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Coding Snacks represent the best of DonationCoder.

On a special section of our forum, anyone can post an idea for a small custom utility/program.

Coders who hang out on our forum keep an eye out for interesting requests and when they see one that catches their interest, they code it and release it to the public for free.

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I've used similar software for a very long time.
This one is the best so far. In fact, I've uninstalled all of my alternatives because they are all obsolete, in my opinion. Great work, GREAT product! Thanx so much.
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What are Coding Snacks?

Coding snacks are small custom utilities written by coders who hang out on DonationCoder in response to requests posted on our forum.

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Software Utility: Stoic Joker's (File & Folder) Fix When

Application Name Stoic Joker's (File & Folder) Fix When
Short Description Utility for modifying File or Folder Dates & Attributes
Supported OSes Windows NT4/2000/XP/2k3/Vista/2k8/7
Author Stoic Joker

One of the in-House (work) projects required me to modify the file dates of several hundred files on a semi-regular basis while a new system was being implemented. Obviously this had to be automated....

All of the then available utilities for this were in the $50 range, so I decided to take a stab at writing my own utility (because I'm cheap and had free time back then).

This actually started as a CodeProject.com code sample which was posted as an example of how to programmatically change file dates. Being that that was exactly what I was looking for, I used it as a starting point, dressed up the GUI, added a few features, and re-factored the existing code to increase the applications speed (x20) dramatically.

Change Created, Modified, and Last accessed dates on a File or Folder.
Change the Read Only, Hidden, or System Attribute on a File or Folder.
Change the above on All Filed & Folders in a given Target Folder.
Bypass (Read Only or System) Attributes to effect changes as necessary.
Will also Display if target File of Folder is (NTFS) Compressed or Encrypted.

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