What are Coding Snacks?

Coding Snacks represent the best of DonationCoder.

On a special section of our forum, anyone can post an idea for a small custom utility/program.

Coders who hang out on our forum keep an eye out for interesting requests and when they see one that catches their interest, they code it and release it to the public for free.

People who find the tools useful are encouraged to donate directly to the coders to show their appreciation.

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I was delighted to support you and your great software.
FARR is used 20x a day by me. That is the #1-#5 reasons why I donated. Your hard work and awesome software is appreciated!!
Vic D.
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What are Coding Snacks?

Coding snacks are small custom utilities written by coders who hang out on DonationCoder in response to requests posted on our forum.

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Coding Snack: ALT key down visual indicator (for when alt key is stuck)

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i'm fighting my logitech mouse which likes annoying me by locking the ALT key down (i have alt + tab assigned to a mouse button and i suspect it doesn't release the alt key sometimes).

it would be helpful if i had some kind of warning, probably a tray icon, that indicated that the ALT key was held down (i could provide the icon for this, i'm thinking that a flashing red dot would be easy to identify).

i'm sure this is an autohotkey type problem so i appreciate that i could spend a few hours/days trying to figure it out - but i'm hoping one of you autohotkey masters will help out.


Click here to grab the AHK utility written by DC member ewemoa to accomplish this..

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