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Author Topic: Scanning attachments on SMF with ClamAV  (Read 7206 times)


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Scanning attachments on SMF with ClamAV
« on: October 21, 2008, 07:56 PM »
I am helping out an NGO. They have SMF setup and are concerned about attachments having viruses. They are running on Win 2003. I have been looking for, but cannot find a mod to run ClamAV on each file that is uploaded. Is anybody aware of such a mod or a way to do what I am looking to do?


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Re: Scanning attachments on SMF with ClamAV
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2008, 01:20 PM »
Not a mod, but something you'll probably want to be aware of if you're assisting NGOs.

Take a look at the free community edition of Untangle. This is an excellent modular gateway security package that has integrated some of the best open source security tools under one hood with an elegant adminitrative front end that makes it almost fun to use. You have the option to purchase support contracts and a few commercial add-ons (KaperskyAV to supplement the included AV; remote admin tools; and a "clientless" VPN option) but 95% of Untangle - and all its core functionality - is completely free. Very sweet.


It can be run as a stand-alone appliance (i.e.  separate machine) or on any WinXP machine attached to the network using something called Re-Router Technology. Obviously this would work best on a smaller network, but it's easy to install and test so why not try it first?


Re-Router™ Technology
Network Protection from any Windows Machine

Re-Router™ Technology is a breakthrough from Untangle that provides network-wide protection from any Windows XP desktop.  Running transparently in the background without sacrificing any desktop functionality (word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing, etc.), Re-Router™ Technology enables users to:

    * Provide network gateway protection without buying new hardware
    * Protect the entire network from just 1 PC (Unlike Norton or McAfee)
    * Get started in minutes… No network reconfiguration, re-cabling or extra NICs to install
    * Leverage the best open source networking apps on the familiar Windows platform

These days, the web is a dangerous place, but buying an expensive security appliance just isn’t an option for everyone. Re-Router™ Technology finally enables organizations with less than 25 PCs to protect their whole network, from online threats like spam, spyware, viruses, phishing and inappropriate websites, right from one Windows XP desktop.  It’s the same great Untangle Gateway… but without the gateway!
How it works

Re-Router™ Technology leverages virtualization and layer 2 protocols to dynamically reconfigure the network so that all in/outbound traffic flows through the Untangle “server” before reaching its intended destination.   The physical network gateway thinks the Untangle “server” is each of the desktops and the desktops think it’s the gateway.  There’s no need to physically re-cable the network and if the host PC ever shuts down, Re-Router™ Technology elegantly restores the network’s original configurations without any downtime.  Dynamic network reconfiguration sounds geeky and complex (and under the hood it really is) but to the user, it's 100% automatic and seamless.  Some might call it Magic!

    * Free to use
    * No hardware to buy or install
    * Runs transparently in the background on Windows XP
    * Doesn’t sacrifice any desktop functionality like word processing or web browsing
    * Protects all the PCs on the network
    * No network reconfiguration or re-cabling required

Link: http://www.untangle....=434&Itemid=1527

I'm a big fan of Untangle. Easy to use and well documented. (Not to mention being open & free under GPLv2.)

Luck! :Thmbsup:

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