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Why Donate?

There are many benefits to becoming a donating member, including a permanent non-expiring license key for all of our programs, early access to beta releases and new reviews, discounts on popular shareware, and much more.

Donate now using PayPal and you'll receive your lifetime member activation code and non-expiring program license instantly via email.

Commitment To Integrity

None of our software contains toolbars, spyware, adware, or bundled software of any kind. We will refund any donation at any time with no questions asked. All donations are processed securely by trusted financial services; we do not receive your credit card or personal information when you donate, and we will not share your email address with anyone. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Generate a free temporary License Key

This page allows non-donors to instantly generate free temporary License Keys for our software.

If you have donated or purchased a License Key, please return to the main License Key page to retrieve your permanent Key.

Your License Key:
*r1;Ag20B56Q2RJqZe5CaNgUuk7Npgf1BrzH73P66imYHv+gSwbqx6scBFM LPCPZmJVxnablKnTn4sj32Q4TdCVSUanScRLvcOuOFnt2T5bSAO4BEcJG1nZ E97QgSbShC1Px08PQdedQSkz3fxoRgO9KmWZFbsd8ruwKox9GLOkoV/E=;5c 67Xy+/nJs=;AaY+3GHkg2j9TLLHuxlT7RxBfU5cRDjXwepqzUZqmo8zmF2Wa /5cSbFu0ArysVlPDYN6LUFDIDB9jnNwbEesEbb0fMs4yUCJMACMHODOuZ4HY 5advnuVNz/m/42msyR8XOV/bVkEp5hF+WOGPYSBpm1SE+qC+6z3aEd72OxED AsTg4KI9wpb73J1CMHH+F3Y/eUq/gVVFjXGjMVjPc97nNO1HHbd8QUZ4P6w2 /t3CRx71jLswtO52j2uziNgEEEl5fQHUd4NvcnFcfZg65tqI9nKLvHWAJXqx vd+Ukl/gNQRRAA6k9pAKGrMt7r07lPRP2mVLFpBJY8cLmYIl78CBB0GP+PfW EgVXG6WNMueoLf+Xt/VgMedB7WLsUQPFE2BTFOIPrXYS0rmsJMX5GeZEMchl xtACsNVx1Mw4uueoVMyMfP1Y1H1fkAu0msppg2HmLYxpVu3mIsnJXkdooMwK gE2cICcMHLLOyaCc39ipYX1tKAIbmiKQw==
The license key above is made out to:
License name: Anonymous user
License email: n/a
License type: Temporary 60 day License
Note: Expires on Friday November 22, 2019

Instructions for using your license key:
  1. Select the entire multi-line key above beginning with the *r1, and hit Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Install and run the program of ours that you want to activate, go to its Help menu and choose "About", then pres the button to enter your License Key.
  3. Use Ctrl+V to paste your license key into the dialog.
  4. For more detailed instructions and a video demonstration see this page.
  5. If you'd like to have the license key made out to a different name/company/email, don't hesitate to contact us.

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