lot of code and would require some additional documentation.

Wordpress Extensions, open sourced on github (visit links for downloads):

Wordpress Multisite Elfinder Uploads -- Let multisite admins have direct access to their uploads folder using elfinder. This will let your site admins to manage the files in their uploads directory, adding, renaming, etc.

Wordpress Multisite Addon Plugin for WP Security Audit Log -- Multisite compatible addon for the awesome WP Security Audit Log plugin. This addon registeres some generic log events that you can trigger from within you code to help you test and log generic events of any kind. Especially useful for adding logging features to other plugins, etc. Also makes it easier to create your own sensors for multisite configurations.

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